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7 Let“s start off with another bang! 1

When Tony opened his eyes he was back in the hotel room, the alarm blaring from beside him. He was stunned as he hadn't remembered leaving his house the day before. It was then that he also remembered the dream that had haunted him since just before the super bowl. This hotel room was the same as he had left it, papers tossed all around and himself with a pain in his neck from a poor sleeping position. He was back.

"What is going on here? What truly is happening to me?" Much like when he first found himself as a GM he became obsessed in search of the answers.

The problem was he had no clue where to start. It seemed like he switch lives when he went to sleep but that didn't explain his first switch or why now. Or if this was only the past or this was another world completely. Even more so than draft picks the options were truly endless. Tony didn't like the idea of giving up on something so he titled this, "Currently Unexplainable" in his head.

He looked over the clock and saw it was closing in towards noon and he would have to move out of the room and get ready for draft day. He grabbed all his suit pieces and was greeted with the scent of alcohol. His nose scrunched up and he knew whoever he ran into today would not be a good interaction.

He strolled into the lobby and returned the card key along with checking out. He pulled out his driver's license to check his address before calling for a cab. Sadly this hadn't been New York or getting one would have taken way less time. He eventually found one and got it to bring him back home.

The drive wasn't long but Tony took this time to get some shut eye. He was awoken by the cabby when they arrived. He thanked them and stepped out in confusion, 'This place is my house?' The place wasn't large but when you think about one person living quarters, in the city, this wasn't it.

The place was two stories and was fairly well kept from the exterior at least. Tony walked inside and found it to be completely unfurnished. No chairs, tables anything, besides a fridge. Downstairs was four rooms and one was taken by the kitchen. When got upstairs the only room with anything in it was what he assumed to be his bedroom which was only a mattress and a closet filled with suits that matched his own. There was absolutely nothing else left in the house.

He couldn't worry about this right now though. He took off his dirty suit and laid it out to bring to a dry cleaner later that week, then changed into a new one.

He plugged in his phone and went into the kitchen to see what there was to eat. Not to his shock, there was only beer and leftovers. He didn't seem to care as he pulled out the leftovers and ate them cold.

After eating he took his pack of cigarettes and strolled outside. He lit one and stood there as he watched out at the city he now lived in. This new life he now had was a complete 180 of his previous one.

He took the time he was gifted before the draft to relax and try not to think about the draft. He had become obsessed in search of the perfect solution that he lost need R&R.

Burnt to the butt he stomped out the light and progressed back inside. He didn't do anything until 4, where he walked outside strolled into the city towards the building which held the war room.

The walk was a little over an hour but Tony enjoyed every moment of it. It was surprisingly tranquil and he didn't believe he was in the city. Upon entering into the building, he was unsurprised to find almost all the staffers there. They greeted him one by one before going back to their respective jobs.

He proceeded around the building until he found his own office. There wasn't much in it besides a desk, chair, computer, TV, and a board filled with names. Tony closed the door behind him and examined the room. There was nothing worth taking note of.

The hours soared by and it was then that he was tossed back into the fray. It was an hour before day two of the Draft.

"With the First pick in the fourth round, we are left in a confusion on who Roy White will take. He has been all over the place and doesn't seem to have a strategy."

"I feel the opposite, he has been in complete control since the failure of the first pick. It is rumored he sniped Kevin Faulk from Pete Carroll. Along with knowing exactly who the Falcons wanted, to get the full worth of his second-round pick."

"I'll have to agree with Mel, Roy hasn't shown enough to prove he is worthy of his placement. He is a child who wrote a paper that was viewed as a genius in the field of drafting. He has shown that he has potential but is still rough. Theories are theories, the real world is different."

"I think he may finally take a QB here."

"He could trade for one. And work of the wide receiver core."

"He may round out the defense and work the D-line."

The views towards him were mostly negative and he didn't blame them. He was 33 in a place where the average person was in the late 40-50 at hire. This was an uphill battle but one he was now ready to face. If the first day didn't convince them then today, and they still aren't he will make more and more miracle and prove to them all, he is worthy of his place.

The phone on his desk rang and had a good idea of who it was, "Mr. Walsh, how may I help you?"

He spoke with overwhelming confidence, the nerves from thoughout the day lost.