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9 What is going on! 1

At this point, Tony wasn't surprised when he had awoken back in his first life. He was alone in his bed and was shortly depressed before he smelled food from the kitchen. He rushed out of the room and into the kitchen and there at the stove stood Kate. Her back was towards him and was humming a happy tone.

"Is this my gift for my team winning?" Tony taunted with a laugh.

Katherine didn't jump at his voice nor did she lose track of the status of the food as she answered, "You'll have to be willing to take the risk of if it is poisoned or not."

"Isn't your food aways poisoned? I swear whenever you cook, years are lost from already short life."

"Only when cooking for you." She turned towards him and flashed a mirthless smile.

Seeing her smile Tony froze, this was meant as a joke, "Kate, you won't get away with murdering me."

"Whoever said I would kill you."

"Kate..." This scene had become cliche quickly, we all know what comes next.

"Just incapacitate you and torture you for as long as you live."

"Oh would you look at the time, I'm magically late for class."

"Your first class isn't till 1."

"I have a meeting?"

"At 8 in the morning?"

"Only time my professor was free?"

"Sit your ass down, before I really do you poison the meal...honey"

He rushed the table and sat down, fork and knife in hand, "Kate... take a breath."

She put the eggs onto the plate with the pancakes and bacon and walked over to the table.

She proceeded to sit down and start eating in front of him. Tony released a sigh at her actions and walked over to the stove to see if any was left over, there wasn't.

He walked over the fridge and took out a plate a pasta from however long ago and nuked it in the microwave.

He strolled over the table and sat where he was previously. Neither of them talked during the meal but neither of them seemed bothered by it. Katherine finished first and looked down to her watch for the time, "I got to get going. I'll see you during class."

She grabbed her bag from his room and on her way out Tony finally responded, "Good luck, maybe you can have better luck in class than the Patriots had in the Super Bowl!"

She laughed at his antics but left with no comment.

Tony didn't do much after she left, he cleaned up the place before he pulled out his computer to watch youtube before class.

Left on his screen from the night before was the draft log of the Cleveland Browns. At seeing the page his obsession was reignited. This brought his mind back to the question of why?

Why was he moving between two different people at two different times? Roy and himself didn't even share career paths. Tony was looking to be a stock trader while Roy was a football GM. The only things Tony knew were what madden taught him and the analysts on youtube. He would dare say he knew nothing.

Yet here he was living the life of a GM. His draft picks were some of the best people from that year's draft class but that doesn't mean he knew how to draft. He knew the future and mixed with his love for football he knew the big names of that year's draft class. Granted he knew that draft well for different reasons but that is not important yet.

He took the computer and relooked through the whole draft. He was actually kind of annoyed he wasn't Roy back at the beginning of the year. If he was Roy then he could have traded with the Colts for Marshall Faulk, one of the best RBs of all time. Alas, he instead reincarnated in that body the day of the draft.

This now brought the question, would he continue that life? He could lie to himself and say it was a dream but that wouldn't help for if he appeared there again.

So far he changed lives when he went to sleep but how could he be sure it would happen again. Did he even know if it was time travel or parallel worlds?

He then went on to do the math on to see if he would have a phone in 1999, he was 4 and knew he wouldn't have one.

He was left without a way to confirm or deny the fact of how the worlds were connected. He went back to the page and remembered that last night when he refreshed the page it said Roy White.

He refreshed again and the name was still Dwight Clark. It was a sense of relief for Tony yet was disappointing. He wanted to believe that in some way the worlds were connected, that his actions then had effects here.

What that would mean, he didn't know yet. He would have thought about it more if it did in fact matter then.

He sighed in exasperation and stood up to grab something to drink.

"What else am I meant to do here?"

"Am I supposed to save the Browns?"

"Make a dynasty?

"Beat the Patriots?"

"Well the last one was rhetorical, but my point stands. I know nothing."

"I could always quit my job there and use my stock information to bring the richest man ever."

"Would that truly be enjoyable though? I was actually enjoying being a GM. I know the season hasn't started and won't for like five months, but it was enjoyable to do the draft."

He sat down at his computer and looked over the whole draft list, the first pick was Donovan McNabb...


"No, no, no!"

"This is wrong."

He refreshed the page in a hope the same thing would happen that happened the night before.

Tony was impatient and was rapidly tapping his foot as the page stayed white.

"Come on!"

When the page reloaded, Tony immediately scrolled and saw it still said the same thing, first pick Donovan McNabb.

"What is going on here!"