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14 Why I“m here? 1

Tony felt his blood boil and felt the adrenaline rush through him as he jumped to his feet.

The Browns had marched down the field with little resistance! He couldn't contain himself at the fact.

The whole stadium was on their feet the ground rumbling with their stomps.

Aaron lined up in a single back formation with a five WR spread. With the CBs and Safties out wide Aaron handed the ball to Faulk who got pushed forward by the OL.

Tony didn't realize it but he wasn't breathing. This was only the first drive but it felt like the final seconds on the game.

"We have to do this! We will win!" He chanted to himself.

The difference was maybe only centimeters but the ball broke the goal line.

"TOUCHDOWN!" The crowd roared even before the refs lifted their arms in signaling the verdict.

The rise in morals was extremely evident and with Vanderjagt putting the ball through the uprights for the PAT, the score was 7-0.


Kordell did a handoff to Bettis who was tackled at the line for no gain.

Lined up with 2 WR on the left side, and the TE in motion Kordell tried to read the defense to be in either zone or man.

The OL-man was slow off his back foot and got ran through by Leonard Little. The play was inches from being broken up by Leo swatting the ball.

Instead, the ball was caught and Edwards ran a common screen for a gain of 15, their own 35.

The Steelers without hindrance made their way down the field, a first and goal on the 5-yard line.
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The first play was a run up the middle by Bettis, stuffed for a gain of one.

The Steelers lined up on the same formation except this time pounding it in for a touchdown.

The feeling the stadium fell as everyone's head was downcast. Maybe this was within their expectations but they never wanted it to happen.


All games at some point come down to a decisive moment. Tony watched the game from the stands and with eyes filled with hope watched Aaron line up under center, two WR on the left and one on the right.

This was that moment the feelings in the stadium changed. The ball was hiked and with a rush off the left, Aaron made a quick throw that he shouldn't have.

The ball was picked off and momentum never changed hands since that play.


The rancorous roars of the crowds died down to nothing. The feelings euphoria were quickly depleted as the games faded to obscurity.

After a few more drives, Tony couldn't watch the game anymore. He couldn't do it, he couldn't force himself to sit through the feelings of dread that everyone experienced.

He was angry he was furious this isn't what he signed up for. He didn't come into this world to only have it repeat! He meant to change it, he was meant to make the Browns into a dynasty that was beyond compare!

He couldn't accept that this world, was only meant exist to repeat.

We mosied into a nearby bar and ordered himself a pint. He was resisting the urge to slam his fists onto the table and shout at the top of his lungs.

He failed, he failed the team, he failed everyone. He couldn't make a team that would change the foundation for generations to come.

Tony couldn't accept that what he did wasn't enough, that this team couldn't win.

All around him was anger, not for him but for the team he poured his blood and sweat into creating.

"This is what we get? Is this the team that has returned to Cleveland?"

"Are you serious? My grandpa could run harder than that! Wake the F up!"

"What is the head coaching thinking? Has he never coached before?"

"This is BS!"

These endless bellowed engulfed as he accepted every one of them as truth. On his shoulder, he felt an open palm, Aster.

He didn't try to change his look of anger as he greeted him, "Hey! You here moping over the potential loss as well?"

Aster stood across from him the table between them, "I already knew they would lose. There was never a shadow of doubt in my mind." Aster was smiling, in such a situation where most people would be heated, Aster smiled.

"How can you smile?" Tony couldn't help but question it.

"You see that score?"


"It's not 0. We scored."

That's all it took, to some of the people in this city, that scoreboard not saying 0, was enough for cheers.

"It gives us hope. That maybe someday, we will be good enough to win."

Tony only laughed, a laugh full of tears and joy. "I was looking at it all wrong..."

He lost control of his own thoughts, he got caught in the hype. He got caught in the emotions of the game.

"Thank you. Allow me to pay for your next drink!"

Aster was confused but accommodated Tony's choice.

The two fell into idle talks as they drifted into the crowd of fans. The emotions were high as they all shouted in either happiness of great anger.

Tony lost track of it all and hadn't noticed the lost morals on that interception were slowly rising. The team was finding their way back down the field.

He watched with a heavy heart Mike line up for a 49-yard field goal, the world was moving slow. Everyone in the bar shouting the same statement, "Go! Go! Go!"

Every person put their hope into this single kick. End over end it flew, even before it went through everyone was cheering in joy. Maybe some knew it would go in, or maybe they just held endless amounts of hope.

It went through, the score was 10-14. The Steelers were still in the lead, but this was enough for every person in the bar.

This single kick was enough to change the emotions of everyone.