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1854 I Feel I Can Do It Too

Chapter 1854: I Feel I Can Do It Too

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There had been vendors who were very popular at the Delicacy Extravaganza in the past too, and their bosses were proud that they were swamped.

The more crowded they were, the more popular they were. With the enhancement of the herd mentality, they could attract even more customers. Therefore, all the vendors would employ shills to pretend to swamp their booths every year during the Delicacy Extravaganza.

They had never seen any vendor who would push the customers that swamped their booth away, or requested that they line up for purchase.

However, that was what Mamy Restaurant did, and so many customers actually obeyed that?

The staff member strode to Robert, and asked, “President, will that affect the extravaganza? Do we need to interfere?”

“There’s no need to. Rules and order are Mamy Restaurant’s specialty. Letting their customers dine gracefully is what every vendor should learn.” Robert shook his head. He frowned as he watched those vendors slowly get surrounded by the crowd, and said, “The Delicacy Extravaganza’s ambiance in the past years was too rushed. Many vendors had even forgotten that the taste of their food should be the core of their competitiveness. Lying to their customers will only continue to smear the Delicacy Extravaganza.”


“Get two staff members to guide the customers lining up at the Mamy Restaurant’s booth. As long as they don’t affect the other customers coming in and going out, give them as much freedom as possible,” Robert interrupted him.

“Yes.” The staff member strode away.

“Thank you for cooperating, everyone. Now, please start to order according to your sequence,” Mag said to the cooperative customers with a smile.

“Mamy Restaurant’s mode of operation is indeed the most comfortable.” Harrison, who automatically let the ladies go first, and took the third spot, looked at Mag with an appreciative gaze.

“I want a helping of octopus balls, but Chef, are you really going to teach us on the spot? Are you really sharing your recipes?” A young housewife standing in the first row looked at Mag with admiration. “I always go to eat at Mamy Restaurant. I am your die-hard fan.”

The ladies in the lines began to have an expression of great interest. Even those who had never been to Mamy Restaurant had heard about this restaurant.

If they could learn a high-end dish with this chef, they would have a skill that they could show off in front of their friends and conquer their hubbies’ stomachs.

“Yes. I will publicize four recipes today and conduct on-the-spot teaching.” Mag nodded. He remembered this regular customer.

Mag snapped his fingers, and a giant virtual screen appeared over the Mamy Restaurant’s booth. It was broadcasting the happenings in the booth live.

This was a technique that was frequently used at event locations of big competitions. They combined the photostone with a small magic spell formation to achieve the effect of live broadcast. Unfortunately, it could only be transmitted within a short distance as it was restricted by the size of the magic spell formation.

“Woah! This boss is too hardcore?!”

“He’s so considerate! He’s afraid that we will fail to learn.”

The customers at the back of the line, who were worried that they couldn’t see Mag cook properly, couldn’t help cheering.

“I want a small helping of octopus balls.”

“One helping of octopus balls.”


The customers placed their orders according to their sequence. Many of the ladies had had breakfast before they left home, so they only ordered the octopus balls. Customers like Harrison, who ordered every dish and extra rice, were usually males or the restaurant’s regular customers who came to eat breakfast specially.

“I will only be cooking four dishes with octopus as the main ingredient today. The first dish is the octopus balls. The ingredients needed are onions, cabbage, red pepper, octopus tentacle…” Mag used a magical loudspeaker device. Although it wasn’t very loud, it was loud enough for those customers who were watching the giant screen to hear. He began the tutorial.

The vegetables were finely minced by the cleaver. Although Mag had slowed down to let the audience see clearly, his superb cutting skills still amazed those housewives.

After cutting the vegetables, Mag started to teach them how to mix the octopus balls’ batter. From the choice of flour to the ratio of egg and water, he explained all of them in detail. He operated as he explained, so it was simple and easy to understand.

“All the ingredients for the octopus balls are ready, so now we will start to make the octopus balls. First, turn off the fire to preheat the specially made octopus ball grilling pan, and then pour in an ample amount of oil. Use a ladle to scoop up the batter, and pour into these little holes…”

Mag’s action was smooth, and his operation wasn’t affected at all while he explained. The vegetables and octopus tentacle were scattered over the batter before another layer of batter was added to the brim of the grilling pan. He used a bamboo stick to swipe across the grilling pan before he quickly turned the half-formed octopus balls to one side. Golden-brown octopus balls were soon presented in front of all of them.

Not only did the customers lining up enjoyed it, those customers who had just entered also couldn’t help slowing down to watch it. Even those customers at the other booths also turned to look at that giant screen.

Mag was just like a swordsman with a cleaver, displaying his superb and intricate techniques on that grilling pan. The super giant screen made him the only main character.

The golden balls began to give up a mesmerizing scent.

“The little balls are so cute… Slurp.”

“I didn’t expect cooking to be so mesmerizing too. This chef is really too handsome.”

“He’s handsome, a fantastic cook, and he speaks so gently. He fulfilled all my requirements for a spouse!”

“I think that I can make these octopus balls exactly as long as I have that grilling pan.”

Some of them couldn’t help gulping over the octopus balls, while some couldn’t help gulping over Mag.

The lines in front of the booth grew silently.

“After the octopus balls have turned golden-brown, and you can feel the surface is a little hard with the bamboo stick, you can pick them up, and put them on the plate. These octopus balls will then be considered a success.” Mag put four octopus balls into a small wooden box, and passed it personally to the first customer who ordered it. He smilingly reminded her, “It’s hot. Please be careful when you eat it.”

“Thank you.” The young housewife blushed, and gingerly received the little balls. Even her husband hadn’t talked to her so gently for a long time.

“I think this chef is very formidable, but his actions are slow. He’s just so-so.”

“That’s right. I feel I can do it too.”

The customers watching began to comment spitefully.

In order to demonstrate to the customers in detail, Mag only made one pan of octopus balls for the first round. After plating them, Mag let Yabemiya give them to the customers.

“Now we will revise it again,” Mag said as he turned on three stoves, and then casually poured a big ladle of batter over the grilling pan.