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1 Novels With Male Protagonis

I want to recommend some novels to read and maybe reread. Updating my comments..

I Shall Seal The Heavens (Completed - Has 1611 Chapters - Free To Read) (Comment: Great novel..)

The King's Avatar (Completed - Has 1729 Chapters) (Comment: There's an anime version and a Chinese drama version. The novel is great!)

Swallowed Star (Completed - Has 1486 Chapters) (Comment: The novel has development stages!! If you understand what I mean. There's an anime version..)

The Great Storyteller (Completed - Has 394 Chapters) (Comment: Reincarnation theme. A really interesting novel about writing stories.)

Galactic Dark Net (Completed - Has 470 Chapters) (Comment: An interesting adventure with the male protagonist.. Although I forget what it was about??)

The World Online (Completed - Has 1356 Chapters) (Comment: Development in a virtual MMORPG that will eventually become reality for the world..)

The Magus Era (Completed - Has 1901 Chapters) (Comment: Reincarnation. An interesting and exciting adventure with the male protagonist.. Oo Don't remember much..)

Release That Witch (Completed - Has 1498 Chapters) (Comment: Time travel to a different dimension. The novel is interesting. Warning: Harem..)

Legend of Ling Tian (Completed - Has 713 Chapters) (Comment: Reborning into a different world. Has harem in which it is complicated..)

Perfect World (Comment: Refreshing MC (True??) You could read more at wuxia.)

Sovereign of the Three Realms (Comment: Reincarnation. Interesting back plot and development. Read more at wuxia.)

Apocalypse Meltdown (Comment: Reincarnation. The apocalypse plot is interesting.. Warning: This hasn't been updated at all~)

Super Gene (Comment: It's a great novel (??) The MC knows what to do.)

Superstars of Tomorrow (Comment: Reincarnation. The MC is really cool and calm! Some might not like him but his personality make sense (??) to me..)

The Favored Son of Heaven (Comment: It's a good novel with a determine MC.. Don't remember what this was about..)

The First Order (Comment: MC is a whole another mood! It's a great novel! (Maybe??) You won't regret reading this! Maybe..)

Update Version (Reading Lists Which May or May Not Be Great):

Boss Level Face-Slapping Specialist (Quick Transmigration)

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Castle of Black Iron (Comment: Long chapters, the MC sleeps with numerous young women (all consensual), interesting plot but might get a bit boring (for me) around the 1000 chapters)..

Emperor's Domination

Everyone Knows I'm a Good Man (Comment: Quick Transmigration)

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation (Comment: Good plot but I haven't finish reading~)

Good Man Operation Guide (Comment: Quick Transmigration)

I am a Big Villain (Comment: Quick Transmigration again..)

Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece (Comment: Transmigration, Harem, Religions, Kingdom Building, and etc. Translation of 370 chapters out of 1324 chapters..)

Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World (Comment: Light-hearted reading)

Scum Male's Whitewashing Manual (Comment: Quick Transmigration)

The Analects of Righteous Father's Collapse (Comment: Quick Transmigration)

The Bad Man System Collapse (Comment: Quick Transmigration)

The Human Emperor (Comment: Reincarnation and battles)