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All the quiescence in the dark and silent room was abruptly disrupted by the sound of the footsteps and knocking sounds coming from outside the room.

Knock, knock, knock...

Outside the room, there was a man who looked somewhere between 50 to 60 and he had a diamond-sharp look in his eyes. Even though he appeared to be 50 to 60 years of age, it was clear from the aura emanating from his body that he lived much more than that. Yet the man had a fearful look on his face. But no one knew for certain whether this expression was because of a terrible incident that just had happened, or the probable answer that the person behind the door could give.

"Sir, please forgive me." They... They came, and us incapables could not stop them from coming here and mess things up. "They came to..." Voice of the man who is 50 to 60 was full of fear and shame at the same time.

"They came to kill me. Right? So, they are finally ready. Well, let us see how much I am worth in their eyes."

Footsteps along with a chatter made in a careless tone came through the room and the door slowly opened. The person inside room slowly appeared as the door opened. He was a 20-year-old at most. His grey eyes were beautiful enough to glamorize the ones looking at them, and his queued hair reached all the way to his shoulders. Besides, he had such beautiful face that even the most beautiful girls would be bewitched when they first saw him, and then his face would leave a deep scar on their hearts. But despite such grandioseness, he had a dreadful and desperate look that could freeze one's blood.

When the 50 to 60 years old man first saw the young man, he instantly lowered his head and could not dare to look at his face again. The young man walked past him and walked down the aisle. The fear in the old man's heart had eased for a bit as he moved forward but the young man suddenly stopped after about ten steps and spoke.

"Hermes, thank you." Even though the young man had thanked him, his voices sustained a mighty amount of apathy.

"Sir... Sir, why do you thank this impotent creature?"

The man's voice was full of fear and his body was trembling.

"I know you're the reason they're here. I know that you have been their agent for years, even though you are here with me, I know that you told them that my body is now much more weaker then ever because of what I did last week. But still, I thank you for serving me all these years."

The young man carried on walking after finishing his words. The man was shocked after hearing what had been said to him.

How could he know? How long has he known? Why didn't he told or done anything?

The man raised his head and looked at the young man walking away and shouted: "If you knew, why did you put yourself in this, why did you put yourself in danger knowing that you might die? Why! Why! "

The young man's steps paused for a while, then continued to walk and spoke: "Dying huh... Hermes, I don't know why buy you really underestimate me. I am not putting myself in danger, but I would like to. I wish I could get into a thrilling fight, at least for once. There are two reasons as to why I put my body in this situation. First and foremost, I thought they'd be here when you informed me, and there would be an exciting battle. Secondly... We will talk about it if the first one does not work. And why are you standing there? You are going to lose your daughter if you don't come with me, I am right?"

As the tears poured out of the man's widening eyes, he spoke in his heart: "My regret will never go away for doing something like this. Even for my daughter. I will die with you if you die today, and if you live, then I will leave my fate in your hands. '

"Hermes, why are you still standing?" And I do not care about your fate or anyone else's anymore. All I care about is my own destiny."

This time the carelessness in the young man's voice was replaced by seriousness, the 50 to 60-year-old man was startled after these words and started following the young man.

Where they were was a big castle. This castle was approximately 300 meters high and had 13 towers. The back of the castle was at the edge of a large cliff and the bottom of the cliff was filled with lava. Although this place was very big, it was a quiet place and only 22 people was living there. They were 21 servants of which Hermes was the leader, and the young man who stayed in the dark room.

However, the situation was very different now...

There was a ginormous army in front of the castle now. The soldiers of this army appeared to be from different places. Because the soldiers in the army carried 13 different flags. In this army of nearly three million, there were numerous different species and the dark aura they radiate caused the ground to crack, hampered the wind and spread a great fear among the hearts of the servants who were trying to defend the castle.

Yet, that fear was only a joke compared to the amount of fear that the 13 men in front of the army was spreading!

No matter how enormously strong the servants of the castle was, it was impossible for them to handle this great army. Even without this army, any one of the 13 men would have been single handedly able to kill each one of them. They knew that, yet they were still fighting. They only fought because of their loyalty. Each of them had been rescued by the young man who stayed in the dark room. More than half of the servants were killed by the incoming attacks. But there was no hesitation or even a slightest idea of retreat in the hearts of the survivors. Their only wish was stall off the enemy as much as possible to buy enough time for their, now powerless master to flee.

However, the course of events was not in their favor.

Because their master, the young man, came forward out of the gate of the castle slowly and stood in front of the servants.

The moment he appeared, everyone stopped. The look on the faces of the 13 men was slightly baffled, grand army's soldiers was vigilant and surviving servants looked frightened. But the unconcerned young man was clearly stunned when he saw the huge army.

He was not expecting such a big number after all.

Young man looked at the army and the 13 men and spoke with astonishment "You came here to kill me, knowing that my condition is now weak! I can understand that, but what do you think you are doing bringing in an army like this!"

Of the 13 men who witnessed his expressions and the bewilderedness in the young man's and voice, one of them who was wearing a red dress came forward. He was about 1,90 cm tall, hefty, red haired and red eyed with a cut mark on the edge of his left eye. His aura alone was more powerful than a quarter of the aura emitted by the soldiers of the gigantic army. The men in red looked at the young man and spoke with disdain: "This day is the last day of your life, little brat!" We were waiting for this moment for years; the 13 clans have united, and we came here to kill you. After we kill you..."


With the expression of the man in red, the whole atmosphere changed in a flash. Everyone was stumped. They were expecting the young man to run for his life in the face of this army. After all, despite the young man's true level of power was unimaginable, his body was now in a weak shape. When the young man appeared, the soldiers in the army were a little frightened, yet seeing the expression on his face, they were a little relieved. Then, when one of the leaders of the 13 clans came forward and spoke with disdain, their fears were completely cleared away. But what followed gave them goose bumps.

The young man was in front of three million people, but he was not afraid!

He was standing in front of an army, in front of the 13 clans in his weak state, yet still was interrupting one of them!

But that was not what they were afraid of and surprised at.

What they really frightened about was the unbearable aura that killed ten thousand men when the young man shouted!

"Th... That is impossible! How can this be! You're supposed to be weak! That is impossible! This is an illusion This is definitely an illusion!" The men in red spoke with the fear and discomfiture in his voice.

The young man looked at the enormous army with his grey eyes that radiates the rays of death and spoke bristly: "You pieces of rubbish!" You waited for the right moment to kill me, and the moment you have been waiting for finally came. And while I hoped that you could take this opportunity, you really just brought me three million souls. How dare you to stand before me with an army that 5 of you garbages can destroy? They can be the elites of this realm; you can be the leaders of the 13 most powerful clans of this realm. But that does not change the fact that you are just some insects before me! Now that you decided to kill me and brought this excuse of an army to kill me, and humiliate me, you will suffer the consequences!"

The earth and the skies were trembling as the young man spoke. Most of them died because of the fear they felt when they looked into his eyes. Yes, it was not an exaggeration. Because there was no word that could describe the bone chilling aura that was filled with young man's hunger to kill.

Everyone was terrified but there was only one thing they could do.


The sight was worthy of myths and legends. A tremendous army was charging while spreading a frightening aura. Even though there were many races in the army, every one of them has the same agenda. Weapons like swords, spears, axes and crows like lightening up the face of the earth with their flashes. On the other hand, the hundreds and thousands of arrows thrown were hailing down from the sky. The ground was shaking as the soldiers in the army marched. On the other side...

There was only a young man!

He was just waiting in the face of this great and frightening landscape. In the face of hundreds of thousands of arrows and millions of soldiers, he stood without any hesitation. Now, he was like a God of war!

As the troops marched, the arrows fell towards the young man. The dust around the area was lifted as all that arrows fall at the same time. Since the young man's original location was covered with dust, no one could see his condition. But even though it was nearly impossible for someone on this realm to get away unscathed from an attack of this scale, they carried on charging decidedly. The dust settled when the distance between front man of the army and the young man was 100 meters. The scenery was clear now. Although hundreds of thousands of arrows landed around him, there was not a single arrow in the 20-meter radius. Let alone an injury, there was not a single grain of dust on the young man!

Young man's grey eyes flashed, and he walked relentlessly. Yes, he just walked! He had neither a weapon nor a technique. He just simply walked. Yet in his first step, he reached the front-man soldiers. When he reached them, the soldiers around him died with their arms and legs severed. When he took his second step, he came into the middle of the army. And when he reached there, the heads of the soldiers in the vicinity exploded, they died instantly. In this third step, he reached the tail of the army, and when he reached there, soldiers around him drown in their own blood because their lungs had burst. When he took this forth step, he came in front the 13 men who had not mowed while the army was charging. He had only taken 4 steps. As a result of these four steps:

The entire army was destroyed!

The 13 men were looking at the young man in horror. Young man looked at them and spoke: "The snacks are over. Show me the strength of the leaders of the 13 clans!"

The man in red got down on his knees and began begging: "Loo... Lord.... Lord Ur..."

"SHUT UP! You are not worthy of speaking my name! If you are not charging, I will! On top of that, I will give you an advantage. I will not move or block your attacks for five seconds. So, you might have a chance for 5 seconds," the young man said, cutting into the words as his name began to be said:



There was a great determination in the hearts of the 13 men and they suddenly attacked. Between them and the young man, there was approximately 40 meters, but for them this distance could be taken in less than a second.

As three seconds left, the attack of the 13 men was about to touch the young man. Yet, at that moment, something unforeseeable happened!

The 30-meter radius of the young man flashed. And the gray light emanated from the young man covered this 30-meter radius.

"The Glow of The Grey Death!"

A few seconds later, the light dissipated. Young man in the middle and about 5 meters away the leaders of the 13 clans could be seen, they were stationary.

The man in the red spoke slowly: "when did you become too low to not to keep your promises?"

Young man looked towards him and then turned towards the castle and spoke: "Promise? I do not forget my promises, but only those I approve are worthy of my promises. Have you ever heard about a man give an ant his word? You're not worth as much as an ant to me!"

Young man walked towards the castle after killing them and slowly disappeared from the sight of the 13 men.

As the bodies of the 13 men slowly disintegrated, the men in the red spoke from his heart as he perishes: I do not know which one of us were righteous. All I know is we underestimated you and we can't help you find what you were looking for all these years. "

There was not a half-minute between the annihilation of the 13 clan leaders and the army's charge towards the young man. Within half a minute, the young man killed everyone brutally. Not a single survivor!


The young man continued walking after he entered the castle and carried on walking until he came in front of a gate. He raised his hand and touched the door. Then, the door slowly opened with a green glow.

Behind the door, there was a big hall and, in this hall,, there was only one thing. It was a statue made of jade. Resembling a human, this statue was indeed not a human because it had 8 arms. The young man looked at the statute and spoke:

"I will achieve my purpose. I will do whatever it takes. Does not matter if my enemies are humans, elves, demons, ghosts, sprits, or even Gods, I will go there and destroy you. If necessary, I will give everything for this purpose!"

Young man's voice was filled with grief and anger. After looking at the statue a minute or so, he spoke again. "Hermes, how long are you going to try sneak out there? Come here. I have a very important mission for you."

After the young man finished his words, footsteps heard, and Hermes appeared with a remorseful face. Hermes kneed and spoke: "Please forgive me for what I have done Sir. You can have my soul or my life as you please. It is not enough for what I have done there is nothing else I can do."

"Hermes, I don't care about your life or your soul but if you really want to be forgiven take these and do as I say, " The young man's voice was weaker than when it first appeared and his face looked paler. When Hermes saw that, he looked into his face carefully and saw the blood slowly flowing from the corner of his mouth. And when he saw this, Hermes's body trembled, and he immediately ran to the young man's side.

"Sir, are you okay? You defeated that army in this state. Why did you go that far? If you had run and return after your body had improved, you could have easily killed all the living things in the realm without any bother."

"Hermes, I have a purpose that I desire more than anything. I can take on everyone for this purpose, I can even destroy myself for this. If I had run away, I would have lost the one thing that was likely to accomplish that purpose. I put my body in this shape to do it, I might even die. But none of these matters. All that matters is that someone who can go there and destroy it even if I can't! And, surely after that, someone who can make "that" decision after it..."

Hermes was frightened when he heard the young man's words. But the fear was not caused by the young man's aura that could possibly kill him. What he feared was what the young man thought he could manage.

"Sir, you are not planning on doing that are you? If you do that, it is highly likely..."

"I will most likely die! But that does not matter. Hermes, come closer; maybe these may be the last word that you will hear from your master," The young man spoke, interrupting Hermes. After the young man's words, Hermes approached the young man, and he whispered something into Hermes' ears. Upon hearing them, Hermes' eyes widened. He then clenched his fist and looked at him with blurred eyes, knelt in front of him.

"Serving you and knowing you is the maximal pleasure that I have ever felt in my life. I will do exactly what you said. I hope that everything will be as you wish, and I hope that people who can use these can grant your wish. As Hermes spoke, the young man smiled. And then he looked at the 8-arm statue. After a brief glance, his grey eyes flashed, and the entire room got covered with grey lights.

The young man cried out; "Soul Connection of the Grey Death." Then his body became completely transparent. After about three seconds, his transparent body shattered and the pieces gather in the palms of the 8-arm statue, creating 8 different objects. Some of these objects looked simple, some ornate and special. But none of them had and aura or a special power. It was as if, expect for their appearance, they were pretty ordinary stuff.

Hermes approached the statue as he wept and took the 8 objects. He then began to walk outside and soon he exited the castle. Going forward for a while, he turned around again and looked at the castle and sighed: "Sir, I don't know what you were thinking or if you are dead when you leaved this mission. But I will do what you have said. I hope we will see each other again one day, and I hope these items will come back together and fulfill your purpose."

After talking, Hermes walked away he eventually disappeared.

Years later....