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Meteor city was a very large and prosperous city. This city was located to the east of the Crimson Lightning Empire. Apart from being large and prosperous, it was the most powerful among the 8 cities in the east of the Empire. The sole reason for this was that there were many powerful cultivators in the city.

The cultivators were the determiner of the power of a clan, a cult, a city, even an empire. Whoever had the stronger implementor would be the strongest. But this also brought a cruel world with it. A world where the power is absolute and the weak have no say at all...

East of Meteor City, Star Plain: Dawn.

The Star Plain was located on the eastern border of Meteor City, where many people came to visit. The famous night sky filled with stars was the biggest reason why many people came to visit there. This was the place where the stars in the sky could be seen at its finest in Meteor City. The Star Plain was generally crowded and sonorous. But today, the atmosphere was much more vibrant than it usually was. Because tomorrow, the people in Meteor City were going to send out a group to pick out the youngsters with potential in the Star Plain. This was a very important event for the people of the Plain. Because should the people's children or grandchildren were to be chosen by the incoming group, this would bring them great power and prestige in the plain.

Now in the distance, far from the crowd, there was a group of four people whose faces were filled with vanity, were walking toward a teenager, and talking among each other:

"I wonder what we should make that loser do today. I say we make him do errands. After all, he is a useless piece of garbage."

"I don't understand why our clan still harbors such garbage. Other people make fun of our clan for harboring him. How can someone, despite being 16, not learn, Elementary Profound Realm. People's Profound Veins opens at 12, and generally, even the most garbage human being would learn the Elementary Profound Realm in a year. Calling him garbage is a real compliment."

"There's nothing to do. After all, he is the adopted son of the Clan Leader. But I really do not understand the Clan Leader. Why doesn't he disown trash like this and make sure our clan's name does not become joking material? This is so stupid."

"Tunç, shut up! If you say something bad about my father again, I will put you in such a shape that you will beg to die!"

With the fourth teenager's speech, the other three were silenced and frightened to their bones. The last to speak, dressed in all-white clothes, with short brown hair and a very handsome looking, the youngster was the only biological child of the Clan Leader and he was the strongest among the younger generation in the clan. He was now 19 years old, and a year ago, He started the Forth Degree Profound Realm.

The youngster who spoke before him gulped and spoke with a frightened tone: "Young Master Yekta, forgive the crudity I just did. I do not question the decisions of the Clan Leader. Just... He's a piece of trash that does not suit very well to you and the clan leader."

The young man, named Yekta, looked at him and spoke as if something was bothering him: "I am aware of this, just like any other clan member. Yet, it is my father's will, and I, as his son, must abide by it. Even though he is my stepbrother, that does not change the fact that he is just garbage. But there must be a reason why my father kept him here. Maybe he is keeping him here to run the errands of someone as talented as me."

Three other youngsters spoke at the same time:

"Young Master Yekta, very wise. It really has to be like this."

"He is certainly only here to run errands of Young Master Yekta."

"Young Master Yekta is absolutely right."

Three youngsters knew that it was mostly Yekta who did not want the teenager, whom they and everyone in their clan saw as garbage. After all, being from the same household as someone like him was a great humiliation for Yekta, who had a very good position in the Clan. However, even though he said 'As my father's son, I must abide by it', Yekta has always taken a stand against his step-brother and had spoken to his father countless times to get him expelled from the Clan. Yet, no matter who supported him or what he said, his father would not allow him to be expelled from the Clan. Not only that, but he was also punishing the ones who hurt him. Although this led everyone, especially Yekta to wonder why the Clan Leaders never revealed the reason why.

After chattering among each other for a while, the four youngsters came up next to another teenager lying next to a tree looking up at the sky. This young boy, who wore rather worn-out clothes had charcoal black eyes. He was about 170 to 175 cm tall, had a hair long enough to reach around his neck but laid back and gathered behind his head, had an ordinary body; was looked around 15 to 16 years old. But for ordinary and unspectacular for most people, this young man looked as if he was not from this world. He was the teenager who everyone in the Clan called rubbish, teased, and mocked.

The four youngsters stared at him for a few as they approached him. Then one of them said "Hey Asil! Can't you see how busy everyone is? Why are you lying there and staring at the sky while everyone else is trying to help as much as they can? Aren't you ashamed of that?"

Asil looked at the boy who was talking to him. He then pulled himself together, stood up, and spoke: "Big Brother Ugur, I would like to help. But unfortunately, I do not have the source power as you do. So, what I can do is limited. At least to be able to do what I can do; I went to Uncle Ünal to talk about it when I got up today. But he said that I was trash, that I would disrupt and hinder the things even if I tried to help. So, I decided to come here and watch the sky without disturbing anyone."

The young man who is tall and very well built was named Ugur. He was 20 years old. And he entered the third level of Profound Realm three months ago. Given that the general young population of the Clan was entering the Third level of Profound Realm at the age of 24, He was a respectable member of the clan and this caused him to have a rather haughty look against others. Among the four, he was the second most powerful in the younger generation, after the Clan Leader's son and the Clan's Young Master Yekta.

Ugur looked at him and spoke in a manner that both approving and sardonic: "Uncle Ünal told the truth. Someone like you would be a liability instead of a backup. He did the right thing by stopping you from ruining an important day like tomorrow"

Ugur's words could make a normal person angry. But against these words, Asil looked at them smiling. It was the only thing he could do. Knowing that he is weak and the only reason that he could stay on this Clan was his father, he was not doing anything to annoy anyone and he was just smiling. He was just smiling, whether they insulted him, made fun of him, or maltreat him.

And despite his efforts, that smile was naturally irritating to many in the Clan.

Asil looked at Ugur smiling, then looked at his big brother Yekta and spoke: "You would not come to see me, big brother, did something important happen? But when I think about it, what could possibly have made you come to see me? Or is my father calling me?"

Yekta looked at him and spoke in a stern tone: "Yes, my father is calling you. Go to my father's courtyard without getting into someone's way and make sure you don't do anything to embarrass our family as you leave."

Asil laughed and spoke: "What can I do more embarrassing than my existence, big brother?"

For a moment, intention to kill spread through Yekta's eyes, and then he spoke in a very cold tone: "There is really nothing more than embarrasses me than your life. If it were not for my father's will, I would have killed you already. A trash like you is worth more dead than alive!"

After talking this much, Yekta did not care about Asil anymore and left there with the three other youngsters.

As they walked away, Asil looked at them in a way that no one could understand what he was thinking and headed toward his father's courtyard.

After about a five-minute walk, he arrived in front of the large courtyard. When he arrived in front of the courtyard, he straightened out his clothes and spoke respectfully: "Father, I'm home. Can I come in?"

A few seconds after Asil spoke, a voice, of which the confidence and determination could be heard, came from inside: " Asil, you do not have to ask for permission, this is your home, of course, you can come in."

Upon hearing these words, Asil felt relieved as if all the bad things in his head had disappeared one by one, he got inside smiling. This was the Clan Leader's courtyard. It was arranged so simply and ordinary that those who entered here for the first time would think it was a servant's yard. After Asil got inside, a man aged somewhere between 40 to 50 years of age, who was wearing a shabby dress, appeared. He had brown hair with rare white strands among them, he was 180 to 190 cm tall. The man looked at Asil and spoke: "So tell me Asil, how was your day? Did the people in the Clan give you any trouble today?"

As he looked at that man, Asil's heart was comforting. That man was Asil's father and he was the only one who truly loved and cared about him in the Clan. If it were not for him, maybe Asil would already be dead. Whenever he had a problem, his father was always there for him and even if there were other, even stronger, clans that caused the problem, he would solve the issue by making sacrifices for Asil. Including Asil, no one knew as to why the Clan Leader cared for Asil more than the other members of the Clan and even more than his own son. But for Asil, it did not matter even if his father was doing it for a reason. In the end, his father brought him to this day no matter what.

"Nothing much happened father. But it feels very good to see that even the laziest of our clan is doing something on this beautiful day. Everyone in the clan is in a hurry, doing something. Which brings out a pretty interesting picture."

After speaking this much, Asil waited for a while and started speaking again upon not hearing the reason why his father called him: "Why did you call me here father? Dis something important happened?"

A disoriented expression formed on the face of Asil's father, and after thinking for a while, he spoke: " I did not summon you. Did someone told you that I have?"

Upon hearing his father's words, Asil instantly understood everything. Yekta and people around lied to Asil to avoid seeing him around.

Asil's father figured about relatively what was happening from his son's silence and then spoke with a reassuring manner: "It is good you came here, regardless of the reason. We'll have a little chat, and then you can help me with something I need help with."

After hearing his father's soothing words, crestfallenness in Asil's heart slightly cleared away and gradually yield its place to happiness. Asil spoke in a confused way: Yes, Father, I would like to help you as much as I can about what you want. But how could someone like you, who is in the Second level of the Nascent Realm, need my help? Besides, how can someone like me, who hasn't even made it to the Elementary Profound Realm, be helpful to you?"

Hearing his son's words, Asil's father became slightly upset and then spoke: "Remember Asil, power is not the most important thing in this world." No matter how powerful one might be, there are some things one cannot do by themselves. For instance, I can be in the second level of the Nascent realm, yet still, I cannot be in the two places at the same time. That is why I need the help of those around me. Our clan, or other clans, even great sects, were founded on this principle. You did not make it into Elementary Profound Realm, so what? That does not make you weaker than the others. Maybe there is a reason we do not know as to why didn't your Profound Power entered into the Elementary Profound Realm yet. If there is such a reason, your father will do everything he can to find it and find a solution."

Asil unintentionally felt a stream of hope flowing through his heart but it faded away shortly. "But, father, even if there is a reason why I am like this, how are we going to find out? People's profound veins open at the age of 12. I have been in this situation for 4 years, why do you believe that when we have not found the reason for this in 4 years. If there was a reason, you would have found it for me by now. I believe that with all my heart."

Asil's father nodded and spoke: "My son, I have not been able to find this reason for 4 years. You are right about that but there is something you are forgetting."

Asil's eyes filled with confusion and he spoke: "Is there something I am forgetting?"

His father looked and approved him smiling then he spoke: "Yes, there's something you've forgotten. Although I have looked at all the ancient inscriptions in our clan, I have not found this reason. But that does not mean that people from the Meteor City would not know about it either. Maybe they know the reason for this, and maybe they can help you get better. Thereby you can get stronger as you wish."

Asil knew that his father told these words to him only to comfort him, but he still could not deny the truth in these words in his heart. In the end, his clan was powerful and famous where they grew up, but ultimately, neither their power nor their reputation or their knowledge could be more than those of the people of the Meteor City. Even the weakest clan in the Meteor City could be more powerful than their own.

Asil looked into the eyes of his father with his heart full of hope and spoke happily: "You might be right father, even though we don't know the reason, this doesn't mean that they wouldn't know that too." He paused for a while, then spoke as if something had come to his mind: "by the way, father, you said there was something you wanted me to help. What do you want me to help you with? I will do my best to do what you ask for help, and I will not disappoint you."

Asil's father laughed and spoke: "Asil, you are my, Cem Mirza's son. I would never believe that you will disappoint me even one day. You are very valuable to me and you deserve my trust more than anyone else here."

His father's words filled Asil Mirza's heart with an intense feeling of fondness and happiness. He could understand from his father's tone how important and valuable he was to his father. Although he was not his own son, his father never treated him like a stepson.

Cem Mirza watched his son for a while. He then spoke in a solemn tone: "Asil, you know there is a small lake in the little Pine Forest behind the clan?"

Asil Mirza looked at his father's expression and immediately understood that this was about what his father would want. "Yes father, of course, I know. It is the clan's sacred territory. Although I do not know why anyone trying to get near the lake is being blocked by an unknown force. Even though we can see the lake from a distance, no one has the slightest idea as to why we cannot go, or even get close there, or why it was passed on as the sacred territory of our clan in the inscriptions from the foundations of our clan to this date. Which makes there quite mysterious. Also, some of the people who come to the Star Plain from outside are going there just to solve this mystery and they are paying a fee to our clan to get there, thus our treasure is growing. But I think this was just made up by our ancestors to make others curious and make money from their curiosity."

Asil's words were right and many in the clan thought so. This mysterious lake was generating huge amounts of revenue to their clan from the people who were trying to uncover its mystery.

But there was only one person in the clans who did not think that way... That was Cem Mirza!

Cem Mirza look at his son in a meaningful way and spoke: "Asil, there is a reason why it is sacred territory and people cannot enter. It was created a long time ago, and it only opens for an hour every 200 years. People who go there could not enter because the opening day has not been here all this time. But that special day which comes in every 200 years has finally come. What I want from is to go there and drink the holy water of the lake."

His father's words shocked Asil Mirza. He never thought there was such a thing and he was not the first one who never thought about that.

Asil Mirza's mind was still in shock, his father continued to speak: "Its name is the Lake of Life. Only Clan Leaders know its name and its properties, and it is absolutely forbidden for clan leaders to tell anyone else. Although I am not certain if the words of our ancestors told us are true, it is believed that the water there could cure and physical or mental illness. If that is true, your condition could be cured."

Asil Mirza remained silent for a while then he spoke: "Father if what you are saying is true, our clan can become much more powerful. Why is it forbidden to tell others? And if it was forbidden, why did you tell me?"

Cem Mirza explained as he looked at his son smiled: " Asil, If it were really that simple as you said, this lake could strengthen our clan. After all, when it was time for the lake to open, the Clan Leader who knew this could go to the lake and take liters of water and us them when he came back to the clan. But it is not that simple. Our ancestors figured something out after they tried it. In their experience, only the first sip from the lake was effective. All the sanctity in the disappears after the first sip. So, no matter how much water someone takes, only the first sip is effective. As it stands, if this secret were to be known by everyone, there would be a great battle to be the first one to take the first sip of the lake's water every 200 years, and maybe many people would die. That is why our ancestors forbade sharing this information. I am breaking that ban today. You should go there by devious means and take the first step of the lake's water. Only 4 hours until the lake opens to the outside world. If you had not come to me today, I would have found you and share this great information with you. Now, seal up your lips and give no words, make sure you go to the entrance of the lake in 4 hours."

Upon hearing his father's words, Asil Mirza agreed with his father. Indeed, if this secret to be known by other people, it would have caused many deaths, regardless of whether it was true or not. But this was secondary for Asil Mirza. The most important thing for him was that; even though his father knew and could have easily used it for himself, he told him and granted him this divine opportunity. This made Asil Mirza think of only one thing:

"Father, I will get stronger and make you proud more than anyone else no matter what happens. "

Even though this was a thought that he had, it was coming from his heart and he really wanted to make it happen.

Asil Mirza looked at his father and spoke soulfully: "Father... Thank you."

Cem Mirza approached his son, put his hands on his shoulder, and spoke with a scoff: "Asil, I am your father. It is very natural to do something like that between a father and his son, you do not need to thank me. You might not understand now. But for a father, his son's happiness is his own. Now go and make your preparations. If the words of our ancestors are true, you will be healed, and you will finally be able to live like everyone else."

Asil Mirza approved with a nod and left there after thanking his father once more.

Cem Mirza watched his son as he walked away, and then he closed his emotion-filled eyes and sighed as he spoke: "How fast 16 years have passed. You were a little smiling baby when I found you. You were abandoned, but you were still smiling. Years have passed, despite everything you have been through, you can still smile today. Asil, you are stronger than everyone in this clan. I hope the Lake of Life can cure you. I hope you can live as you wish. I hope you can always be happy and smile for the rest of your life..."