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6 Scary Skinny Man 1

Without exception, everyone was looking at the skinny guy who was saying strange things and coming towards them. They were quite surprised since they did not expect to encounter something like this and also wondered if this skinny guy coming towards them was a lunatic. Because the skinny guy looked like a lunatic at first, and his aura of Profound Power did not emanate from his body as theirs's did. But still, when looked carefully, one could sense the mysterious and incomprehensible aura emanating from his body. Which made them wonder if the skinny guy was crazy.

Even though everyone was surprised, the most puzzled among them was Asil Mirza had seen and talked to this man before. He didn't know why the skinny guy came here. But that didn't matter right now. Because he was on the verge of death right now, and this skinny guy who he thought had a pretty horrible background could have saved him from this situation.

" What should I do... What can I do... I don't know why Skinny Man came here, but I have to use his arrival to get out of this situation somehow. "

As Asil contemplated what to do in his mind, the Skinny Man had come within twenty feet of them. At that moment he looked at people staring at him with bewildered expressions as if he had just noticed. Then he turned around and looked in the direction people were looking, scratched his head slightly with a strange expression, before turning back towards them.

"Why are you looking over there madly? There's nothing there." The Skinny Man spoke as if he didn't understand they were looking at him and kept talking while people were shocked by his words. "Oh, I see now, you were looking at me."

The words of Skinny Man that only a lunatic could say made people convinced he was a madman. And when they were convinced of this, the mechanism of caution, which naturally occurred when they felt the mysterious aura emanating from his body, faded away.

Still frustrated by Asil Mirza and his father Cem Mirza, The Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect became angrier after the Skinny Man's words and shouted towards the Skinny Man in a bad temper: "You insignificant lunatic! I don't know who you are or where you come from, but how can someone like you dare come to a place where I am! Do you know who I am!? I am The Young Master of The Mighty Burning Meteor Sect! I knew it was going to be pretty weak coming into this place, but I still didn't think there would be any kind of disrespect against me here. But when I got here, I saw a garbage man dare to take my test as if it was not enough, I saw that this garbage's father, despite how low and weak he was, dared to try to hurt me for revenge. And while I thought that was all the disrespect that I can see here, a petty lunatic like you dared to appear before me. I've never been so humiliated in my life!"

The Skinny Man looked at the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect for a while after hearing his words and spoke strangely as he scratched his head: "The Burning Meteor Sect... The Burning Meteor Sect... Hmm, never heard of it. And I agree I'm insignificant, but I don't think I'm crazy. And I suggest you never speak to me in that tone again. The reason I'm here has nothing to do with you. I'm looking for the Mirza Clan. If you don't know where to find them, I don't need to talk to someone like you anymore."

Everyone was looking at the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect whose face was twitching in anger, the Skinny Man who was scratching his head and the horrified members of the Mirza Clan. In the Skinny Man's words, there was clearly a contempt and a threat to The Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect. Besides, him knowing the Mirza clan had increased the anger of the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect.

As the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect looked at the Skinny Man ravenously, Cem Mirza, hearing the words of Skinny Man, suddenly looked towards his son. He thought that this man was the man he said he met at the Lake of Life, and when he looked at his son, the glimmer of hope in Asil Mirza's eyes confirmed his thought. Cem Mirza immediately took advantage of the situation and looked at the Skinny Man in the hope that he could save his son: "Elder, I am Cem Mirza, the leader of the Mirza clan you are looking for. How may I help you?"

The Skinny Man turned around and looked at Cem Mirza, who had been laid down by two middle-aged men, and said: "So you are the leader of the Mirza Clan. I'm here to see one of your clan members, Asil Mirza."

Cem Mirza's eyes shone with hope and he spoke immediately: "Elder, I am the father of the Asil Mirza you seek. My son is lying on the right, he is wounded"

Cem Mirza and Asil Mirza were sure that this Skinny Man knew exactly where they were, but they didn't know why the Skinny Man was acting like this. But since the Skinny Man is their only hope now, it didn't matter how he acted.

After Cem Mirza's words, the Skinny Man looked to the right and saw Asil Mirza lying on the ground wounded. The Skinny Man made his way to him, crouched down, and spoke: "Insignificant Asil, I came here to pay my debt to you. Now tell me, how I can repay you?"

Asil Mirza stood up slightly, though his body was in pain, and spoke humbly to the Skinny Man: "Elder, how can someone like you owe anything to a trash like me who has no Profound Power. At the moment I am in a bit of a predicament and I would be very happy if you could help me with this situation."

Everyone had clearly heard the conversation between the Skinny Man, Cem Mirza, and Asil Mirza, and at the same time felt the hope in the tones of Cem Mirza and Asil Mirza as they spoke. Even the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect choke down his rage and started examining the Skinny Man carefully.

The Skinny Man suddenly laughed and spoke loudly after Asil's words: "Hahahaha. So you still think you're strong enough to be insignificant. You really are the most interesting person I have seen in a long time. Hmm, I understand you've had some trouble with the arrogant young Master of the Little Pebble-stone Sect from Little Stone City. Seeing that I owe you one, then I'll help you with this and pay you back."

Words of the Skinny Man was very insulting. As he spoke, he uttered words that openly denigrated both the Meteor City and Burning Meteor Sect. So as people waited for the reaction of the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect and the people from Meteor City, the Skinny Man suddenly shouted loudly as he pointed his finger somewhere as if he were quite afraid of something.:

"AHHHHH! This..... What is that... How could there be such a horrible girl in the world!! I'm definitely going to have nightmares for a few days for seeing this!"

Where the Skinny Man was pointing at was the Young Lady and sister of the Young Master the Burning Meteor Sect!!!

The words of the Skinny Man was the boiling point for the Young Master and people of the Burning Meteor Sect. Even though the skinny man had said and done a lot of derogatory things before, none of them could be compared to this one. Because this time the girl he was talking about was the only daughter of the leader of the Burning Meteor Sect and talking about her beauty was the biggest taboo there.

The fastest response was a middle-aged man named Toraman. He let go of Cem Mirza and roared loudly as he looked at The Skinny Man with his angry red eyes: "Who do you think you are and dare to talk to our Lady like that! Kowtow immediately and beg for forgiveness then cut off your tongue."

As the middle-aged man named Toraman roared, he exuded a completely bloodthirsty aura. This aura caused everyone to tremble with fear.

The Skinny Man's facial expression got serious and he spoke in a serious tone: "Child, who do you think you are and you talk to me like that? Do you really think you can scare me with that puny aura? Kid, this is the first and last time I'm gonna tell you and everyone here. If you threaten me one more time, I will put you in such a position that you will beg to die!"

The atmosphere around became very tense instantly after the Skinny Man's words. He said those words to members of the Burning Meteor Sect. What was the Burning Meteor Sect? Burning Meteor Sect was among the three strongest sects in the Crimson Lightning Empire Defying them was simply the same as wanting to die.