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7 Scary Skinny Man 2

After the words of Skinny Man were finished, the old man, who never spoke, came forward and, after stroking the Green Spatial Ring on his right hand pulled out a battle scythe about 1.5 meters long from inside the storage area of the ring, pointed it at Skinny Man, spoke harshly:

There are limits to the merciful people like us you impertinent creature. You humiliated our Sect, our City, our Young Master, and our Lady. In addition, you have the audacity to threaten us. You will suffer the consequences. First, I will make you worse than death. Then I will find your relatives, impale them, and make you watch them all! Now take out your gun and fight me! No matter how despicable you are, a man like me will not fight an unarmed man. If you do not have a gun, I can provide you any weapon you want! Although this will be more of a one-sided annihilation than a battle, at least fight with dignity for your despicable life!!"

After the old man spoke, a terrible aura spread from his body. The aura emanating from the old man was absolutely incomparable to the aura emanating from the middle-aged man named Toraman. Because the middle-aged man named Toraman is in the sixth level of Nascent Profound Realm, this old man was exactly in the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm!!!

People in the vicinity trembled in fear when they realized this. After Asil Mirza and Cem Mirza found out about the level of power that he old man wielded, they looked towards Skinny Man to see his expression. But they froze when they saw his expression.

Because the Skinny Man was laughing weirdly right now!

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're gonna fight me? And this would be a one-sided annihilation!? You're going to find my relatives and impale them!? And you're gonna make me watch this!? HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

As the Skinny Man spoke with laughter, the sky was filled with black clouds that looked as if it was ready to unleash bolts of lightning, and the air around them became incomparably heavy.

The Skinny Man walked up to the old man, who had a battle scythe in his hand and whose facial expression had changed completely due to the changes around him, and spoke sadistically as he smiled: "I wonder how should I kill you? Beheading you would be so ordinary and painless, burning you would be boring, if I impaled your relatives and made you watch as you intended to do to me, it would take a lot of time... What should I do... Hmm. Found it! HAHAHAHA that's a really good idea!"

As the Skinny Man walked towards him, the old man who was in the tenth level of the Nascent Profound realm had already pissed himself, his legs had turned to jelly since he could not control any of his limbs due to extreme feat he felt. And as a result, he fell on his ass. The old man, completely terrified, looked at the Skinny Man, who slowly approached with a burst of sadistic laughter, and began to beg. "Elder, forgive the rudeness of this junior. I didn't know what I was saying, and I mistakenly offended someone like you. Please forgive me. Please!"

"Shut up! Don't worry, you'll die enjoying yourself. I just warned you, but still, some idiot like you ignored my warning, pulled a gun on me, and if that wasn't enough threatened to kill me."

By the time the Skinny Man talked, he was already at Old Man's side. The Skinny Man reached forth to the Old Man who could not control any of his limbs, grabbed him by the head, and after a few seconds, an aura spread from his left hand which made people around feel tightness around their chests. A few seconds after this aura spread, the Old Man's entire body began to burst and split and blood flowed from them. In just a few seconds, his body was in a form that no one could call it a human. After the blood flowed for about 3 seconds, the Skinny Man smiled as if he was enjoying it, and this time a bright white light spread from his left hand to cause people to squint their eyes. This light lasted only a few seconds, and after the white light disappeared, the deep scars in the Old Man's body were completely closed and healed, leaving no trace of blood. But before the old man could rejoice, the terrible aura spread again from the hands of The Skinny Man, and the old man's body again began to form bursts and scars, and blood flowed again.

What Skinny Man did was exactly inserting his own Profound Power into Old Man's cells, destroying them from inside, then repair the cells he had destroyed, and repeat the event as much as the Old Man's body held on!!!

This cycle repeated exactly five times, and by the time the sixth phase began, the Old Man finally died.

Those who watched what happened could not believe what they saw. Because the person who died in an unspeakably terrible way had had a power that they could only dream of reaching throughout their lives. This man was in the tenth level of the Profound Power, and the man who killed this insanely powerful person so easily and so mercilessly was the Skinny Man whom they made fun of and despised at first!

After killing the Old Man, The Skinny Man looked at the middle-aged man named Toraman and spoke in anticipation: "Kowtow immediately and beg for forgiveness then cut off your tongue."

That is exactly what a middle-aged man named Toraman just said to Skinny Man. The body of a middle-aged man named Toraman trembled when he heard his own words being said to him. Then he kowtowed and spoke with extreme fear: "Elder, I beg your pardon for saying vile and unspeakable words to you. Please grace me with forgiveness. If you will forgive me, I will remember this for the rest of my life, and I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. Please do not take my vile life. Please, sir, please..."

The skinny man looked at the middle-aged man named Toraman, who was kowtowing, and spoke solemnly: "Cut out your tongue! If you do not want to die, then don't make me repeat it again and cut out your tongue, quickly!"

After the words of the Skinny Man, the middle-aged man named Toraman, despite everything, felt a little relief in his heart and cut out his own tongue without hesitation.

After the middle-aged man named Toraman cut out his tongue, The Skinny Man turned to the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect, then spoke with a smile: "Child, you said that Asil, who thought he is insignificant took a test. What test did he take and what did he get?"

Upon hearing the question of the Skinny Man, the Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect thought about what he had said before, his heart was filled with dread, replied with a stammer: Si... Sir, Lord Asil showed the kindness to take the potential test that is made a miserable man like me. However, since the sphere tested so many people it was probably broken, and he could not get a good result." The Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect was so scared that he mentioned Asil by saying 'Lord Asil whom he humiliated before His father, the leader of the Burning Meteor Sect was one of the three people who were in the Natural Profound Realm and was in the second level of it. But even his father could not give him a terrible feeling as the Skinny Man made him feel right now. No! Not only his father... No other person in the Natural Profound Realm and even the people Crimson Lightning Empire has sent to the Meteor City could make him feel like that, it was incomparable.

The Skinny Man spoke again, and this time his tone of voice had an intense killing intent as he spoke: "Don't make me repeat my words! I asked you the results of Asil, who thinks he is insignificant!"

Young Master of the Burning Meteor Sect gulped with difficulty and spoke: "Sir, Lord Asil's result was a quarter of a Green Star."

When the Skinny Man heard her answer, he looked up at Asil Mirza with a strange expression on his face and then spoke oddly: "Interesting. It is really interesting. Hey Asil, who thinks he is insignificant, I'll come to your Mirza Clan tomorrow and will have a little chat. I want it to be just the two of us when I come. So, when it's noon tomorrow, no one would be in the 100-meter area around you."

Even though Asil Mirza feared from the Skinny Man's ghastly level of power, he overcame his fear because he thought that if he wanted to harm him, he would have easily done so already. Asil Mirza smiled with gratitude and spoke: "it is an honor for me to welcome the Elder."

The Skinny Man approved with his head and then turned towards the Young Lady of the Burning Meteor Sect. When he turned at her, his expression was disgusted as if he had eaten turd, and then he spoke: The girl whose face is disgusting enough to give people nightmares, come to me!"

The young girl obediently walked up to The Skinny Man, as she realized while watching the events unfold, that saying something would not help or even make the situation worse.

When she came to him, The Skinny Man raised his left hand and placed it towards her burnt face. The young girl, who saw the Skinny Man's left hand had approached her thought she was going to die, as she saw the Skinny Man killed the old man, who was one of the people they came to Star Plain, closed her eyes with all of her strength. But when the Skinny Man's hand touched her face, the young girl felt something. It certainly was not a bad feeling. Soon after, when she felt the Skinny Man pull his hand from her face, the young girl slowly opened her eyes and saw those around her looking at her with odd expressions. As everyone around looked at her with such expressions, she instinctively touched her face and she was more shocked than ever in her life.

Because the burn mark on her face was completely gone!

The young girl looked at the Skinny Man, then the Skinny Man looked at her, he spoke in a pleased manner: "It's better this way. If I had seen you more like this, I certainly would not be able to sleep for a few days. Anyway, now that I've fixed your face, I guess I have nothing more to do. You and your brother take those who came with you and go back to where you came from and do nothing to harm the Mirza Clan and Asil Mirza, who thinks he is insignificant."

The Young Lady of the Burning Meteor Sect, who did not know what to do after the Skinny Man spoke, set out to return to Meteor City with her brother and 3 others who had passed the test, except for the old man who had just died.

After they had gone away, the Skinny Man looked around at the people who looked at him with fearful eyes and then turned to Asil Mirza: "Asil Mirza who thinks he is insignificant, do not forget what I said. Make sure there is no one around 100 meters of you when I come to visit you at noon tomorrow."

Asil Mirza approved with a grateful nod, and after that, the Skinny Man had disappeared as if he had never existed there.

After he left, people stood where they were with more frightening expressions for a while, and after they recovered themselves, they set out to go to their own clan.

As they left, Asil Mirza looked grateful towards the place where the Skinny Man had vanished, and then set off with the clan members to their respective clans to talk about what happened today and prepare for tomorrow.