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9 A Small Tournament 2

As time progressed, many people come to visit Asil Mirza as yesterday and tried to establish an affinity with him. As the clock approached noon, people stopped coming, and no one remained within 100 meters of Asil Mirza's residence, as the Skinny Man said. In fact, they wanted to clear at least a kilometer of space, not just 100 meters. But they had given up on these thoughts, fearing that the mysterious Skinny Man might punish them for not following his words.

Time quickly passed, and eventually, the Skinny Man suddenly appeared inside the Asil Mirza's residence.

Asil Mirza was not too scared or surprised as he had waited nearly 1 hour for his sudden appearance.

Seeing that he was not surprised, the Skinny Man looked at him and spoke:

"Hahahaha, I see you're not surprised to see me. But this is weird! Why aren't you surprised to see me?"

Asil Mirza was now quite used to the strange words of The Skinny Man, so he smiled and spoke.

"Sir, you said yesterday that you would come to visit me today and that you would talk to me about something. I've been waiting for you, so I'm not surprised."

The Skinny Man appeared to have thought of something for a while then spoke:

"Hmm, so that's what I said. Hahahaha okay, okay, now I remember. The reason I'm here is really important."

Asil began to listen carefully to the Skinny Man.

"I have come here from very, very, very, very, very...In short, I have come here from far beyond your imagination. So, SO, SO, SO, SO... In short, I come from a sect more powerful than you can imagine. I'm here on the orders of the leader of our Sect. You might get it a little wrong when I say it like that. I would better tell you neatly."

The Skinny Man sighed and continued to speak:

"The leader of our Sect is a creak-head. He enjoys strange things. One of the pleasures of this is to come to these weak places and bring young people, who have grown up in these weak places, into the tournaments in which whom people call geniuses attends, and to watch these tournaments. Although there are young people who are truly geniuses where I come from, our strange sect leader does not enjoy watching them. To him, those tournaments are boring. As a result, when one of the tournaments that he thinks is fun approaches, he sends members of our sect near the places where the tournament will be held and asks us to convince the young people who will make the tournament interesting to him to join the tournament. I'm one of the people he sent. Before I came here, I found 12 candidates and convinced them. And now, I found my thirteenth candidate."

The Skinny Man said some really weird things. He said he came from an extremely powerful sect, and the leader of such a sect must have been a great man. But still, the Skinny Man was referring to the leader of his clan as 'a crack head'.

Asil Mirza listened carefully and said and after hearing the word 'The thirteenth candidate' although he didn't want to believe much, he asked: "Sir, who do you mean by the thirteenth candidate?"

When the Skinny Man heard his question, he put on a strange expression and answered Asil Mirza's question in his own way.

"Asil who thinks he is insignificant; you are really strange. Who do you think I mean by the thirteenth candidate? Of course, I mean you. You are the most interesting candidate I've found. If you participate in this little tournament, it will certainly be very interesting, and the leader of our sect will really like it. But of all the candidates I've found, you are both the most interesting and the weakest. So you'll have to work hard and get stronger."

When Asil Mirza heard that he is the thirteenth candidate and after hearing the words, 'You'll have to work hard and get stronger' his eyes shone with hope and he spoke without hesitation: " But Sir, since I have no profound power, it is impossible for me to participate in the tournament, even though the level of the tournament is as low as you say it is. But if I had profound power, I would participate in the tournament that you have mentioned, and I would put on a quite interesting show for the leader of your sect."

As Asil Mirza spoke, he emphasized ' If I had profound power, I would participate in the tournament that you have mentioned and I would put on a quite interesting show for the leader of your sect' The Skinny Man shook his head gladly after Asil's words and spoke:

"Hahaha, we have a deal then. When you get your profound power, you will get stronger and participate in the tournament. Think thoroughly when deciding whether to participate in the tournament. Because if you say that you will take part in it and you won't, the consequences will be severe. After all, our sect provides all the candidates with somethings to enhance their power. If the candidates we give something to don't keep their promises...HAHAHAHA, you don't need to know this right now. I am hopeful of you anyhow. If you say you will, I really believe you will."

Asil Mirza could leastwise imagine what will happen if he says that he will, but do not participate in the tournament. Who he was speaking with now, swiftly killed a man from Meteor City without fear. So, it was pretty clear that he and those around him would definitely pay a heavy price if he didn't keep his promise. But still, Asil Mirza was confident, and he certainly believed that if he had profound power, he could participate in the tournament that the Skinny Man described and talked about as if it were nothing.

Asil Mirza looked at the Skinny Man spoke decisively: "Sir, if you fix the issue in my profound veins and grant me with the profound power, I will definitely be in the tournament and I will not let you down."

Skinny Man burst into laughter and spoke jovially after hearing Asil's words: "HAHAHAHAHA...All right, so we have a deal then, Asil who thinks he is insignificant. I told you to think thoroughly about your decision, and you made your decision. I really don't recommend you change your mind from now on. I really don't want anyone as interesting as you to get hurt. As for fixing the profound veins; you will not need my help with that. Because, from what I understand, what you call 'Problem' will be fixed on its own soon and you will be a person with profound power. When that moment comes, you have to work hard. Because even though that tournament is very weak, it is impossible for someone, who just got their profound power, to take part in that."

Asil Mirza's whole body shook with excitement. Because what the Skinny Man said was that he soon would have profound power as his peers. It was what he wanted most in his life. If he had the profound power, he would be able to make his father proud and he no longer would not be humiliated.

While Asil Mirza's excitement still lingered, The Skinny Man began talking again: "Hahahaha, apparently you're so excited. Now that you've accepted my offer, I should send you to the same place I sent the other candidates to work. I think you will grow stronger there in no time. Maybe even getting there would help with the 'problem' in your profound veins. Get strong there with the other candidates, and when the time comes, take part in the tournament."

Asil Mirza did not know what to do with excitement and happiness. He immediately spoke in his heart as he pondered the things Skinny San had said before and weighed them in his mind:

" The Skinny Man is such a strong man. So if he says my problem is going to will be fixed, I certainly believe it will. Because I chose to participate in this tournament, I can't step back anymore, and I have to participate in that tournament no matter what. This workplace the Skinny Man mentioned must probably a medical one. In the end, he said it could help me to be fixed faster. But how can a medical place enhance the power of other candidates? Something feels wrong, but I don't know what's wrong. Or... "

Asil Mirza hesitated for a while then he asked the question that he did not want his answer to be what he thought: "Sir, I said I would participate in the tournament that you want me to enter. But I do not know where or when the tournament I'm going into is going to happen. Can I learn about these?"

The Skinny Man laughed and replied: "Hahahaha, right I forgot to say that. You don't have to worry too much; the tournament you're going to attend is a pretty low-level one. If you work hard enough, you will probably get in. Well, let's not say probably but I think it is likely, hahaha. Asil who thinks he is insignificant, say goodbye to your loved ones by the night. Because I'm going to take you to where the other candidates are going to train."

Asil Mirza re-asked the question, though he was a little scared when Skinny Man did not tell him where the tournament would be held and changed the subject.

And after asking the question, he got the answer he never wanted and was afraid to hear.

The Skinny Man sighed and replied: "Pff if you want to know so much then I'll tell you. The tournament you will be joining will take place in 2 years. As for the name of it, that is... Crimson Lightning Empire Tournament! Asil who thinks he is insignificant, I'll see you tonight, Hahahaha..."

Asil Mirza felt dizzy, his whole body trembled, and his mind started to drain. A few seconds later he spoke to himself in an expression unwilling to believe what he had heard:

" Crimson... Lightning... Empire... Tournament? Am I going to the biggest tournament in the Empire? Am I going to the most prestigious tournament in the empire that all the geniuses in the Empire are dying to attend? Is that a low-level tournament?"