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Profound Monsters were more powerful than the Profound Cultivators. In fact, people have seen that Profound Monster killing Cultivators at the same level as themselves. Because Profound Monsters were born and raised in the wild, they were more experienced in warfare than humans. For this reason, even someone powerful enough to defeat a profound monster has difficulty killing it, and even the Profound Monsters on the verge of death would begin more violent attacks and kill the attacker.

While it was already dangerous to fight a Profound Monster in the same level, it was extremely dangerous for Asil, who had no profound power, had to fight and survive against this Profound Monster which is in the second level of the Elementary Profound Realm!

Asil and the steel-horned bull stared at each other amidst the voices of the audience. Asil, while learning how to fight from his father, his father told him that if his opponent is stronger than himself, he should find his rhythm and break that rhythm and make his opponent make mistakes, and therefore, even if it is very dangerous, he expected the first move from his opponent.

He knew that this fighting tactic, which his father said was effective against humans, had little effect on a Profound Monster with high combat experience, but he chose to take a risk because he thought it had been given several debilitating drugs to prevent a Profound Monster in such a place from killing his opponent without giving the audience the pleasure they wanted.

After a brief glance, the steel-horned bull roared and proceeded directly towards Asil. As it moved forward, its horns were shining with sunlight, making it look more dangerous.

As the steel-horned bull came towards him, Asil did not break his stance and focused his attention on his opponent's movements. When the distance between him and the steel-horned bull was about a meter, he leaped to the right and avoided sharp horns. But the steel-horned bull was a profound monster and naturally did not like missing its prey.

As soon as Asil jumped to the right and escaped the horns, it took a maneuver and turned towards him. It was faster and powerful when compared to Asil, but its maneuverability was worse than Asil since he was smaller and more agile. So, when it spent a few meters maneuvering to return, Asil had already changed his balance and started running towards it.

Asil was now holding the twin sword in his left-hand upside down so that it faced downwards. He held his right twin sword up the same way as his normal grip and he was standing ahead of the sword in his right hand.

Asil continued to run to the steel-horned bull, and the distance between them gradually decreased. When the distance between them was less than a meter, Asil's eyes sharpened and he leaped to right, avoided the sharp horns of the Steel-Horned Bull then grabbed the twin sword on his left hand harder and launched using the momentum created from the movement, sliced the Steel-Horned Bull's left side with his sword.

It was actually more of a scratch than a cut, twenty centimeters long, one centimeter wide, and half a centimeter deep. While this was not dangerous for a profound monster such as the steel-horned bull, receiving such a wound from an opponent for whom it did not feel any profound power had enraged it. This wound enraged the steel-horned bull as well as it delighted Asil. Because the opening of this wound proved that this steel-horned bull, as he really thought, was incapacitated since it was impossible for a profound monster in the second level of the elementary profound realm to be injured in this way.

As soon as he felt the cut, he quickly attacked the steel-horned bull, which had slowed down to turn its body towards him, and retreated, making the distance between them. By the time he retreated he had made four quick attacks and had increased the wounds on the steel-horned bull's body to five.

A red light came out of the eyes of the angry steel-horned bull and suddenly the place was surrounded by a translucent black mist. Not knowing what this fog was, Asil cautiously retreated a little further and followed the steel-horned bull with all his attention. At that moment, some voices were heard among the audience:

"Isn't that the steel-horned bull's skill, the Black Mist? I've heard that it only uses that skill when it is really angry. Looks like this kid really pissed it off."

"Pff, the game is over. I was thinking maybe this kid could do something, but it looks like the winner of the fight is now clear."

"It's a shame. This fight was just getting better."


The words the audience said when they thought the fight was over and Asil had been defeated made him more careful. But he did not want to act because he did not know what this mist was. As the fog covered the floor of the entire fighting area, the steel-horned bull took action and began to run towards to Asil faster than before.

When the distance between them was about two meters, Asil thought that this mist had only increased its speed, and he considered leaping slightly to the right to wriggle out of the steel-horned bull's attack and attack it at the same time. But at that very moment, he felt his legs stiffened and realized that he cannot evade the attack in time!

In fact, the Black Mist that covered the ground was a profound skill that the Steel-Horned Bull used to slow down its opponents and speed itself up. Since this skill used a lot of profound power, Steel-Horned Bull only used this in extremely tough matches. However, it was now being harmed by a man without profound power since it was incapacitated by medical pills and this was a great humiliation for it. That is why it wanted to kill its opponent by using its Profound skill.

When Asil realized that he would not be able to evade in time, he clenched his teeth and took a defensive stance, crisscrossing his twin swords in front of him while his eyes shone with determination, colliding with the mighty horns of the steel-horned bull.


The collision between the steel-horned bull's horns and Asil's twin swords lasted only a moment, and then, with the impact of the collision, Asil naturally flew backwards, violently hitting the large wall surrounding the fighting area along with a crashing sound. As soon as he hit the wall, he spat out a mouthful of blood and his sight went dark for a moment. Then his legs, which had lost power for a moment, were unable to carry him and he drifted down the wall and fell slightly over his butt.

" It's so strong! If that is its weak form, I can't imagine its normal form. Even though I was defensive, I become like this with just one attack. If his attack hits me again, the best chance is I'll lose consciousness and pass out severely injured. But even if I pass out, I don't think the fight will be over, judging by these spectators. They certainly like to watch this steel-horned bull destroy my unconscious body. Looks like the only thing I can do is some kind of kill or be killed attack, even if I don't want to! I was not able to use this technique since I had no profound power, but after that mysterious voice strengthened my body, I hope I can use it. "

Asil, after thinking quickly and making his decision, raised his head, and stared decisively at the steel-horned bull. Since the steel-horned bull is a profound monster with battle experience, he immediately realized that Asil was considering making his final attack and would win if it were stripped of it. But to escape from a man this weak was like an insult to him. So, it did not do so and waited for him to stand up to meet the Asil's attack.

Asil got up slowly and started running after looking at the steel-horned bull for a while with twin swords that he held firmly in his hand. And when the steel-horned bull saw him running, it quickly went on the offensive and the distance between them quickly decreased.

When the distance between them was about a meter, Asil's win swords moved, and they proceeded quickly, one from the left and the other from the right, to stalk into the steel-horned bull's neck area. As they advanced, the steel-horned bull's stiff horns approached to Asil's chest.

"Mirza Clan Sixth Sword Style - - - - Ultimate Drill!"



When the attacks of Asil and the steel-horned bull took place, Asil's body flew backwards violently, and the moment he began to fly he instantly lost consciousness without even being sure if he was successful.


About thirty minutes after Asil lost consciousness, the man who took Asil to the fight came back to the room where Asil was staying. When he arrived, everyone became silent and looked towards him. But this time, they had a strange look on their faces. Because the middle-aged man was carrying a large part of his dress, a young man who had been painted the color of blood, and they knew this young man. This young man was Asil Mirza.

When the middle-aged man came to the front of Asil's cell, he made his hand gestures and revealed the door to the cell and put Asil inside. After putting him in, he got out of the cell and started walking towards the entrance to the Hall. After he walked a few meters behind him came the sound of the old man staying in the Asil's cell:

"How was the fight?"

The middle-aged man stopped his steps for a while and walked out of the hall after answering the old man's question.

"His opponent was a medically incapacitated Profound Monster that was in the second level of Elementary Profound Power. Although everyone expected the fight to be one-sided and this child to die, events took place unexpectedly, and after their last mutual attack, the child broke several ribs and tore several muscles in his arms. Even though we gave him medical treatment after the fight, since he had no profound power and used a profound attack and received a powerful blow from a powerful opponent, I do not think that he will be able to regain his consciousness and open his eyes again for at least a week or two. As for the steel-horned bull, he is fighting... It's dead!"

After the words of the middle-aged man, the old man looked at Asil, who was completely red painted with dried blood, for a while and a slight smile appeared on his face. Then he turned around and closed his eyes and started meditating again.

Time quickly passed, and after about an hour, Asil's body began to glow slightly and a rather thin layer of black aura formed around his body. The aura that appeared suddenly caught the old man's attention and caused him to open his eyes. When the old man turned his head and looked towards Asil, a strange expression appeared on his face and he stuttered.

"This... This... This...