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Fey Evolution Merchant

Author:Amber Button

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A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world“s awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations!
Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations.
Lin Yuan realizes that he can assist feys in evolving limitlessly and c...
《Fey Evolution Merchant》 Text
1 Hundred Questions Beast and Sound Bird
2 Copper Bracele
3 Morbius
4 Exclusive Skill
5 Clear Pond Carp
6 Fantasy Breed That Is Severely Injured
7 Sudden Evolution
8 Overall Upgrade
9 Timely Ability
10 Mellow Singing
11 Elder Brother and Younger Sister
12 Irascible Teacher Bao
13 Master, You Are Incredible
14 The Doctor Said I Had a Weak Stomach
15 The Side Effects of Calm Mind
16 Web-Spraying Spider
17 Sharp Rock Bull
18 Bronze Crowned Fire Salamander
19 Creation Master Behind the Scenes
20 A Huge Business
21 Evolving Back to Ancestry Line
22 Moon Empress
23 Willpower Runes
24 Change
25 Qualification for Radiance Hundred
26 You Shall Be the One
27 Morbius' Evolution
28 Trade Completed
29 Breaking Through to Become a D-Rank Spirit Qi Professional
30 Dawn
31 Star Web Store
32 First Customer
33 Spirit-Siphon Goldfish
34 Thin Dragon-Species Bloodline
35 Clash of Sequences
36 Disaster Swallowtail Butterfly
37 Changes to the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
38 Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess
39 Ah Neng
40 The Importance of Connections
41 A Surprising Customer
42 Revival Soil
43 Make Itself Better for Consumption
44 Spirit Guards
45 Source Seed
46 A Pack of Wolves Hunting
47 Red Thorn
48 Mouth of Relinquish
49 Thousand Questions Beas
50 Streamcloud Azure Bird
51 Duels When Climbing the Tower
52 Victory
53 Spirit-Gather Goldfish
54 Pure Land of Bliss
55 Five Fortune Ranchu
56 Zhou Jiaxin's Thoughts
57 Lord Ranger
58 Creation Master Association
59 A Problem
60 An Answer
61 Guidance
62 Spiral-Toothed Shark
63 As an Elder Brother
64 Redbud City's Rare Lifeform Pavilion
65 Butterfly Cocoons
66 Mishaps
67 Class 1 Exam
68 Ling Xiao
69 A Fey's Gratitude
70 Class 2 Creation Master
71 Rare Lifeform Pavilion's Commotion
72 A Near-Death Source-Type Lifeform
73 Insect Queen
74 Sequence #39
75 The First Retainer Knigh
76 Evolved Red Thorn
77 Sword Horn Speed Antelope
78 Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus
79 Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia
80 First Portion of Resource
81 A Reborn Liu Jie
82 Plans for the Royal Capital
83 Wind Speed Rapid Antelope
84 Surprisingly Importan
85 Who Can Compare to This Empress?
86 Blue Jade Pegasus
87 Fantasy, Five Transformations
88 Sequence #3, Overflowing Sea, Long Tao
89 An Important Person
90 Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia
91 Apex Battle Between the Youth Generations
92 In the Name of Cretaceous
93 The Result is Eviden
94 Cold Moon's Style of Protection
95 Source-Type Lifeform, Spine Gu
96 Doesn't Dare to Be Presumptuous, but It Still Happened
97 Ironman Triathlon
98 The Perturbed Moon Empress
99 Master and Disciple
100 Cleansing All the Impurities and Transforming
101 Radiance Envoy
102 Plans for Departure
103 Feast for the Eyes?
104 Kicked
105 Immeasurable Importance
106 Road of Redemption
107 Corrosive Petals
108 Sudden Ambush
109 How Dare You!?
110 Cold Moon Lone Disk
111 Moonlight Flare
112 Greatest Leniency
113 Transformation of Attitude
114 The Legendary Blue Flash Purple Butterfly
115 Scale Powder Halo
116 Path Protector
117 When a Fox Has Seven Tails
118 Mother of Bloodbath
119 Law Rune
120 Path of Original Intention
121 Upgrading to Legend
122 Evolving to Fantasy Breed
123 A Healing Ability Can Actually Be A Control Ability
124 Not Even in The Sin Cleansing Pool
125 Guild Alliance and the S Tournamen
126 You Canno
127 Spitting Turtledove
128 Sudden Change in Attitude
129 Officially Joining
130 I've Been Superior Since a Young Age
131 Cracked Sky
132 Alien Insect's Descen
133 This Punch Is Strong Enough
134 A New Dormant Red Thorn
135 Five People Going to The Battle
136 Wearing Pinru's Clothes
137 Heart-Penetrating Ironline
138 Cat Transformation
139 Hippopotamus Affinity?
140 The Insect's Butthole
141 The Sea of Flowers Eating The Insects
142 The Battle Between the Sea of Flowers and the Insect Tide
143 Lin Yuan's Solo Kill
144 Severed Arm
145 Miracle at Millstone Town
146 The Puzzled Handsome Young Man
147 Quality Upgrade
148 He Had Always Been Unfettered
149 Come, Keyboard! The Birth of Ancestor Peace Berserker!
150 Acid Corrosion Queen Bee
151 Advantage of Rapid Evolution
152 Plan to Forge an Iron Bucket Sister
153 Ice in a Jade Kettle
154 Our Daughter Has Grown Up
155 Fantasy Breed Choice
156 Legend Sharp Iron Horn Bull
157 The Rising Masstone in the Greenish-Black Halo
158 Everything Is For Being Rougher
159 Spirit Food Pavilion
160 Little Frog Findings Its Mother
161 Congratulations! It Hasn't Been Healed!
162 Heart of Insect Swarm
163 Complementing Combination
164 Picking a Spirit Attendan
165 Why Did She Grow a Mouth?
166 Why Can Frogs Fly?
167 Parents' Love For Their Children
168 Cruel Wen Yu and the Bullied Flat-Top Man
169 And Faith!
170 Bootlicking Acid Corrosion Queen Bee!
171 The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee's Cruel Aesthetics
172 The Stars in the Clouds Appear at Dawn!
173 The Twilight Starbird
174 The Bamboo Path Leads to a Secluded Spot, and the Stream Into the Deep Valley
175 The Meaning of Extravagant?
176 The Consecutively Shocked Liu Jie
177 Agarwood Like a Fixed Stone
178 Have No Choice but to Raise a Leech
179 The Purchase With No Loss Store's Fan Club
180 Zhou Jiaxin Has Something to Say
181 A Feeling as Though Life Is at the Pinnacle
182 Ostrich Guild Club
183 I Admit That You Are a Fan of Black
184 Protect Your Liver Well
185 Shooting Up to the First Place Out of Nowhere
186 The Bloody Flowers in the Sea of Flowers
187 Aggrieved Fang Duoduo
188 White Jade Snow Orchid
189 An Undesirable Man
190 Black's Terrifying Talen
191 Refusing to Accept Any Messages From Others
192 This Thing Is a Little Too Valuable
193 Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carp
194 Lin Yuan's Anguish
195 How Pretentious
196 Crane Shadowed Censer
197 Source-Type Lifeform Earth Rush Golden Lotus
198 A Duel
199 Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard and Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard
200 Black, You've Been Fooled
201 Radiance Dollars Warrior
202 Blasted Shoulder
203 Victory, Victory, Victory
204 Two Frauds
205 A Chance
206 Flame Veined Dragonfly
207 A Dazzling Youth
208 Evil Zhao Xiaochun
209 Smitten Freak
210 Morbius in Complete State
211 Mist-Concealed Mamba
212 Wave Halberd Killer Whale
213 The Mother of Bloodbath's Reques
214 Harsh Contract Conditions
215 Unconventional Bidding
216 Not Enough to Trade
217 Truly a Quick-Witted Bra
218 It Can Be More Expensive
219 Source-type Item, Source Sand
220 Flaring Sand, Proliferation Sand, Sand Control
221 Source Sand Upgrading to Fantasy Breed
222 Fantasy Breed's Two Exclusive Skills
223 Second Celestial Stairway Promotion Duel
224 You Are Black?
225 He Called You Auntie Because He Is Rather Young
226 Dumbstruck Liu Jie
227 Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Poison-Weaving Dark Spider
228 The Twilight Starbird With the Willpower of the Sun
229 Breaking All Laws With One Force
230 Why Did You Call Me?
231 Hehe, I'm Black
232 The Radiance Hundred Sequence Is Shady
233 The Mother of Bloodbath's Mutation
234 The Goblet of Bloodbath
235 Feeling Moved For Not Abandoning
236 Myth II and Unexpected Joy
237 The Source Sand's Reques
238 Gold/Fantasy Breed Source Sand
239 Day and Night Spirit Silver
240 Four Wings on The Back
241 Black and White
242 Really Fastidious
243 Radiance Sacred Hall
244 The Future Will Be Written by You
245 The First Toolman
246 Little Yuan Is Going to Be My Junior Brother?
247 Island Whale
248 Uttermost Flaunting
249 Mutation, Yellow Spring Lily
250 Gao Feng Who Is Completely Shocked by the Luxuriousness
251 Floating Island Whale
252 Elemental Shellfish
253 It's Too Hard for Me
254 Nothing in This World Can Touch You
255 The Beginning of Lin Yuan's Faction
256 Adjusting the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
257 The Fey That Makes All Creation Master Crazy, Flower Brocade Pearls
258 Incubating the Floating Island Whale and Adventure
259 Five Major Types of Dimensional Rifts
260 Special Flames
261 Strange Middle-Aged Man
262 First Battle, Powerful Source Sand
263 The Green Flaming Light That Burst Toward the Sky
264 Lifeform Sacrificial Fire
265 The Dark Federation's Signature Fey
266 Dragon Gate's Appearance
267 The Presence of a Suzerain/Myth Fey
268 Four Wings of Protection
269 Twin Red Pagoda and Disk
270 The Strange Object In the Disc
271 Epiphany! Twin Red Pagoda's Salvation!
272 The Bottomline of Chimey's Mutation Again 1/3
273 Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree 2/3
274 Sequence #6 Thunderstorm Feast 3/3
275 Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile
276 The Protection of the Blue Thunder
277 Real, Working Emperor!
278 Don't Let Him Taste the Sweet Delights
279 The Sudden Sea of Demons
280 Temporary Squad Formation
281 The Web of Redemption Woven by the Source Sand
282 A Freak, Long Tao
283 Zhao Xiaochun With a Clear Conscience
284 The Sad Chanter Crow
285 Emperor-Class and Myth Breed Are Not Qualified Ye
286 Red Thorn in Hibernation Again
287 The Wronged Acid Corrosion Queen Bee
288 The Two Items on the Table
289 Chimey's Worries
290 Plan to Forge an Iron Bucket Sister 3.0
291 Blind Trade
292 Brown Bone Flame
293 The Choice of Members
294 The Bone Crusher, Mother of Bloodbath
295 The Cocoon of Evolution! The Chance for Liu Jie's Metamorphosis!
296 Gains From the Blind Trade
297 Lin Yuan Arguing With Himself
298 Lin Yuan's Network of Connections
299 Scorching Elemental Shellfish Settled
300 Red Thorn's Fated Opportunity to Upgrade into a Fantasy Breed
301 Third Page Eternal Sin
302 Should Be Good If You Make Them Into Soup
303 Grus Feys
304 I Couldn't Win You Even if I Didn't Sneak Attack You
305 A Change of Color in the World
306 Fallen Myth
307 Body Weaponization
308 Repayment With Life
309 Law Crystal
310 Endless Summer's Enlightenmen
311 Totem Moon Hanging High for Three Days
312 Red Thorn's Three Paths
313 The Swelling Mouth of Relinquish
314 Exclusive Skill, Wither Glory
315 Everything for the Bootlicker
316 The Cruel Fey Storage Box
317 Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom
318 Don't Let It Become a Mountain That Touches to the Ground
319 Quasi-Class 5 Spirit Craftsman
320 The Mansion's New Member
321 Wen Yu Who Took Over The Five Others' Resources
322 Celestial 1-Star
323 Listen's Plead
324 Dragon's Mouth Orchid
325 Pitiful Little Fellow
326 New Sequence Exam