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32 Ch. 32 – I’LL KILL YOU!!!!

"I told you to leave her be!"

As Xiao Huoyan said that, half of the army that Jin Niao had brought with him, turned into a dense mist of blood.



Jin Niao had killed tian Mei in his rage. This caused Xiao Huoyan an unimaginable amount of heartache. He lost his mother… again.

'It's my fault! I killed her!', he thought to himself.


"You… You dare to laugh at mother Mei's death… You dare to mock her?!?! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!"

Xiao Huoyan's eyes turned pitch-black as he began to fly up in the air. The he released all of his spirit essences at once.

The seemingly enormous army of hundreds of thousand of soldiers from The Jin Clan was inferior to even dust in the eyes of Xiao Huoyan. They didn't even get a chance to scream before they died. They all turned to ashes and flew away with the wind.

It took but a brief moment for Xiao Huoyan to get rid of Jin Niao's entire army.

Now the only persons left was Xiao Huoyan and Jin Niao.

"Y-you… W-what are you?!"

"I'm a person you should've thought twice before messing with."

"I-I… I-I ap-polog-gize!! I was wrong! I-I… P-please spare me!", Jin Niao said while shaking from fear.

He who was a powerful direct descendant of The Jin Clan, was actually begging for his life. He was begging a child. A child whom he'd looked down on since the first time they met.

"--It's too late."

As soon a she finished his sentence, Jin Niao Turned into a mist of blood.

Right after, Xiao Huoyan's eyes turned back to normal as he fell from the sky.

Right before he hit the ground, someone caught him.

It was Tian Xin.

She was crying while whispering that she's sorry.

She blamed herself for her mother's death. She saw her own mother die, yet she couldn't do anything to help.

She had found the orb quite quick. As soon as she'd found it, she came out, but to her surprise, the first thing she saw when she arrived at the spot where Xiao Huoyan and Jin Niao was, she saw her mother die right before her eyes.

She couldn't help but feel guilty. If only she hadn't insisted o coming out to help, then maybe her mother would've stayed with her… Maybe her dear mother wouldn't have died.

She carried Xiao Huoyan back into their house and laid him on the bed. She had made the decision to protect him with her life. He, her dear brother Xiao Huoyan, was the one who had taken revenge for her mother's death.

She knew that her dear brother was in an even worse state than her.

She just lost her mother, but he… He just lost his mother for the second time.

The feeling of losing your own mother... She understood that, but the feeling of losing your mother twice… She couldn't even imagine what he was feeling.

She knew that her strength couldn't have saved her mother, but Xiao Huoyan's strength definitely could've.

If he had just killed them at the beginning, then maybe Tian Mei would've still been alive, but she knew that he'd never kill all of them if Jin Niao hadn't killed Tian Mei.

He didn't like to kill people, but at the beginning he must've done it to provoke Jin Niao. He probably felt that killing Jin Niao off too soon would've been too merciful. He probably wanted to see Jin Niao in despair right before his last moments.

She could understand him.

Tian Mei had only gone out to save him, but instead she died. Tian Xin swore to forever take care of her dear brother… To protect him with her life.

Her mother died in a failed attempt to save him, so she'd take on the responsibility of forever keeping him safe.

She was lost in thoughts for a long time, and before she knew it, she'd fallen asleep.

Now she was just sitting beside her brother's bed while sleeping next to him.


While she was sleeping peacefully, Xiao Huoyan was not.

He was lost in a dream… a nightmare.

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He was sitting on his bed in the house which he had lived in together with his mother. He heard a scream. It was his mother.

He rushed out of the house, but the first thing he saw when he got out was the mercenaries whom he had thought killed his mother in the past, lay on the ground… dead. He saw himself two years younger.

His younger self held his mother in a tight grip around her neck… then he snapped it!

In the same second Xiao Huoyan saw his younger self kill his mother; he fell to the ground with a single tear running down his left cheek, and then dripping onto the ground.

He felt his heart break… again. He knew that feeling all too well.

He lost a father he couldn't even remember, a mother whom had cared for him his whole life, a father whom had decided to take him as his son soon after their first meeting and a mother whom had made the decision to take him in as her son and then even protecting him with her own life..

He didn't have anyone left… except for his dear older sister Tian Xin.

Everything before his eyes turned black.

'W-what if she can't forgive me?! Will she blame me like I blame myself?!', he thought to himself.

He suddenly felt scared. If she refused to forgive him, then he'd truly be alone…

The fear of losing the last person that meant something to him was something indescribable.