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2283 So He“s Mo Shixiu

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Seeing how stubborn Madam Mo was, Sister Lin knew that she couldn’t persuade her anymore.

She only hoped that Mo Shixiu would come back soon and end this farce.

Young Master, come back quickly. Sister Lin prayed in her heart.

After Mo Shixiu hung up Jiang Luoli’s call, he looked at the car accident that hadn’t been settled. He frowned and asked the driver, “When can this road be opened?”

He faced a traffic jam caused by a car accident when he was rushing home.

Mo Shixiu had been blocked for almost 10 minutes.

Normally, he wouldn’t be so anxious.

But the thought of Jiang Luoli waiting for him at home made him uneasy.

“Mister, the car in front hasn’t left yet. I don’t think we can leave anytime soon. If Mister is in a hurry to go home, we can take a detour.”

“Take a detour? How long will it take?”

“It might take an hour or so. The detour is very far, but there shouldn’t be any traffic.”

An hour?

Mo Shixiu frowned.

That was impossible.

He couldn’t possibly make Jiang Luoli wait for him for so long, and he wasn’t at ease.

Mo Shixiu looked at the long queue outside and made a call without hesitation.

Soon, a respectful voice was heard. “Minister.”

“I’m stuck at XX Street. I have to go home immediately. Make the arrangements.”

A moment later, Mo Shixiu hung up.

Less than five minutes after he hung up, a police car arrived beside his Rolls Royce.

A middle-aged man in a uniform got out and walked to the back of the Rolls-Royce with a respectful expression.

The window was half-opened.

The man looked into the car and saw the person sitting in it. He immediately bent down and called out respectfully, “Minister Mo, I’ve already gotten a car for you. Please follow me.”

Mo Shixiu looked at the person standing outside and immediately got out.

The moment he got out of the car, a few policemen immediately came over to protect him and helped him into the police car.

Mo Shixiu had a special identity. The police station was afraid that he would be recognized and cause a commotion, so they arranged for a few people to escort him into the car.

But even so, someone recognized Mo Shixiu.

He was over 1.8 meters tall, taller than the police officers. Walking with them caused a visual effect.

Those that recognized Mo Shixiu were in the cars parked beside him.

“Eh, why does that person look so familiar? I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“Isn’t that our Minister of National Security, Mo Shixiu? He was in the Rolls-Royce beside us?”

“It’s really Mo Shixiu. Did something happen to him? He looks anxious.”

“Mo Shixiu got into the police car and left through another road.”

“No wonder he can leave in a police car while we’re blocked here. So he’s Mo Shixiu. I was wondering who was so impressive to receive such special treatment.”

At this time, in the police car.

Mo Shixiu was no longer blocked by the traffic jam, but his brows were still furrowed.

He wasn’t worried that Madam Mo would take Jiang Luoli away.

As long as Jiang Luoli stayed in the study and didn’t open the door for them, they couldn’t take her away..