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“Try it, then.” Mo Shixiu didn’t hold back at all. He said each word firmly and coldly, “I never threaten anyone with lies. I’ll say it again. If anything happens to Luoli because of you, then our mother-son relationship will end here.

“Y-You really want to cut ties with your biological mother because of a woman? Mo Shixiu, you’re heartless, disloyal, and unfilial! I carried you for 10 months and gave you life. I gave you a superior material life. I raised you up with all my might. Is this how you treat me?”

Mo Shixiu’s expression was very calm as he listened to her complaints. “Mom, I don’t expect you to care about her as much as I do. Even if you don’t like her, you shouldn’t have hurt her. You know how important she is to me, but you still did this to her. When you decided to do this, you didn’t care about our mother-son relationship. Even if you had the slightest scruple, you wouldn’t touch the person I care about.

“Since you don’t care, why should I?”

With that, Mo Shixiu hung up before Madam Mo could say anything.

Madam Mo’s expression darkened.

She didn’t believe that her eldest son, who had listened to her the most and was the most filial to her since he was young, would actually say such heartless words to her.

And everything was for that woman called Jiang Luoli.

Before he met that woman, her son wasn’t like this.

Why did her two sons become strangers to her after getting married?

Madam Mo was extremely disappointed.

She felt like a failure.

The two sons she’d raised were separated from her because of women.

She had suffered so much during her pregnancy, and the two sons she gave birth to were now someone else’s.

Madam Mo was furious, upset, and helpless.

She felt indignant that her efforts weren’t reciprocated.

What right did other women have to enjoy the happiness of the sons she raised painstakingly?

Even if they were her daughters-in-law in name, she couldn’t.

Her sons were hers.

No one could compete with her!

Madam Mo didn’t realize that her mentality wasn’t normal.

It wasn’t easy for her to give birth to Mo Shixiu and Mo Yesi, so she had always felt that her two sons were her private property.

Even with Mo Yunchen’s love, she wasn’t satisfied.

She hoped that everyone would pamper her.

Especially the two sons she had painstakingly given birth to. They couldn’t go against her at all.

They should respect her and listen to her.

Whether it was Jiang Luoli or Qiao Mianmian, in Madam Mo’s heart, they were two bad women who snatched her sons away.

Madam Mo was still dissatisfied with Qiao Mianmian, but because of the Bai family, her dissatisfaction lessened, and she stopped thinking about Qiao Mianmian.

She didn’t want to become enemies with the Bai family.

Hence, she could only bully Jiang Luoli.

The Jiang family was small. Even if she did anything to Jiang Luoli, she wasn’t afraid of them finding trouble with her.

Not only did Mo Shixiu’s call not make Madam Mo give up on her crazy idea, but it also angered her..