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Motivations of a Genius Lady


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She woke up and found out that she was the Duke“s wayward and man-chasing daughter.

They say she was hideous? Alright, then she“ll have a makeover and dig up that enchantress from within!

They say she was too weak that she shames her warrior of a mother? Oh well, then she“ll just become a savant of the sword and the bow!

They say she disgraced her house because she cha...
《Motivations of a Genius Lady》 Volume 1
1 What's With this Scenario?
2 A Daughter They Would be Proud of
3 Drastic Change
4 Mete Out a Punishmen
5 Disguised Deal
6 Disguised Deal 2
7 Sloth Chalice
8 Musings of Lucy
9 Judgement Day
10 Leaving for the Fief
11 The Princess of the Amaranth
12 We cannot clap with only one hand 1
13 We cannot clap with only one hand 2
14 Reminiscing Her Past 1
15 Reminiscing Her Past 2
16 Fief Inspection Squad
17 The Inspection Commander Got Los
18 Rescuing a Big Kitty
19 My Kitty Gave Me a Treasure
20 A Perfect Case of Fortune Favoring the Brave
21 Hero Saving the Beauty is so Archaic
22 The Young Miss of the Keyne Tribe
23 Rewarded with Wealth... and then More Wealth 1
24 Rewarded with Wealth... and then More Wealth 2
25 The Princess Returns
26 Fief Inspection Continues
27 Tied Up... Arriving at Wyndham City
28 Disappearances at the Port City
29 Chalice the Troublemaker
30 If Not For Your Sake, Then For Mine
31 Encountering Indigo 1
32 Encountering Indigo 2
33 Spontaneous Rodeo
34 Lucy's Dilemma
35 The Marriage Pac
36 An Encounter in Tal-El City
37 The Fluffy People Of Wind Valley
38 Thunder Horse Emperor
39 The Truth She Forgo
40 She's Our Princess
41 The Priestess Who Was on her Morning Walk
42 Fine Lines of the In-Between
43 Let Me Find You Soon
44 Akai Ito Bracelets
45 The Secret of the Saké of Courage
46 A Privilege
47 The Sobriety That Morning Brings
48 It is not in Your Place to be Selfish
49 You're Not Just My Knigh
50 Levi and the Merchant King 1
51 Levi and the Merchant King 2
52 Levi and the Merchant King 3
53 Levi's Beauty Trap 1
54 Levi's Beauty Trap 2