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1313 Chapter 1313 The Little Princess Lied Without Hesitation, Her Father Grew More Devious VIII

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Chu Wuyou knew that Xi Ji would never lie to Qin Yutong. Xi Ji said that he was discussing matters with Ye Lanchen, so Ye Lanchen had not fainted.

Therefore, Secretary Liu’s claim that Ye Lanchen had a stomach attack and fainted was obviously fake.

Secretary Liu was lying to her!

Why did Secretary Liu lie to her?! Secretary Liu had the guts to lie to her?!

Chu Wuyou’s eyes narrowed slightly and then dialed Secretary Liu’s number.

“Madam, are you here?” Secretary Liu quickly stood up when he received Chu Wuyou’s call. Could it be that Madam had already arrived?

“Not yet. I still have some matters to deal with here.” Chu Wuyou was actually on the way to the Ye Corporation’s car at this moment. Her eyes flashed. “Secretary Liu, where’s your president?”

“Madam, the president is in his office.” Secretary Liu was stunned. When he replied, his eyes subconsciously glanced at Third Young Master Ye’s office.

The office door was shut tight. Vice President Xi had not come out yet.

“Is he awake? I still have an important matter here. If he’s about to wake up, I won’t go over.” Chu Wuyou was actually about to arrive at the Ye Corporation. She deliberately told Secretary Liu this.

“Madam, the president isn’t awake yet. Madam, come over quickly, okay?” Secretary Liu was afraid that Chu Wuyou would not come over. If Chu Wuyou did not come over, his president would probably explode.

Secretary Liu only thought that no matter what, he had to get Madam to come over first.

“Has he not woken up after all this time?” Chu Wuyou pretended to ask casually.

“Yes, he hasn’t.” Secretary Liu had no choice but to force himself to continue making things up as he told Chu Wuyou to hurry over.

Sigh, was it easy for him?!

“Okay, I got it.” Chu Wuyou’s lips curved into a faint smile.

It was obvious that Secretary Liu was lying. She had been too anxious when she heard that Ye Lanchen had fainted, so she did not notice anything else.

But at this moment, she had called to test him.

Although Secretary Liu’s acting was not bad, she could still hear the nervousness and panic in Secretary Liu’s voice.

So, she was very sure that Secretary Liu was lying.

But, she was not sure if this was Secretary Liu’s idea?

Or Ye Lanchen’s?

But, if Ye Lanchen did not agree, Secretary Liu would not have dared to do this, right?!

Chu Wuyou’s eyes narrowed slightly. In fact, they would reach the Ye Corporation in 15 minutes.

When she heard that Ye Lanchen had fainted, she asked someone else to wait and rushed over. She did not expect it to be a fake.

Good, very good.

“Driver, turn around and go back.” Chu Wuyou secretly sighed and quickly said to her driver. The people over there were still waiting for her. Since Ye Lanchen was fine, she could not ask others to wait all the time.

“We’re almost there.” When the driver heard Chu Wuyou’s words, he felt a little strange. They were almost there, so why did they turn around and go back.

“Turn around and go back.” Chu Wuyou did not explain and only repeated what she had just said.

At that time, Chu Wuyou discovered that she was being followed and got off the car. She told the Tang family’s driver to go back first because the Tang family’s car was too conspicuous.

Secretary Liu said that Ye Lanchen had fainted and that she had taken a car to come over.

In Third Young Master Ye’s office, Xi Ji finished his business and took out his phone to call Qin Yutong. “Tongtong, I’ve finished my business and I’m going to look for you now. Send me your current location..”