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(Dominic POV)

It all started on Wattpad when @PuppyBoom texted @Galaxygirl liking her story and giving her feed back. @Galaxygirl texted back a thank you for the advise and that's when it started, we started texting and texting and from texting it went to face timing.We used to face time everyday and I got to learn a lot about her and also called her snowflake and I loved her reaction whenever I call her that. Then came to me finding out she lives in Boston and I live in L.A and online dating,Then came to me buying a ticket and flying over there. Seeing her at the airport was the best thing in the world I hugged her like no tomorrow the feeling of having her with me felt like home. I spent a whole month with her and all we did was go on dates and kiss and cuddle,leaving her was the worst thing in the world. I thought I broke her heart, she was crying so much that day. Then I found out her last name is Hanson and my dad is jealous of the Hanson's because there the top richest people in the world.