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(Dominics POV)

"C'mon Dom wake up"

I groan waking up seeing Bridget shaking me. Bridget is my little sister she's 10 but anyways I sit up seeing her get out the room,I go to the bathroom and I do my business.

Coming out I where my black jeans with my white T-shirt and over it I wear my Cookie Monster hoodie. I then go downstairs with my book bag filled with homework and textbooks and my headphones then I sit at the table where my sister and mom are eating. My dad must of gone to work because mom says, "Your father says bye and where you going on a Saturday" I take a muffin and I heat it up saying, "The library" mom smirks and says, "You never go to the library" I sigh saying, "Imma see her again" mom smiles. My sister cocks her head confused while mom says, "Then here give her some of my home made hot coco for the winter since it's almost Christmas" I smile going to the fridge saying, "Will do." I go in the fridge and I take the thermos of hot coco and I was about to pour some on the other thermos but I hear her say, "no sweetie take the whole thing" I put it in my bag before I head to the door saying, "Ok then I'm leaving bye Bri,bye mom" they wave and I head out. I go in my Lincoln and I start driving to snowflakes house. But I see someone driving in there motorcycle looking at me, I roll down my window seeing them take off there helmet revealing it's Brian my best friend. I smile seeing him say, "Dude you seeing her again" I nod before seeing the night turn green. I drive up a couple more blocks seeing her house,Walk to the front saying hi to the guards before heading in.I go in seeing Christmas decorations all around, I smile walking to my baby's room.

When I get there I walked in seeing her sleeping soundly on the bed with her fluffy white blanket around her. Her face is scrunched up and then her rose gold pillows were scattered around the room,I smirk and I go on top of her behind careful not to

wale her and I kiss her lips,neck and nib her earlobe before seeing her wake up. She rubs her eyes seeing me she widens them,I put on her glasses saying, "Morning baby" she blushes sitting up saying, "I want my hot coco" I chuckle going in my bag and taking out my thermos and I pour her a cup of my moms hot coco, I give it to her seeing her blow on it before sipping it. She then swallows it fast blushing before putting the coco on the counter saying, "Ouchie" I laugh before picking her up and putting her in between my legs saying, "Did my baby get burned" she nods and puts her finger in her mouth. I smile whispering, "Your so cute baby" with that we just cuddle while she was sipping her hot coco.