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4 Candy cane punishmen

(Third POV)

After Alisons is done drinking her hot chocolate Dominic carry's her stands her up saying, "Go shower baby" she smiles and runs to the shower.

Dominic sees Alisons done and she walks out but blinks seeing her brown headed boyfriend is on the bed smirking. Alisons blushes big time and runs to her walk in closet,closing the door and catching her breath. While she was changing Dominic sits on the bed smirking and knowing that she has to come out to get her main outfit since it's on a hanger ironed.

Alisons comes out and that's when Dominic turns off the light and Alisons blushes and says, "Dom w-where are you" sounding scared and bewildered. She then walks slowly for she won't miss her footing but feels her self her picked up and pushed to the bed. She tries to get up but she hears a whisper saying, "Shhh baby it's just me" Alison blushes and says, "D-Dom" Dominic snickers a little bit saying, "Baby you know I told you not to eat any candy cane or peppermint until Christmas" Alisons blushes big time knowing she did wrong. But Dom didn't let her explain herself he just went and picked her neck,biting it hearing groans and little moans from her. He pecks her lips before traveling around her neck and beginning chest area hearing Alison say, "I-I'm sorry Master" Dom chuckles and hugs her before kissing her lips saying, "That's my candy cane girl" Alison laughs feeling Dom get off of her and he turns on the light before looking seeing Alison in a red and white tank with the same colored shorts.