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(third POV)

Dominic wakes up knowing he's in his girlfriends place,he turns seeing his snowflake fast asleep in the bed. He softly kisses her cheek not waking her up before he goes in the shower doing his boy business. When he was done he comes out in boxers looking at his adorable princess sleeping in her fluffy bed. He smiles before walking to the kitchen,he grabs the ingredients and he puts them on the counter seeing one of the Hanson's maids named Abby.He rolls his eyes before closing the fridge from taking and he grabs a bowl and starts to crack the eggs. Meanwhile Abby is cleaning and he looks at Dominics 6 pack hiding under the black shirt he's wearing.Abby still looks before knocking over Mr.Hansons vase, she panics mentally saying, "Oh god Oh god no no no Mr.Hanson is gonna kill me" she starts picking up the pieces hearing a male voice say, "You need help" Abby turns seeing goddess himself looking down on her. She says, "Y-Yeah" Dominic kneels down and picks up glass pieces with her.

When they were done Dominic orders a new vase for Abby won't get in trouble anyways Dominic goes back to making breakfast for his princess until he someone's hands touch something. He turns around and pins her,blushing a little hearing her say, "Aw you liked that" he growls saying, "Don't you dare do that again bitch" he lets go but Abby pulls him into a kiss. He pulls away hearing a whimper,he looks seeing his princess tearing up looking at them with red eyes. He slowly walks to her saying, "Princess I-" with those words she runs,Dominic chases Alison up the stairs and down the hallway seeing her go in her room closing the door. He bangs on it screaming, "BABY PLEASE! Please open the door I'm sorry" he hears Alison say, "NO! Go away you cheater" Dominic tears a little saying, "I will be back." With those words he runs,he runs to the kitchen and grabs flour,butter,milk,chocolate,eggs and white chocolate.He sees Abby walking to him saying, "You ok Baby-" he didn't let her talk he just slaps her making her knock out. He rolls his eyes and drags her to the room and closes the door,and he still goes on making his princesses favorite sweet treat, Chocolate chip cookies. Since it's almost Christmas he dyes them red and green.

Taking them out the oven he smiles and mentally prays saying, "Please forgive me" he then puts them on a plate and puts them evenly spread out. He then grabs a tray and puts the plate on it,he then grabs a glass of milk and puts it in a mug along with a rose and card he wrote in the beginning. He sets it all up before walking to Alisons room being careful of the glass of milk, he carry's it with one hand before knocking on her door. He hears little footsteps walk to the door and some whimpers before she opens it. He widens seeing her eyes bloody red,Alison glares before closing the door but Dominic puts his foot down at the door stopping it. Alison knew what was coming so she runs, Dominic carefully puts the tray down and runs after her before grabbing her wrist and he pins her on the wall. She Squirms and Dominic says, "I'm so sorry Baby I know I did wrong but she kissed me,she touched me inappropriately so I pinned her and she kissed me" Alisons eyes widened before she jumps on him and hugs him. She buries her head in the crook of his neck feeling him kiss her earlobe saying, "It's ok baby" he wraps her legs around his torso and he goes into her room putting her on the floor in his lap. He then grabs the cookies and feeds her the sweet treat while she enjoys chomping on the homemade chocolate chip cookies her boyfriend made.