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(Third POV)

After Alison is done eating the cookies she blushes and says, "A-Are we d-done" he shakes his head leaving Alisons eyes widened. He says, "You still have the milk" she tries to grab it but he grabs it and drinks it. But he doesn't swallow it whole instead he connects his lips to hers and she opens her mouth and drinks the milk he's giving her while blushing in the process. Once there done she glares at Dominic while wiping her mouth,Dominic chuckles and says, "Sorry baby I wanted to" Alison mumbles, "Baka!" He chuckles and says, "At least I know you are now how about we go see the tree" Alison cocks her head saying, "Tree what tree?" Dominic says, "The Rockefeller tree baby" Alison jumps saying, "Yeah I wanna go see the tree" he smiles saying, "Then go get cleaned up Baby or I'll do it for you" Alison blushes and rushes to the bathroom.

When she was done she comes out wearing a Christmas sweater along with black jeans and cute red boots. Dominic smiles and hugs his hands out,Alison goes in his arms and he puts her on his lap before carrying her saying, "c'mom lets go on our tree date" she says, "Train or car" he says, "Train baby" she smiles. Dominic then cares to the front door they both put on there coat before opening the door and they walk out.

At the tree Alisons eyes widen at the pretty lights while Dominic hugs her from behind seeing the beautiful lights with her. Alison turns around and pecks his lips saying, "The trees so pretty Dom" he smiles saying, "Yeah it is" she says, "D-Dom" He say, "yes" she says, "C-Can I get a teddy" he smiles saying, "Of course baby." They walk hand and hand to the most famous toy store and Alison goes in and picks out a teddy and Dominic stands in line waiting for his princess. When she goes on line they wait for the can go to the cashier and Dominic buys the Teddy, they then walk and Alison walks having the teddy in hand. Alison then says,

"that was a nice Tree date."