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7 The trees falling!

(Third POV)

It's days till Christmas and Alison,Dominic,Alisons mom Jess and her father Robert are putting up the tree. Since Dominic payed for them to get a real tree there waiting for the man to come with the tree.

1 hour later

Robert says, "C'mon where is he I want my tree" Jess calms him down and Robert sits back down before they hear the door bell ring. Robert springs up and answers it seeing a guy bring in a 6ft tall tree. Alison squeals while Dominic keeps her down in his lap waiting for the guy to stand the tree. One it's stands the guy helps put the tree skirt on before he heads out. Dominic realizes Alison and she jumps up and runs upstairs to the attic to get ornaments and the Star. Dominic runs after her making sure she doesn't fall.

Once they got it Dominic brings the ornaments and Alison brings the star and then they start putting the ornaments up. Dominic carries Alison on his shoulders and hands her ornaments to put on the top while he grabs some for himself to put on the bottom. Even though he's 5,9 he still kneels and lets her put ornaments on top. Anyways after putting on the ornaments Alison springs up saying, "I WANNA PUT ON THE STAR" Dominic laughs knowing when they first met she wouldn't do that. Anyway Dominic carry's her and she puts the star on the top before they see the tree lean. Dominic quickly runs out of the way with Alison on his shoulders saying, "The trees falling!" He then quickly puts Alison down and catches the tree while some ornaments fall but he saved most of it. Him and Alisons dad helped put it back up and they re-put the star back on top and they let it glow. Then Dominic leans in and turns Alison around kissing her saying, "I love you baby" she smiles saying, "I love you to Dom" they both smile and hold hands lookin at the beautiful tree in front of them.