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Tell me, what does one do when they discover they were reincarnated into an Otome game as the villainess“ playboy older brother?

Of course I had always been aware of my situation as a reincarnated person, but it was only when my sister“s engagement to the Crown Prince was announced that I finally encountered a piece of my first life after all these years.

I ...
《My Sister The Villainess》 Auxiliary Volume
-1 Glossary
《My Sister The Villainess》
1 Prologue
2 Engagement?
3 Love Orgy
4 Arrival
5 Snap it off
6 Charlotte
7 Side Story: Bird? Dog? Obviously, A Dragon!
8 The First Daughter
9 When Upset, Papa Says Things He Doesn't Mean
10 Proposing To A Queen, Stealing Her Husband pt.1
11 Proposing To A Queen, Stealing Her Husband pt. 2
12 Make Crusades Great Again
13 Saint-Hero Damien, Angel Extraordinaire
14 A Tale of Two Princesses pt. 1
15 A Tale of Two Princesses pt. 2
16 The Dragon Race's Unfortunate Circumstances
17 Settling Accounts Before Leaving
18 Holy Artifact? No Thanks
19 Side Story: Vera's Treasure
20 Side Story: Dolly's New Rival
21 Owing The Hero One Holy Sword
22 Getting Kicked Ou
23 Side Story: Minnie's Sinful Hear
24 No One Ever Expects....
25 King Of Hearts
26 It's Not Me, It's You
27 Mercy
28 Tale of the Dragon God
29 Unexpected Visitors pt. 1
30 Unexpected Visitors pt. 2
31 Another, Barkeep
32 Fun Time With Bubbles-Sensei
33 Oh Boy Here I Go Killing Again
34 There Can Be Only One
35 A Humble Merchant Of Herbs And Spices
36 Side Story: Not Such A Bad Dragon?
37 I'll Build My Own Cartel, With Blackjack And Hookers
38 You Didn't Know It, But He's A Siscon
39 A King-Sized Blun
40 What Goes Up Must Come Down
41 Side Story: Vera's Golden Hear
42 Ten Steps Back
43 Time To Make Some Magic
44 Side Story: Dahlia The Grea
45 The Modest Beginnings Of The Mighty Milf Empire
46 You've Done It Again pt. 1
47 You've Done It Again pt. 2
48 Lock The Door
49 All In A Day's Work
50 How To Fund An Empire
51 Love Is...
52 We've Come To Steal The Groom!
53 In The End, Only Fatties Are Loyal
54 What The Cinnamon Toast Fuck Is Going On?
55 Allow Me To Explain pt. 1
56 Allow Me To Explain pt. 2
57 Damien's Own Little Piece Of Heaven
58 I Am Mad Scientis
59 Feeding Lolies And Planting A Tree
60 #TeamTree
61 See That Girl Over There? That's What Happiness Looks Like
62 Honest Feelings
63 Preparations For War
64 The Mysterious Futa
65 A Reunion Between Man And Frog
66 How's The Leg?
67 The Son and Daughter
68 Him Again?
69 Brocon Villainess Meets Stalker Heroine
70 When Are We Gonna Lewd Things?
71 Are You Challenging Me?
72 Not So Innocent After All
73 Side Story: A White Christmas
74 You Sure About That?
75 In The Name Of Science, Equality And Head Pats
76 And We Woulda Gotten Away With It Too...
77 Welcome To The DAA
78 Side Story: Absolutely Not Stalking
79 Let's Work Hard Together
80 After All, You Need Three Trees 木 To Make A Wood 森
81 A Date With A Devil
82 Reckless Seeding
83 There's Only One Route Toward Happiness, And That Is...
84 Sleeping With Both Mother And Daughter
85 Alright, Let's Hear It: Who Raped Me?
86 And So Our Story Begins
《My Sister The Villainess》 MSTV V.2
87 Announcemen
88 You Are A Pimp pt. 1
89 You Are A Pimp pt. 2
90 The Candyman Can ‘Cause He Mixes It With Love And Makes The World Taste Good
91 Consent Was Never An Option
92 Existence Is Pain
93 This Has To Be The Worst Trade Deal In The History Of Trade Deals, Maybe Ever
94 Because The One I Want Is You!
95 Hashirama Cells
96 The Phoenix Emperor's Grandson-in-Law
97 Special Chapter: A Glimpse Into The Future
98 I Won't Be Someone That Holds You Back
99 Toys R Us
100 Oh Hi Mom
101 I'm In Love With Mary Jane
102 The Sweet, Sweet Grass of Home
102 The Green, Green Grass of Home
103 Side Story: Can't Stay, Can't Follow
104 Big Mistake, Pal
105 Do Me A Favor, Will You?
106 Special Chapter: The Bond Between Mother And Son MSTV fanfic
107 These Bitches Crazy
108 The Development of Milfheim
109 Bless Us
110 Heresy, Heresy Everywhere
111 God's Chosen
112 Well…This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan Pt. 1
113 Well…This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan pt. 2
114 Among Us
115 Strange Bedfellows