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Plundering the Heavens

Author:Ghost of Dark Mountain

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Some say he is the bad apple in a basket, that he’s rotting everything around him with disgrace and corruption. Some say he is the biggest scum of the South Zhanbu Continent, that he’s colluding with the dark sects to cheat, steal, and commit all manner of atrocities. Some say he is the most wanted playboy. “Lock your daughters at home to keep Fang Xing aw...
《Plundering the Heavens》 Volume 1
1 Qing-Yun Sec
2 Tenth Bandi
3 The Book of Revelation
4 First Qi
5 Yes, I’m Beating You Up
6 Framing
7 The Bell That Ends All
8 A Bad Little Temper
9 Mask of Wanluo
10 Penniless
11 Cultivation Resources
12 Black Marke
13 Ransacked!
14 The Haul
15 The Four Kinds of Disciples
16 Wishing For A Chaotic World
17 Bluffing
18 Bandit-like
19 Just Another Bandit Lair
20 Returning to the Black Marke
21 Discerning Eyes
22 I Want Your Craf
23 Demon Pelle
24 Accumulation and Breakthrough
25 To Con a Con
26 From Seeking Wool To Being Shorn
27 Descent of the Mysterious Coffin
28 Difficulties of Breakthrough
29 Powerless
30 Bai
31 Mount Miasma
32 Fanged Minnow
33 Audacious
34 Trap
35 Internal Strife
36 Outmaneuver
37 Infamous Little Bandi
38 Python Toad
39 Rampage of the Toad
40 How to Spell ‘Pleasure’
41 Scripture of the Revered Spiri
42 An Ocean of Jing
43 Returning With a Toad Leg
44 The Leak-Proofed Package of Lies
45 Free Meal
46 Bluffing
47 Reappearance of the Black-Market Bandi
48 Return of the Little Monster
49 An Expensive Bribery
50 The Change of the Little Monster
51 Bountiful Harves
52 Foundation Skills
53 Poji Pelle
54 How Dare You Slap Your Grandfather?
55 Sect of Righteousness
56 Shijie Linyun
57 The Odds of Your Survival
58 Wearing Borrowed Tiger Skin
59 A Large Umbrella
60 Riding the White Crane
61 Poji Pelle
62 Where Did Fang Xing Go?
63 To Be Born Again
64 Initiating a Visi
65 Imperious
66 Who Dares to Rebel?
67 Give Me Back My Spirit Stones!
68 Farewell, Outer Cour
69 The Grand Hall of Promotions
70 Qing-Yun’s Five Signature Techniques
71 Bai Qianzhang
72 Devouring the Weiqi Stone
73 Indignation of the Executed
74 The Flames of Wrath and the Concealed Blade
75 Blood of a Mythical Beast?
76 Battle Cultivator
77 Path of a Battle Cultivator
78 Body of the True Samadhi Fire
79 Train and Trial
80 Ten Wives
81 The Script That Must Not Be Heard
82 The Grand Hall of Scriptures
83 How About A Spar?
84 Roadblock
85 Wager
86 Physique of a Dragon, Strength of a Bow
87 Robbery
88 Gambling Debts
89 Seizing the Saber
90 I’ll Let You Save Face
91 Disciple of Duanzhen Valley
92 Refined Iron Collection
93 Reward and Punishmen
94 Seeking Death
95 Saber vs. Giant Hammer
96 Pounding Into the Earth
97 Persuasion Through Force Instead of Reason
98 The Leaders
99 Leader of Duanzhen Valley
100 Mysterious Treasure of the Nine Coffins
101 Making Trouble Out of Nothing
102 Verbal Brawl
103 The Double Refinement Method
104 The Meat-Roasting Master
105 Qing-Yun’s Four Valleys
106 Seven Buffaloes With One Blade
107 Poison Pelle
108 A Heavenly Cleave
109 Behead and Disembowel
110 Scramble for Beast Cores
111 Rumor, It's All Just A Rumor
112 Puppets From Stone
113 Divinity Dupe Talisman
114 The Elegance of A Hero
《Plundering the Heavens》 Volume 2
115 Immortal’s Snare and the Golden Crow
116 Three-Legged Golden Crow
117 Xiao Jianming
118 Formation Appraisal
119 Supreme-Quality Spirit Herb
120 To Meet On A Narrow Road
121 The Methods of a Scumbag
122 Swallowing the Spirit Herb
123 The Return of Shixiong Fang
124 I Stole Your Underwear?
125 You Think I’m An Easy Target?
126 Guardian Linyun
127 Like The River, Such Is Jing
128 The Taming of the Golden Crow
129 The Fox Exploits The Tiger’s Migh
130 Unjust and Unfair
131 Little Shixiong Fang Said So
132 Enough Guts to Cover the Heavens
133 The Golden Crow’s Strange Cauldron
134 Seal of the Golden Core Beast King
135 The Myriad Beasts Sect of the Bohai Kingdom
136 Oppression Through Strength
137 High-Tier Ancient Technique
138 I Can Kill
139 With Fangs Bared
140 I Will Remember You
141 Real Men Don’t Hit Women
142 You Think I Wouldn’t Have?
143 Escape of the Beast King
144 True Samadhi Fire vs Golden Peng
145 A Golden Core's True Spiri
146 The Third Core Disciple
147 Fuyao Palace
148 Xiao Mahn, Xiao Mahn
149 Ancient Technique of the Beast Tribe
150 Better To Break Sect Rules Than Anger Fang Xing
151 Cultivation
152 Spirit Beast Metamorphosis
153 Wedding Dress Technique
154 Meat-Wine Monk
155 VIP From Fuyao Palace
156 Stirring Up Trouble
157 Why Did I Slap Only You?
158 Trouble at the Regulations Hall
159 Great Reward
160 Inner Court Tournamen
161 Money to Burn
162 Because I Have No Money!
163 Shameless
164 Shameless To The Extreme
165 Two Scumbags
166 Teleportation Talisman
167 Visitor From the Eas
168 Must Ask Me Firs
169 The Meat-Wine Monk’s Repaymen
170 Mountain-Carrying Monk
171 The Yaochi Gathering
172 Remarkable Talen
173 Cleaving the Steel Eagle
174 Sword Wings Revealed
175 Sword of Heaven’s Will
176 Killing Xiao Jianming
177 Plundering the Three Valleys
178 Curse of the Nine Demons
179 Cultivation for Free
180 Wild Boar Form
181 Spirit Form of the Ganglie
182 Sect Master Chen Xuanhua
183 Rat Droppings in Good Broth
184 The Chosen of Chufung Kingdom
185 Paired Heart-Devouring Pelle
186 Inheritance of the Beast Spiri
187 The Twelve Spirit Growth Pellets
188 Qingqiu Tomb
189 A Broken Plump Daois
190 Outfit of Treasure
191 Hall of the Fox Immortal
192 The Lotus That Reverses Life and Death
193 The Tablet-Carrying Stone Tortoise
194 The Little Swindler’s Escape
195 Daring To Kill Even When Surrounded
196 Scripture of Revered Sense
197 High-Quality Ancient Phoenix-Fear Zither
198 Pushing Down a Beauty With a Borrowed Foundation
199 You Bite Me, I Bite You
200 Absorbing the Blood Lotus Seed
201 Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits
202 Foundation Pelle
203 Heaven’s Thunder, Foundation's Formation
204 Purple Foundation
205 Successful Foundation
206 A Wicked Person’s Pestering
207 Completing the Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits
208 Out of the Yin Prison Abyss
209 Nine-Headed Lion Beast Spiri
210 The Infamous Little Devil of Jambu
211 Aiming At the Melodic Ice Palace
212 The Sorrows of Life
213 The Kindest Person To Me
214 Becoming a Pupil of the Melodic Ice Palace
215 The Elites of Chufung
216 To Take Or Not To Take?
217 The Serene Ice Jade
218 Great Fairy Fang
219 Verbal Abuse
220 A Grand Opportunity
221 Snowy Mountain
222 Most Powerful Alliance
223 Spirit Beast Bandit Gang
224 Take Everything
225 The Last Trial
226 Prince Chu Huang’s Rules
227 Five Golden Core Grand-Elders
228 Old Bastard Wanluo
229 Fortune and Misfortune
230 Fang Xing's Opportunity
231 Talisman Sales
232 Princess Chu Ci
233 In For a Penny, In For a Pound
234 Unrestrained Viciousness
235 Robbery
236 Court of Enlightenmen
237 Stupid Rules
238 Spitting Up Blood
239 I Really Do Have A Gold Foundation!
240 Foundation Tier Two
241 Scripture Of Revered Sense
242 Bypassing Formations With Spirit Sense
243 Trial At Falling Snow Valley
244 Big Brother Xiaojiu
245 Nothing He Can’t Do
246 Hu Qin’s Fury
247 The Vow Between a Teacher and Studen
248 Blame
249 Chaos At Snowy Mountain
250 The Biting Turtle
251 Schemes Upon Schemes
252 Overturning the Heavens of Chufung
253 Surging Undercurren
254 The Yin-Yang Sanding Disc
255 Suppression of the Demonic Spiri
256 Outer Demon Inner Sain
257 Dao’s Theory
258 Fang Xing’s Method
259 I Kill, You Play
260 Descent of the Mysterious Coffin
261 Kidnapping Chufung’s Little Princess
262 Secrets of the Mysterious Coffin
263 Secrets Of The Mysterious Coffin II
264 A Boar Moun
265 City of Appointed General
266 A Duel of Wealth
267 Lurking Dangers
268 Blood-Stained Crescent Moon
269 Grand Elder Jing Guang
270 Small Stone Bridge
271 Scheming Against Grand Elder Jing Guang
272 Reappearance of That Remarkable Ability
273 Formation Pivot Takeover
274 It's Just Kneeling!
275 Spirit Lock Circle
276 Extermination
277 Massacre
278 Power of an Apex Skill
279 I Am Fang Xing!
280 First From Jambu
281 The Huangfu Clan of Jambu
282 Corpse Cores
283 Another Fang Xing?
284 Uncle Fang Jiu Is Here!
285 Bandit vs. Bandi
286 Alliance
287 The Strongest Alliance
288 Dao of the Mysterious Domain
289 Meeting of Wind and Cloud
290 Fairies of Temptation From the Northern Mountains
291 Who Dares to Block My Path?
292 Elites of Four Lands
293 Curse of the Blood Baby
294 You Dare Provoke Me?
295 The Crazy and Foolish Cowed by the Crass
296 Protection
297 Birth of the Immortal’s Garden
298 Foundation Stage Opportunity
299 Easy to Enter, Hard to Leave!
300 Blocked-Door Extortion
301 Your Little Grandpa's Going to Rob You!
302 A Lone Bandit Holding the Pass
303 Three vs Three
304 Bountiful Harves
305 Flying Swords of the Ancient Pas
306 The Eight Bewitched Followers
307 Alliance of Four Sides
308 Who Uses Words When They Can Use Fists?
309 Snowy Mountain’s Five Disciples
310 Broken Apar
311 Encircling the Little Demon
312 He Is My Shidi
313 Who Dares Bully My Bird?
314 Fang Xing’s Bounty
315 Unafraid of Being Encircled in Danger
316 One Versus All
317 Sweeping Through Without Peer
318 The Flag That Caused Rebellion
319 Encircling to Kill Lei Jiu
320 Battling Prince Chu Huang
321 The Death of Fang Xiaojiu
322 Fraud Within Fraud
323 Infiltrating the Sword Mound
324 Take Everything
325 Forced Upon
326 Fog in the Sea of Consciousness
327 A Sword For Linyun
328 A Sword For Linyun II
329 Sworn Brothers
330 Three Brothers at the Sword Mound
331 Sword Embryo Auction
332 Lighting Sword Embryos Like Firecrackers
333 The Scripture of Revered Resilience
334 Nine-Turn Lucidity Pelle
335 One of the Three True Samadhi Fires
336 My Xiao Mahn
337 Monument Slab of the Mysterious Domain
338 You Think I’m An Idiot?
339 Fled?
340 At All Costs
341 A Legion at the Qing-Yun Sect’s Doorstep
342 Searching for a Spirit Vein, Devouring a Large Dragon
343 God’s Lightning Strikes the Soul, a Powerful Sword Rends the Body
344 Lying In Wai
345 Jambu’s Ultimate Ruler, Huangfu
346 An Arrow Through the Hear
347 For The Name
348 Names on the Monument Slab
349 The Elite Who Hadn’t Been Seen Before
350 Don't Mess With Me!
351 Severed Neck, Stolen Head
352 Ambush the Golden Cores
353 Place Filled With Danger
354 Jambu’s Top Little Demon!
355 A Teacher’s Grace
356 Capturing Everything With A Single Ne
357 Jambu’s Catastrophe
358 Awakening of the Lotus Girl
359 The Summit of Nine Heavens
360 Sworn Brothers
361 Young Master Fang Out To Sea
362 Lotus Girl
363 Just Call Me Little Fang
364 The Mysterious Little Miss
365 Eldest Daughter of the Dragon Palace
366 Heaven-Bestowed Chance at the Red Convention
367 Incomparable Migh
368 Four Beauties of the Red Convention
369 Tes
370 My Man Is Fang Xing
371 The Young Fairy With Good Taste
372 Gifted Sword Embryo
373 Three Mysterious Treasures
374 Suffering a Double Loss
375 The Third Treasure
376 Fake
377 Robbing Fire
378 Formation-Breaking Dragon Bead
379 The Moon-Chasing Dragon
380 The First Taste of Pleasure
381 I Only Wanted To Steal Some Treasures
382 Dragon Children
383 Battle of Dragons Above the Sea
384 Mad Dragon
385 Do You Really Want Me To Save Her?
386 Fang Xing’s Charm
387 Ruins of South Sea
388 The Aura of Dragons
389 Crazed Dragon or Stray Dog
390 Taming the Crazed Dragon
391 All Three Flames
392 Full Mastery of Foundation Stage
393 Hentian Clan’s Female Young Master
394 You Will Know!
395 I Have a Puppy
396 I'll Let You Know Who I Am!
397 High-Tier Exal
398 Tribute
399 Head Over Heels
400 The Hidden Dao Treasure
401 Black-Clothed Venerated Youth
402 The Thief Cries Thief
403 If I See You, I Bite You!
404 Unruly Little Miss Meets The Bandi
405 Revealed Original Form
406 Peril Beast: Vermilion Bird
407 A Great Contribution
408 Betrothal Gif
409 Soul Extraction With Cleave Nails
410 Golden Core Sacrifice
411 Foundation Stage Killing A Golden Core
412 Unnamed Technique
413 Egg Thief
414 Clan Genocide!
415 The Predestined Fate of the Hentian Clan
416 Grand Ancestor Hentian
417 Ancient Bronze Mirror
418 Red Moon Rising
419 Appearance of the Xunlong Clan
420 Xunlong's Clan Master
421 Foremost Perils Forbidden Curse
422 Great Net of Guixu
423 To Flee Or Not To Flee
424 Determination To Win
425 Capturing the Red Dragon