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2 Chapter two transmitter

When I finish saying the blessing that I wanted, I was kicked out of that room immediately. It seems like the weird girl did not want me there. The next thing that I saw was a big room. It had pink walls all around it. I feel that I was laying done in a big bed. My body was cover with a pink blanket as well.

The next thing that hit me was a wave of memories that did not belong to me. The name of the girl that I got transmitted into her body is Elizia Fiore. Eliza Fiore got into a bad accident, and she been in a coma for the past 4 years. My family is one of the biggest clans in the blue moon city. It can be said that they are the number one family. The only issue is that they are from the mafia. I am the young lady of this family mafia.

I am the heir to the empire that my family built. The only problem is that this body cannot cultivate was so ever. It has the title of the biggest waste of blue moon city in china. The good thing is that with the help of my blessing this will change for the better.

There is a button right next to me. It seems like this button is used to call for help. I have decided to press it and see what happen. The next thing I heard when I press the button was many footsteps coming my way. It sounded like they were about 30 people.

The group of people were led by a middle-aged man. This man is my father his name is Lorenzo Fiore. My father is extremely muscular. It seems like he works out a lot. He is 7feet tall. The color of his eyes are light blue. My father also has long blonde hair. He looks like a supermodel.

"My daughter you are finally awake !!!!!!!" He exclaimed while looking at me.

"I… am… father!" I replied to him with a hoarse and weakly voice.

"Say that again. I want to make sure am not dreaming." My father replied with a beautiful smile.

"I… am… father. I… need water… please." I asked for water my throat feels so dry. It feels like many tiny ants are crawling around it.

"Go on. What are you guys waiting for? My daughter is asking for water. Go immediately and get it for her!!" my father yelled at the people around me after I asked for water.

"Father… can… I see … myself in a… Mirror?" I asked my father to help me look at myself in the mirror.

When I said that. my father brought a small mirror to me. Lorenzo helped me see myself in the mirror. What I saw was a thin weak girl laying down in a bed. I am extremely beautiful even though I looked way too weak. I have the same color of hair and the same eyes as my father. My skin looked way to pale, but it is understandable. I have been in a coma for four years. My face looked just like it did in my past life. My face looks pale, but I could see that it is the same face I had before.
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"Hehe… I look… just like my daddy." I say to my dad with a weak smile on my beautiful pale face.

"Yes, you do my daughter. Here let me help you drink the water!" my dad says to me with a smile on his face.

My father began to help me drink the water. I began to feel drops of water falling down my chin. It seems like I am even too weak to drink water normally. Lorenzo began to wipe the water that has fallen down my chin with great care. My father wiped the water like he was touching a delicate flower.

[The ring of the gods has been activated.]

[The ring is linking to the host.]

[Link successful.]

[The host back is damage.]

[The ring is fixing the host back.]

[Host your back is now fixed you can walk normally.]

[Showing the status of the host.]

Name: Eliza Fiore

Player Level: 1

Ring Level: 1

Experience need to level up: 1000

Game chosen by the ring: Swords Legends

Job title: None

Health: 500/2000

Attribute points:

Vitality: 50

Speed: 50

Magic resistant: 50

Strength: 50

Charm: 50

Luck: 50

Physical damage: 50


(Ring the gods)

Level 1

Experienced need to level up 500

Luck +50

Healing +500- can be used on yourself or allies. It will increase your health by 500 points.