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5 Chapter 5 Blacksmith goddess is born

[Showing the status of the host.]

Name: Eliza Fiore

Player Level: 20

Ring Level: 3

Experience need to level up: 500,000

Game chosen by the ring: Swords Legends

Job title: None

Gold: 131,500

Health: 55,000/55,000

Attribute points:

Vitality: 2,054+200

Defense: 2,051+300

Speed: 2,053+200

Magic resistant: 2,056+300

Strength: 2,055+300

Charm: 54

Luck: 100

Physical damage: 2,058+240

Intelligence: 2,052


(Ring the gods)

Level 3

Experienced need to level up 5000

Luck +100

Skill: Healing +3000 can be used on yourself or allies. It will increase your health by 3000points.

Skill: in-game currency can be exchanged for real cash. 1 gold is equal to 10,000 yuan.

(Boots of speed x 3)

Grade: Green

Speed: 10x20= +200

Skill: Run like the wind. This skill adds 10% to your speed for 5 seconds. The cooldown for it is 1 minute.

(Sexy shirt of defense x2)

Grade: Green

Defense: 15x20= +300

Skill: None

(Mini skirt of vitality x2)

Grade: Green

Vitality: 10x20= +200

Skill: None

(Ring of Strength x 2)

Grade: Green

Strength: 15x20= +300

(Dual dagger of death x2)

Grade: Green

Physical Damage: 12x20= +240

Skill: 10% chance to cause bleed. Bleed causes the enemy to lose 150 health every second still that person or monster died.

(Bracelet of Poison x 2)

Grade: Green

Magic resistant: 15x20= +300

Skill: Poison mist. This skill causes poison damage of 200 health points per second. You will have to consume a poison removable to be able to cure it.

I will just turn in that quest about killing the 10 wild cats, and I will go to one of the main city to get my job. Even though I think just by stepping into their will automatic get my job. We will wait and see. I am happy that today has been such an amazing day. I will have a lot of things to sale plus I will become a blacksmith. This will be both in real and on the game. I finally made it to the quest giver to get my reward. Which it will be a mere 500 experience, but hey something is something.

After getting the 500 experience, I have decided to go to one of the main city. The city that I have chosen to go to is called Star Light City. This is one of the biggest cities in China. There are 10 cities in China.

[Now entering Star Light City.]

The moment I got in the city. I saw how big it was. The size of it was like one of the real-life city. There were a lot of players and NPCs in the city. They all interacted with one of the others. The next thing I saw is that there is a light going toward me. The next moment an announcement was made to the entire game.

[A new goddess is born. She is the goddess of blacksmith. All the people with the job of blacksmith will receive a permanent 10% success rate increase.]

[Players with the blacksmith job now can get a more percent success rate added to their craft by making a tribute to the goddess in one of the temples. 1,000 gold is equal to a 1% rate increase. The max amount you can increase your success rate is up to 10 this way.]

[The goddess has given her blessing to all the players in the world. Everyone will receive 50% more experience by killing monsters.]

[The blacksmith goddess is a player. She is not an NPC. Happy gaming everyone.]

Four announcements were made right after the light hit me. I was not expecting to have become a goddess. Will this mean that I will be a goddess in the real world as well? I will have to find out after leaving here.

(Hammer of the former Blacksmith god)

Grade: Super Legendary

Blacksmith success rate: 100%

Speed of blacksmithing: 100%

Extra skill Added: 100%

Can choose the grade of the weapon. This includes even super legendary weapons.

Note: This hammer can be used to fight against people. The user will receive an additional 20 percent to all tribute will this item is equipped.

(Forge of the former Blacksmith god)

Grade: Super Legendary

Using this forge can add skill to an equipment.

Using this forge natural elements can be added to the equipment forge.

This forge can be combined with merchant store orders. The owner will receive 100% gold from every transition. The owner won't have to pay store taxes as well.

All recipes have been unlocked.

The owner can choose the requirement needed to use the equipment.
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