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8 Chapter 8 Store

I have decided to feed my ring some equipment. The first I will be feeding it will be 500 grey equipment out of the 700 I have from the boss class level boss. The other 200 I will sell it once I open my store. I will also feed the ring 200 white equipment. I will stay with 200, so they can be sold later on. I will also feed it 100 green equipment as well. I will not feed it any blue item I will use those to sell to players.

(Ring the gods)

Level 6

Experienced need to level up 50,000

Luck +100

Skill: Healing +30,000 can be used on yourself or allies. It will increase your health by 3000points.

Skill: in-game currency can be exchanged for real cash. 1 gold is equal to 100,000 yuan.

Skill: Proficient businesswoman this skill allow you to always make a deal no matter the price you set

Skill: real money now can be exchanged for gold. 1,000 yuan equal to 1 gold

This is overkill. This ring is a gold mine. I can make a lot of money this way. I will be riches women in the entire world nothing can stop me. Anyway, I think its time for me to open my shop. Let's make even more money. The next thing I did was to open the merchant store order scroll.

[Do you wish to open a blacksmith store?]

"Yes, I do."

What happened next made me gape my mouth in shock? A big building appears out of nowhere. The building was 4 floors high. The forge was behind the building. The building was extremely large. I could fit thousands upon thousands of products on it.

[The goddess of blacksmith has open the first-ever blacksmith store in the world. The guild that the Stored belongs to the Fiore Clan Guild.]
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[The goddess have invited all the people near this location to go to the store (300, 7500)]

I have decided to go inside the store and make a mask, so no one can know how I look. The mask that I made it belong to the divine flame set. I just forget to make it. It is not too late to make it now. It will only take me 1 minute to make it.

(Mask of the divine flame)

Grade: Super Legendary

+5000 to all attribute

Skill: This mask only displays the title of the user.

Skill: +3000 healing magic. This skill can heal someone every second for 3,000 health points.

When I was done making the mask, I put it on. It was time to open my shop for the first time. I want to see how people like my stuff. The moment that I open the door, there were 100s of people there already.

"I am the goddess of blacksmith. I welcome all to my humble store. I at the moment do not have too much equipment but that will change soon. Right now I have 200 grey equipment, 200 white equipment, 100 green equipment, and 30 blue equipment. The prices are as follows. 20 silvers coins each for grey equipment. 50 silver coins each for white equipment. 1 gold coin each for green equipment. Finally 5 gold coins for blue equipment. I believe this is a fair price for everyone." I say to everyone with a smile on my face.

"My name is Cristian I am one of the leaders of the Chinese Federation, Guild. I would like to buy everything you have available." Cristian says to me.

"Hold your horses. I am Sicilia the leader of the Red Army guild. I would like to do 50% for him and 50% for me." Sicilia says to the crowd with a smile on her face.

"My my my, am I late for the party. My name is Mia. I am the leader of Mighty Thieves. I think it will be better if we do a 33% each." Mia says to the group sexually.

"Wait, how can you forget about me? I am too amazing to be forgotten on the deal. My name is Roberto, my goddess. I am the leader of the black pirate. I think we should split it 25% each. What do you think?" Roberto says to the group while being arrogant.

"Hey there, Sophia here. I am the leader of Mighty Dragons Guild. How can you guys forget about us in the deal? It seems like all five big shot are here. It is good to be in the top five guilds in china." Sophia says to everyone in the group.

"Well I think you guys can get 20% each of my equipment, and the problem will be solved. The amount that everyone will have to pay will be 98 gold coins, and everyone will get 20% of the equipment. Soon I will have pink and violet equipment for sale as well." I say to the five leaders of the bigger guilds in china with a smile on my face.

"I agree with the goddess," Roberto says to the group.

"I agree as well with the goddess," Sicilia says to the other leader.

"I guess I will have to agree as well," Sophia says to everyone.

"I agree," Mia replied to everyone.

"Well, it seems like I will have to agree as well this time," Cristian said while frowning.

I have made nearly 400 gold coins in this transition. This means that I have made nearly 40 million yuan. That was like taking candy from a baby.