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11 Chapter 11 Beijing City

After I was done packing, the helicopter led in the landing pad. I have decided to leave right away toward Beijing. I want to see how amazing this city is. The ride they're lasted for about 3 hours. We landed on the villa. The pilot of the helicopter left right away. The villa was made inside of a 5 stars resort that my family owns.

This villa no one has used it ever before. The villa was in a place surrounded by other luxury villas. This villa now belongs to me. The villa is a 4 store villa with an inside pool in the baseman. The garage of the villa had 10 cars on it. These cars also belong to me now. The villa also has a gym inside of it as well. I do not plan to use that any time soon.

I have decided to explore the city. The car that I have chosen to drive is a Bugatti Chiro. The most expensive car in the garage. The color of the car is red. It is an amazing color. The seats in the car are made of leather. I began to make my way out of the villa. No-one stopped me since they knew that I just moved to the most luxury villa in the resort.

I have decided to convert 1,000,000 gold coins into yuan. I want to make sure that I have enough money to spend. Which is equal to 100,000,000,000 yuan. The ring gave me a black card with all that money inside. With the amount of gold that I have you can say I am the most riches woman in the world.

The city is one of the bigger cities I have ever seen. They are a lot of tall building around. There is a lot of people all around it. The city looked lively. This is one of the busier city I have seen. The more is about 5 more minutes away from me. The speed that I was driving was not to fast just in case some happen.


A loud boom came from 3 street away from me. All the cars stopped. I have also stopped and got out of my car to make sure that everyone is okay. I think this is a good time to help them out. A lot of people ran toward the injured people.

"Is there a doctor here? We need help. 4 people injured here." One of the people to run says to the crowd.

"I can help them," I replied to the guy that ask me.

I got closer to one of the girls that was in a car accident. The ring gave me some information about the girl. She has an injured leg as well as a dislocated arm. I used the skill of the ring to heal her while putting her arm back in place.


"She is fine now. I will go treat the other four people." After saying that, I made my way toward the other people and helped them at the same time. This way they could be treated faster.



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The plus 30,000 did not mean that they had 30,000 health points. This was just the way that the skill worked. This is amazing too. I don't have to worry about anything else other than used the skill.

"all of the people that have been injured in the car accident have been treated. I will be leaving I have things to do. "After saying that, I got into my car and left the place.