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12 Chapter 12 Royal Hotel

after leaving the place of the accident, I headed toward the mall. It was time to buy some clothes. The mall that I went to is one of the biggest malls in Beijing. I went directly to the floor with the most expensive clothes on it. The first store that I went to was a Prada store.

The first thing that I did in this store was to buy some dresses. The dresses that I got were different colors and different styles. I also got the same about purses to go with the dresses. I also got some heels to complete the look. The total amount came up to 500,000 yuan.

The next thing I did was to go to a place where they sell pieces of jewelry. I want to get some as well. I do not know why but hey I got the money to buy it. I could always get items that I make from the game into real life, but I also would like to own some items bought with real money. The thing that I bought here were a necklace, watches, and a bracelet. The amount of money that I spent here was a million yuan.

After buying everything that I wanted, I decided to go to a 5 stars hotel to eat some food on it. The place that I choose is 5 minutes away from the mall. The hotel's name is Royal Hotel. It is one of the biggest hotels in Beijing as well. Their specialty is seafood. They also have an amazing meat selection. What I am going there for is their Barbecue steak.

I parked my car at the parking lot of the hotel. The next thing hear when I get out of my car is people wondering who I am. They were also talking about the car I was driving. The reason is because this car is super expensive. After parking my car, I made my way towards the registering table.

"Welcome to the Royal Hotel. Would you be dining in? Or would you be staying with us?" the young lady in front of me asked me what I would be doing today.

"I will be dining in," I replied to the young lady.

"I will bring you to the VIP section on the fourth floor." It seems like she already knows that I got money.

"There is no need for that. I would love to eat where the regular people eat. If you want you can give me the same VIP treatment there." I told her that I did not want to eat in the VIP section.

"Consider it done. What is your name young miss? I need it so I don't make a mistake on the way that I talk to you." The lady professionally asked me.

"My name is Eliza Fiore. I am from the Fiore main clan. I am not sure if you know them. I don't mind being spoken to the way you have spoken to me. I will not give anyone a hard time for it." I told her my name. The thing I did not know was by doing so I cause a big commotion in the hotel.

"Young miss Fiore, I did not know you would be dining here with us. How rude of me to not welcome you properly. Please do not fire me for my mistake I need this job." The young lady in from of me begged to not fire her. What in the world is going on?

"Why would I fire you? I want you to eat with me at the same table. I will not take a no for an answer. Go and tell the people to prepare a table for us in the regular people section. What is your name by the way?" I asked her to eat with me.

"I can't possibly eat…" I did not let her finish her sentence.

"What did I say? I won't take a no for an answer. Come on tell me your name. We will be eating together. I hate eating alone." I tell her making it hard for her to refuse.

"My name is Bai Li. It is nice to meet you. Young miss, can you sit over there? I will prepare a table for us? It will take roughly 30 minutes. The reason for this is because there is a lot of people." She informed me of the wait time.

"Sure, I can wait, but I want you to talk to me while we wait is that okay with you?" I asked to talk to me while we wait for a table to open up.

"Sure, we can talk while we wait. I will have to call for someone to replace me first. I will ask my manager to replace me." She says to me with a smile on her face.

After she said that, I went to one of the couches. I began to play with my phone while I wait for Bai Li. Five minutes later, I saw an arrogant guy yelling at Bai Li for no reason. This pisses me off, so I went toward her to defend her.

"Who do you think you are? Ordering me around to replace you. Do you think that you are my boss or something? You are fire." The manager say to Bai Li in front of me.

"No, the question is who the fuck you think you are? You want to fire her in front of me? Let see how that turn up for you." I say that I grabbed my phone and called my dad.

"Hey daddy, I have an issue. Can you please tell the general manager of the Royal Hotel to come down to the registering table? The faster the better.

"Sure, baby girl. I will call him immediately. Who dares bully my daughter? My father says on the phone.

"Dad, no one is bullying me. I have asked the lady at the front desk to have lunch with me, but her arrogant manager want to fire her because she asked him to replace her. I want to talk to the general manager because of this. Does he think he has more authority than us the Fiore Clan we will see? Let me handle this dad. Just call the general manager for me." I told my dad what has happen.

"I will baby girl. He will be there in five minutes. If he is not thereby that time, he is fire as well." My father replied to me.

"You are the best daddy ever. I will be waiting for him here. Bye-bye." I ended the call after I say that.

"You are in trouble. That is what you get for being arrogant in front of me." I say to the arrogant manager mocking him.

"I am so scared. Look how I shake. Do you think that you are from the Fiore Clan or something? How naïve you are?" he says to me while shaking his head.

"Hey, Bai Li is he stupid or something? I have clearly said that I am from the Fiore Clan when I was talking to my dad. Your manager is dumb as fuck. How he managed to get this position? He is fire from working her. Bai Li you will be promoted to be Manager. I got fate on you." I say to Bai Li with a smile on my face.

"Thank you so much. This promotion means a lot to me. I need the money to buy medicine for my sick mother. I cannot afford it with the current job I have. I would love to go to college, but my mom's health is more important." She thanked me for the promotion.

"How about this? I will go with you to your mom's house. I will give her a checkout. If I can heal her, I will. This way you can go to college, and you can work part-time here as a manager. It is the least I can do for you. I love the fact that you want to take care of your mom. I will pay for your studies do not worry. I will also pay you the same amount as you have work the entire day here. I want you to go to school without worrying about anything else." I am planning to cure her mother why I say this.

"Young miss, how can I possibly accept that?" She asked me with a worried face.

"From this moment on you are my little sister. You cannot refuse me now right little sister." I say to her with a smile on my pretty face.

"How can I possibly refuse my big sister? That would be courting death." She replied while laughing out loud.

"Good good, from this moment on we are sworn sister. We will have to do the ceremony. As a matter of fact, as my sworn sister, you don't have to work anymore. I will take care of everything. I will give you a million yuan allowance weekly. I also want you to play a game with me to call Sword Legends." I say to her while smiling.

"I already played that game. One of my friends gifted me the capsule to play with. I am in the beginning village. I am level 9 already. I am about to level up." Bai Li responded to me.

"That is good. When you level up to level ten, I want you to choose the job blacksmith. I have a surprise for you. The surprise only works if you choose blacksmith." I am going to help grow faster.

"Sure, I will. I was thinking about that. I will definitely due it now since you ask me to do it." She replied to me.

At this moment the general manager came into the main lobby. He has a worried look on his face. The look he gave was like he has seen a ghost.
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"Welcome to the Royal Hotel Young miss Eliza Fiore. I was informed by Lorenzo Fiore that you wanted to see me. What seems to be the issue? My name is Jiang Lee." Jiang Lee was extra respectful toward me.

"Mr. Jiang Lee, I have an issue with your manager. He was bullying my sworn sister. The reason for it was because she asked him to replace her, so she could eat with me. He even fires her. I hope that all the higher up in this hotel are not like him. I am extremely displeased with this situation. I have already fired him. My little sister Bai Li will not be working here as well. She will have almost the same status as me. Do I make myself clear? She is part of the Fiore Clan from now on." As I said that I left the hotel room, I did not felt like eating anymore.

I have decided to help the mother of Bai Li right away. It will be as simple as using the power of my ring. It will only take less than 10 seconds. This is extremely good. After healing her mother, I told her what my user name in Sword Legends is. We will be playing today. I will help her level up with my experience boost. I will be doing a nightmare dungeon run with her. This way she can have the same level as me.