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17 Chapter 17 the goddess ask for 5 more maids

Wow, there is a lot of people here! This is impressive. Look at that they are all kneeling. I feel like I am a queen or something. I have to make this stop. It is too awkward to see so many people kneeling.

"Everyone please rise. We are all part of the same sect there is no need to kneel in front of me."

After I said that, everyone that was kneeling stood up. It seems like they have practice this because they all stood up at the same time. It looked cool how they all stood up at the same time.

"I would love to inform you all that I will be leaving these mountains. I would love to explore the world. I would also like to have 5 more maids accompany me. I do not care about their cultivation real. I care about how beautiful they are. The more beautiful the better. Bai Li will be choosing the 5 maids for me. I am sure she will do an amazing job. The maids that she chooses will be known as my direct disciples. As you all know, I only have one direct disciple. That disciple is Bai Li of course. You have all seen the treatment she has received from me. I do not have to explain the benefit." As I say that I looked at Bai Li.

"It should be done. I will do it once the meeting is over here." Bai Li responded to me.

"I would like to know about the affair of the world. What had happen since I last came out?" I asked Bai Li in front of everyone.

"There is a war going on right now. The war is between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The war has just started. The amount of people already dead is close to 10,000. The sect is in the middle of the war. The reason why I say this is because we are supplying weapons to both countries." Bai Li explained to me.

"I want this war to be stopped immediately. We will not be selling our goods for war. I have told you this before. What have you guys done? YOU GUYS DID THE FUCKING OPPOSITE. I guess you guys make your own rules. That is amazing. Truly amazing. I have been gone for 1,000 years and everything that we have built has gone to shit. I do not care what you do, but you have to fix this." I told everyone in the room.

"I did not know this was going on my goddess. You know I have been in retreat with you for 1,000. I did inform them what they could do, and what they could not do. It is not my fault if they did not listen." Bai Li says to me trying to defend herself.

"I know is not your fault my beloved Bai Li. It is the fault of all these people that want to make their own rules. Like I do not care if we sell equipment to people, but we should never supply equipment for war. How many innocent people have died because of our weapon? Answer me. You are dead Mr. I want to make my own rule." The moment I say that the entire sect became quiet.

The next second, I arrived next to the patriarch of the sect. I have put the bracelet that causes 300 poison damage per second. I want him to suffer.

(Poison Mist)

I blew a kiss through the air to him. The kiss carries the poison mist. This is how the skill was activated. I know what a unique way for it to activate.

(Fake Inferno)

I also did the fake inferno illusion. This way he will always be punished for the rest of his pathetic life. This means that his soul will never have peace.


The moment that the poison mist began to work his face became super pale. It looked like he was in a lot of pain. He began to cough up blood as the poison continue to kill him.


The next second that the poison did damage to him he dropped to his knee. Blood began to poor out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. It looked extremely nasty.
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The guy that was affected by the poison mist he falls to the floor. The patriarch of the sect began to shake nonstop as the blood kept pouring out.


At this moment the scream was extremely loud. It sounded like a pig in a slaughter house. At this moment, the blood of the guy began to turn black. It was truly gruesome.


At this moment, he has already died. The fake inferno skill began to activate. The body of the patriarch of the sect began to melt still nothing was left.

"I hope that no one forgets this. The next person that becomes patriarch and does not follow the rules the same fate awaits him. This is not a threat this is a reality. Decided among yourself who the next patriarch will be I don't care. I am way too lazy to care. Bai Li choose the 5 maids I have asked for you. We will be leaving the moment they been selected." I say to Bai Li as I made my way towards my courtyard.