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19 Chapter 19 Bai Li 18+

The next thing I did when they introduce themselves was to toward Bai Li. I was walking sexually as I made my way toward her. When I got in front of her, I pulled Bai Li toward my embrace. I kiss her on her fine lips while caressing her ass. The next thing that I did was to bite her lips softly.

The ass of Bai Li feels amazing. I heard a little moan escape her mouth as I bite her lips softly. As continue to bite her lips I pull her closer towards me while doing this I was grabbing her perky ass. I began to slide my hand down her pants and her panties.

What happened next was that I got a handful of her bare ass. I began to lick her lips softly while rubbing her bare ass. Another sexy moan escaped her sexy mouth as I did this. I took out my hand out of her pants and panties. The next thing that I did was to take her top off slowly while teasing her. The thing that came into my sight was her beautiful breast. She was not wearing a bra. The size of her boobs was not too big, nor were they too small. They were the perfect size. Her nipples look amazing.

"Look at those amazing boobs that Bai Li has. Don't you agree girls? They are extremely sexy." I said to the other five maids as I look at Bai Li boobs.

With the tip of my tongue, I began to lick her nipples softly. I was still rubbing her ass with my hand while I was licking her nipple.

"mmmm, I like that Eliza. I want you to lick them more. Do not stop licking those breasts of mine." Bai Li says that as she was moaning.

The next moment, I began to suck her amazing breast while I began to pull down her pants. As her pant hit the floor, I stop sucking her breast and looked down to see that Bai Li was wearing a beautiful black thong. I began to slide my hand through her beautiful back thong. At this moment, my hand began to move on a circular motion against her wet vagina as I suck her beautiful and arouse breast.
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"MMMM, play with that pussy of mine my goddess. I am loving that. It feels extremely amazing." Bai Li moaned as I continue to move my hand on a circular motion on her wet pussy.

One of my fingers slide softly on her wet vagina as I continue to tease her breast with the tip of my tongue. The next moment, I began to finger her wet pussy softly making her moan even more. I looked towards the other girls and saw that they were watching how I was messing around with Bai Li with a smile on their pretty faces.

I began to slide another finger on her pussy while fingering her pussy harder and at a faster pace. I continue to lick her breast softly while fingering her amazing wet pussy. The next thing I notice is that Bai Li was coming on my fingers that were fingering her wet pussy.

"It seems like someone has made a mess on her beautiful black thong Bai Li," I say to her while teasing her.

"Yes, and it is your fault, you big meanie. I might have to return the favor now." Bai Li says to me as she licks her lips.