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Chapter 1083: Breaking through

The green mist that muddled vision suddenly stirred.


Sharp winds started blowing as the green mist turned into a storm. Like a tornado, it started twirling towards Wu Yan & Sylph. The tornado engulfed them.

Wu Yan and Sylph scowled. Wu Yan drew Sylph closer into his arm, the flaming sword in his left hand started burning intensely, the light lit up his tense face.

With Imagine Breaker in his right hand, he covered Sylph while taking a stance. Sylph also raised her Meteor Shower. Wu Yan looked at the fake Sylph standing some distance away.

The fake Sylph looked like she's in a daze. She looked like a really well-made doll. It's only at this point that one can see she's an impostor.

Granted, Wu Yan isn't fazed by the fake Sylph. What stumped them was the legion standing behind the fake Sylph.

They were all Sylphs!

There are at least 10,000 Sylphs here!

Against a literal army of Sylphs, even Wu Yan couldn't help but sigh bitterly.

After the Misaka Army comes the Sylph Army, huh?

Alas, the copies standing before them are not as cute as the Misaka Sisters.

The sisters had a will of their own, they were unique souls even if they were genetically identical. These Sylphs, there is no light within those dead eyes. One glance and one would be able to tell they are not real humans.


"That's fine with me..."

His blade blazed as he narrowed his eyes. He grinned.

"I don't need to hold back anymore..."

The 10,000 Sylphs raised their hands, aiming their Meteor Showers at Wu Yan and Sylph.

Silver light filled their vision as the Sylphs drew their bows.

Wu Yan's back went cold. He gripped his sword and spear harder.

This isn't another illusion.

"Watch out!"

Natsuki cautioned Wu Yan after sensing something.
"Even if it's not dangerous, getting hit by those things will probably force you into that dream realm again."

"I know!"

Wu Yan replied inside his head. His eyes turned golden instantly.

Ding ding ding ding

It sounded like somebody pressing on piano keys, the crisp sounds echoed within the storm.

Red portals opened up, filling this area with weird portals.

The next second, black swords made of iron sand shot out of the portals. Like a storm of blades, the swords went for the fake Sylphs.

Meteor Shower is Wu Yan's Noble Phantasm, naturally, he understood them.

It is a rather simple construct, it also didn't carry any OP effects. In a sense, Meteor Shower is just a bow with extremely destructive properties.

Meteor Shower is about massive firepower.

Excluding the Red Jade mode and vassal beasts, the Meteor Shower ranks among the strongest cards in Wu Yan's hands. Even within the 103,000 grimoires, there are barely any spells stronger than the Meteor Shower in pure destructive powers.

However, there is one glaring weakness.

It takes time to pull the bow and charge up an attack.

The fake Sylphs are holding fake Meteor Showers. Without overwhelming power, the attacks will probably result in a different effect.

Even the fake Meteor Showers are subject to the same weakness as the real bow.

In that case, whoever strikes first wins.

Swish swish swish swish

The swords tore the fake Sylphs apart.

Hundreds of Sylphs were struck down by the swords before they can release their starlit bows. The bodies dissipated into green mist.

The fake Sylphs were made from the green mist.

Wu Yan glanced at the green mist swirling around them. Nietono No Shana started blowing up with flames. Wu Yan swung his flaming blade, conjuring a wave of flames that crashed against the green storm.


The flames burned the green storm but it failed to do anything other than pushing back the storm slightly.

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He raised Imagine Breaker but didn't take any further action.

Imagine Breaker can clear supernatural effects. However, that is only limited to the objects hit by him. With the green mist shrouding this entire area, there's no way he can clear it up in a short time.

"Let me try..."

Sylph pulled on Meteor Shower. Starlight gathered at her bow, forming a lustrous arrow.


Sylph released the arrow. The starlight arrow flew across the area like a meteor, drawing a beautiful trail in the air as it flew into the green storm.

When the arrow made contact with the storm. The storm stopped abruptly as visible ripples reverberated on the storm's surface.

The green mist shot out and engulfed the stopped arrow. Drawing it into the storm.

It devoured the Meteor Shower's arrow.

Sylph grimaced. She wanted to fire another arrow when Wu Yan stopped her.

"It appears we can't outright destroy the green mist, stop wasting your strength."

Wu Yan looked at the swirling storm.

"Rather than wasting our time here, we might as well figure a way out. We are not here to fight with this fog."

Sylph nodded.

At the same time, the green mist started churning violently. Soon, humanoid figures stood before Wu Yan and Sylph again.

Wu Yan unleashed another iron sand sword with the help of his Gate of Babylon. He dissipated the humanoid figures before they are fully materialized.


Wu Yan reached for Sylph with an open palm. Sylph nodded as she jumped into Wu Yan's embrace.

"Let's go!"

Wu Yan jumped up after holding tightly onto Sylph's slender waist. A small flash of static lightning appeared across his bangs. Magnetized iron sand stuck onto him, ferrying him upwards and away.

Wu Yan flew towards the swirling green mist despite the sharp-looking wind blades in their way. Wu Yan dashed at the storm while readying his Imagine Breaker spear.


The moment the spear tip touched the storm, a giant hole appeared in the green storm. It's like something shattered when it happened.


Wu Yan slipped past the hole left on the storm before it can recover. Like a meteor, they flew into the horizon, disappearing beyond it...