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3081 Big Sky Demon

Han Sen's heart had a dangerous feeling. His love for the woman was growing. He knew that if he really walked up next to the girl, great danger would befall him.

Since he found the crux of his issues, he stopped hesitating. He exploded with the Xuan Yellow Sutra. He forced himself to break the rules of the world that suppressed him. His entire body was like a demon exploding with a red flame.

The water in the river around him was vaporized. The feeling of being in love disappeared.

Han Sen forced himself to break the restraints of the world. He suffered too much pressure, so he could not keep enduring that pressure for a long time. It cost him a lot of his body's energy.

He did not dare delay a thing. He swung a punch toward the woman. Vast amounts of river water were vaporized. The woman's eyes looked shocked. She moved her hands, and the jade-like shell closed.


Han Sen's punch blew up the jade shell. It turned into dust. Nothing was left.

Han Sen did not see the woman reappear. He wondered if she had been broken along with the shell, but he felt as if things were not so simple.

Han Sen looked around, but he was unable to find anything. It was like the woman had vanished with the shell.

He could not fight against the restraints of the world for a long time, so he put away his power and sensed the area around him. He did not suspect anything out of the ordinary.

He saw the bald guy floating in the river. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Han Sen moved forward and pulled the man up to the banks of the river. He felt the man's heart had already stopped beating, so he was probably dead already.

"What kind of monster is destroying my territory... Dollar..." A big shadow suddenly broke space and arrived in front of Han Sen like a god descending. He saw Han Sen and looked shocked. He was so surprised that he could not even finish his speech.

Han Sen knew it was a God Spirit, but he was not familiar with this God Spirit. He had a white beard and white hair. He looked holy and rather angelic. If he did not look so shocked, he would have looked like a God Spirit.

Han Sen looked at the God Spirit and asked, "Is there a god temple? What is your title? What level is your God Spirit?"

The old God Spirit coughed and said, "I am Feather Fairy. I am a Destruction-class God Spirit. Mister Dollar, why are you here?"

Han Sen was confused by how polite the God Spirit was being. He thought, "It looks like there is a problem. The way Evil Lotus God treated me was fairly weird, but the way this one treats me is even stranger. I entered the other world, but the treatment Qin Xiu and I received is obviously different."

Han Sen looked at Feather Fairy and said, "Feather Fairy. That is a good name. Where is your god temple? I did not think there was a god temple on Planet Gu Ya."

Feather Fairy presented a wry smile and said, "My god temple is on Holy Light Mountain where the Holy Light River begins. Because there are ultimate gene races around, ordinary humans cannot go there. It is not strange for you to not be aware of this."

Han Sen asked a few questions, but he did not receive any answers. Although Feather Fairy was polite to him, he seemed a bit evasive whenever he spoke. He did not tell Han Sen any of the information he wished to learn.

Han Sen asked something about the geno universe, and Feather Fairy seemed to know a thing or two. His answers pretty much mirrored what Evil Lotus God had told him. That, at the very least, made him feel a bit more secure.

Han Sen knew that he was not going to get any answers, so he changed the subject. "Do you know where I can find a pure light salamander?"

"A pure light salamander is a rare find," Feather Fairy replied. "There are not many to be found in the Holy Light River. Humans have already taken most of them. Now, there are only a few left in Autumn Leaves River. If you need them, I advise you to start your search there."

Han Sen looked at his map. He saw Autumn Leaves River was a branch on the other side. It was not too far from Little Piano River.

"If there is nothing else, Mister, I am going to go," Feather Fairy said with a bow to Han Sen.

Han Sen stopped Feather Fairy and said with a smile, "Hang on. I am an outsider. I do not have friends here. If I want to talk to you, how can I reach your god temple?"

Feather Fairy displayed a wry smile and replied, "My little temple has no more fire. It is a rugged place. I am afraid you will feel offended by going there."

"It is fine," Han Sen said with a wave of the hand. "Wherever God Spirits are should be holy enough. As long as you are with me, the state of the house should be of no concern."

Feather Fairy felt depressed, but he did not dare say anything negative. He pointed out a mysterious path to Han Sen that would lead him to the temple. That way to the Feather Fairy Temple was a safe one. There would not be any powerful gene races on it.

Feather Fairy warned Han Sen that he could not make big movements while he was traveling to the Holy Light Mountain. If he attracted the ultimate gene race there, it would be bad.

Han Sen let Feather Fairy go. He didn't desire to go to Feather Fairy Temple to talk with the God Spirit. He simply wanted a God Spirit Blood-Pulse to help Mister Yang. Even if Han Sen found a pure light salamander's egg, it was useless if no one could use it. Han Sen could not be at their beck and call 24/7.

If Mister Yang was able to use a gene egg, it would save them all a lot of trouble.

After Feather Fairy left, he remembered the bald guy. He went to check out the man. The bald guy had been really lucky. He was not dead. Han Sen punched his belly and put some strength into his body. The bald guy coughed up some water. His heart started to beat. He woke up.

"You... You saved me." The bald guy opened his eyes and appeared to be in shock.

When it was daytime, Han Sen had called toward him. The man had been conscious. After it was dark, he had lost his will. At least, he had seen Han Sen before.

"I guess," Han Sen casually replied. He was going to leave after seeing that the man was fine.

"Don't go yet! My name is Xia Yu Fei. People call me Bald Guy. You can just call me Bald Guy. How did you handle that gene race? Was that gene race a big sky demon?" Bald Guy kept talking as he followed Han Sen, trying to get close to him.

"What big sky demon?" Han Sen asked.

"The gene race that ensnared us. It was such a powerful amount of lust it used on us. It sounded like the legendary gene race big sky demon. It has the power to control desires. It is one of the greatest gene races in the world. Ha-ha. That was a very powerful and scary gene race. If it hadn't been, how would I, Bald Guy, be tricked? You did not see that gene race, so did you manage to get rid of her?" Bald Guy was very big. He was quite scary and kind of like a gangster leader.

He was also very annoying. He kept on talking.

"I did not see any big sky demon." Han Sen shook his head. He thought there was something wrong.

Based on the bald man's description, the woman he had seen really did look like the big sky demon as described. If it really was a big sky demon and Bald Guy said it was so powerful, it did not feel as if it would be so easily killed.

Han Sen subconsciously looked at the water. It made his eyes smaller. In the reflection, he no longer saw himself. He saw the face of the woman smiling at him.