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System 64

I sat down in the reclining chair and drifted into a deep sleep. I awoke in new york city which is a file that I had previously uploaded into my upgraded Cerebro scanner. I called their names,ARC!!! IVORY!!! and realized that with this upgrade i can...

1. Leave whenever I want.

2. Have full control of any chunk of code making me pretty much god here.

3. I also have control of any entity, particle, and colision so I can warp anything to my will.

This is all accessible with my arm console, this is pretty much an advanced Pip-Boy from the Fallout series. To find my friends I just looked on my (Imma just call it my console) console and went to map. they were in the southeastern quadrant of this NYC map so I grabbed my console and tapped teleport. In a second I was with them, they were playing pong on one of the big screens that are on the sides of the buildings.

ARC-"Hey Z what brings you to this fine establishment"


ZACHARIA-"Pong I see, you like that ATARI that I spawned?"


IVORY-"I guess, I keep winning because he sucks at all of these games"


IVORY-"I dunno"

ZACHARIA-"Anyway I fixed the clock so one second here in one second in real-time so I just came to check in on you before work and give you these."

I gave them watches that can only be removed by the wearer and they also have calling capabilities, so I can be out of system 64 and still be able to talk to them.
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ARC-"WOAH COOL!!! What are they?"

IVORY-"Il tell you when he leaves"


ZACHARIA-"Sometimes I can't understand how you are able to know somethings Ivory, anyways I gotta go to work but il hang out with you two later, see ya!"

About an hour through work I got al call from Arc saying that he really just wanted to test the watch out and I told him it worked and he hung up but on my way home Ivory called and it wasn't just a test...

IVORY-"I mean uh we kind of got a problem..."

ZACHARIA-"What is it broken?"

IVORY-"No like something grabbed Arc and just left..."

ZACHARIA-"Like what was it Mabey I spawned something and if I know what it is i can track its file path."

IVORY-"No like this was something you- I don't think this was you."

ZACHARIA-"Im on my way."

I raced down the road, breaking a few traffic laws, virtually kicked down my apartment door and ran to put myself into system 64. I looked on the map, Arc was nowhere to be found not even a trace. I found Ivory he told me what happened in great detail.

IVORY-"We were playing pong and he was getting angrier by the second cuz well he kept loosing."

IVORY-"Next the skybox was removed and replaced over and over again the building textures resolution lowered to a point it was just one color."

IVORY-"Everything started to look like Polly graphics."

IVORY-"Then suddenly green squares started to swarm in a circle."

IVORY-"Finally a long hand made of what seemed to be the same squares but were warped versions of them."

IVORY-"The hand grabbed him and pulled him through the squares."

IVORY-"I promptly called you and you came so here we are."

I was scared, I didn't know what to do I sat there for a second trying to comprehend what Ivory just told me. I had no idea what did this but I had to figure it out. I got my console and ran diagnostics, it took about 32 seconds (No pun intended) and it found that System 64 had a virus that was creating new entities which wasn't good. I couldn't even see them on my map, which means we wouldn't know when they were right around the corner. I told Ivory that I needed to check and see if I could see where Arc was on the real world monitor and I would be right back. I told him to call me if there was an emergency.

ZACHARIA-"ARGH!!! Where is it!"

I had a login key to the computer so no one could access the mainframe without it. It was pretty much a USB Drive with the passcode on it.

ZACHARIA-" There it is!"

I plug it in and it boots right up i look at the desktop and it is uploading something HUGE like MEGA HUGE. I tried to click cancel.







What i was trying was futile. It was no use, I had to try something else, but what... I was thinking, I may have to do this manually. I would have to go into System 64 and kill this virus the hard way.


ZACHARIA-"ARC!!! Where are you, we have been looking everywhere for you!"

^R( -"c#E(K_Y0ur_P(

ZACHARIA-"What are you saying I can't understand you."

^R( -"@+_+#3 +0W3R"

ZACHARIA-"Wait did you say 'at the tower'?"

And then I lost signal like he had just blinked out of existence, I tried to decypher what he said, I figured he was talking about my PC. I rushed to my computer tower and booted it up, and sure enough, it was downloading everything via the cloud to that desktop. I couldn't stop it because it was still downloading Arc's files if I stopped Arc would cease to exist. I rushed back into that chair and met up with Ivory and I told him everything.

IVORY-"I know I was listening."

ZACHAIRIA-"Sometimes I question you, but anyway we need to go like now!"

IVORY-"We don't even need to move."


Suddenly another green portal appeared and engulfed me and Ivory, we were sucked through at light speed and then... Black... What happened next was the most bizarre thing that has happened to me to date. Me and Ivory Had woken up in a dark room, we couldn't see except for a door it seemed. We looked at each other and went through the door to see what we thought was a Chuck-E-Cheese, but it smelled like the mascot had died in his costume and sat for 3 months. Ivory saw a light switch and we quickly saw this was no Chuck-E-Cheese...

This was Five Nights At Freddys 1.

IVORY-"Cool a horror game."

ZACHARY-"I know right, do you think he was here?


IVORY-"The writer says yes."

ZACHARY-"Will I ever get to know who this 'Writer' guy is?"


ZACHARY-"Oooh boy where are the animatronics? this is FNaF right?"

IVORY-"Oh they're off right now, its still the day shift, which will end in about...





ZACHARY-"Thats not good right."

IVORY-"No they will try to stuf us in a suit..."

ZACHARY-"Ah... ok... welp... can we just like go?"

IVORY-"seems we need to go through the portals to progress."

Suddenly the power cut out, we used the light from our watches to light the way. we saw something purple in the corners of our eyes but disregarded it as unimportant. we were wandering around and found the office which had the nightguard in a pool of his own blood.



ZACHARY-"*Gulp* Yeah lets go find that portal."

We walked until we saw it in the ladies restroom, well we didnt realy see it because we saw it over the stalls. we opened the first stall hoping to see the center of the portal, but we saw foxy instead, he opened his one eye and looked at us for a solid 2 seconds and raised his hook and slashed his hook at Ivory. He barley missed, and started to walk towards us.

IVORY-"Mabey we should back away and open the next stall?"


The second, third, and fourth had, in order, Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie. They all started running at us, the stalls went on forever finally we took a chance on one of the stalls, we would have to depend on luck to choose. We looked each other and pushed open the final stall and saw to our releif there was the glitch portal. we took one glance forward just to see that Golden Freddy was in our way, we quickly jumped through the portal after shoving him out of the way.


IVORY-"Ok sooooo, where are we going now?"

SCP Containment Breach.


ZACHARY-"Wait what was that?"

IVORY-"I said tha-."

ZACHARY-"No before that."

IVORY-"You... you heard that?"

ZACHARY-"Yeah something about SCP so something, why?"

IVORY-"Ummmm no reason..."


Ivory was wondering, had he been hearing the writer like himself, or was this the begining of a new light.

ZACHARY-"Hey we've been falling for quite a bit of time now when do you think will be-"



As he said, we arrived, but where only Ivory and the writer understood the gravity of the situation. We stood up and dusted off our clothes, Zachary looked around and was confused because it looked like the bottom floor of his work place. ­­­we looked around the "seemed to be science lab" to see this was or wasnt the same lab as before, they did realize (although they already knew) this was SCP Containment Breach.

IVORY-"As I suspected we're in another horror game."

ZACHARY-"Thats not good right?"

IVORY-"No thats NOT good because we're in SCP-"

ZACHARY-"-Containment Breach..."

IVORY-"Dont for get we can die here, nothing is safe."

ZACHARY-"I know I know, so where do we go?"

IVORY-"Well considering that this game is randomly genarated there is no where realy TO go, our best bet is to wander around and hope to find Arc or another portal."

Just A Bit Away




ARC-"AM I IN..."


???-"HeY DoNt yOu rEcOgNiZe mE.?.?."


???-"HeLlO OlD FrIeNd . . ."


CRA-"YeS It wAs mE WhO ToOk yO-."

ARC-"Why did you take me?"

CRA-"I WaNtEd tO FuZe . . ."






ARC-"We cant fuze it will kill one of us. Its too unpredictable, its a random choice!"

CRA-"ItS A ChAnCe i aM WiLlInG To tAkE."


crA Left and Arc realized that he was in a cage locked with 3 keys... "'sigh' i guess I needs to pick these."

Yes you do

ARC-"Wait is that... The writer?"

Yes it is

ARC-"WOW! i can finally HEAR you omgosh it took SOOOO LONG!!!"

Yes it did

ARC-"Sooo, how do I get out of here?"

crA is the god of destruction


You are the god of creation

ARC-"So wha- OOOHH I get it, you want me to create a lockpick or 3 keys or something."


ARC-"Ok can do!"

Arc then, for some reason, created a sandwich that gives him heat vision for 10 sec. Still dont know why that was his soultion but ok. He ate the sandwich at an alarmingly quick rate and gained heat vision powers. In an instant he cut through the bars and the power was gone. He left the cell and proceded through the chamber. He walked through the first door he saw and ended up in a 2D space oddly and then he got it... he was in celeste, which made sense because in celeste the main character fights against an evil self which also made sense because crA exists.

ARC-"Well there is no right or left here it seemes... So where do I go?"

Arc looked around to see another portal on one side of a spikey pit, because Arc is a GOD he just jumped across it. he went through the portal only to find himself in one of his FAVORITE games... Bioshock.

And Back To Z And Ivory

IVORY-"So where do you think we are now Z?"

ZACHARY-"I don't know I assume we're passing SCP-012, sooo dont go into the testing chamber, trust me I have played this game PLENTY of times."

IVORY-"Just asking for context, what IS SCP-012?"

ZACHARY-"SCP-012 Makes you write on it in your own blood..."



They traveled...ONWARD avoiding SCP-173 COUNTLESS times they finally found the next portal...PAST THE TEDDY BEAR. Their solution... run quickly past it... it worked theyre in the portal... in Bioshock...

As soon as they got there they heared gunshots, explosions, screams, deep booming growels, and big thumping footsteps. then we heared difrent big thumping footsteps, they got closer... and closer... and closer... a big figure rounded the corner soon to be revealed as a big daddy. he took of his helmet and all to their suprise it was Arc with a little sister on his shoulder.




ZACHARY-"Oh... daddy-OH BIG DADDY I get it."


IVORY-"I guess..."

ZACHARY-"How exactly did this happen?"

Flashback - 3 Weeks Ago

ARC- "Oh hell yeah my favorite game, Bioshock and whoor what is that crying?"

He walks forward as he creates a big daddy drill like delta's (Bioshock 2) and sees a splicer abusing a little girl and he instantly sees red as he storms up from behind revving up the drill and drillling a hole in the midle of te splicers body and getting its blood on his face and drills. he ses thats its a little sister.

ARC- "Are you ok little one?"

LITTLE SISTER-"Hey Mr. Bubbles, you wanna play together?"

ARC-"Sure little one, lets go!"

Arc followed the little sister killing for adam and eventually made the new plazmids INCINERABOLT and BOUNCER BRINGER. INCENERABOLT is like a mixture between incenerate and elecrto-bolt, while BOUNCER BRINGER summons a bouncer... Like... In Bioshock... Whatever... Arc and the little sister wander around, again killing for adam aith other bouncers, fire and electricity. It was pretty radical... SOOO after a few weeks they met Zachary and Ivory and thus... here we are.

ARC-"YOOOO Who's... OH him i forgot to talk about him, he's crA my enemy I guess.

ZACHARY-"Thats bad right... should we like defeat him?"

IVORY-"I guess I dunno..."

ARC-"Well, YEAH WE SHOULD DEFEAT HIM, He's a bad guy, you gotta defeat bad guys!"

Thus they proceded to defeat crA.Arc raised his hands and a few moments later a HORDE of Big Daddys appeared... we had ourselves an army. Ivory looked straight at crA and said, "can you get rid of him?"

In progress

IVORY-"Ok thanks."

Np :)


ZACHARY-"Stop smiling at eachother, we need to fight."

IVORY-"You saw that?"

ARC-I saw it too, it was you spoke an emoji somehow."

ZACHARY-"Yeah it was kinda weird."

IVORY-"Can we just shut up and fight crA!"


The battle began with Arc releasing his Big Daddy army they ran forward attacking crA knocking him onto the ground, they pinned him down. suddenly Ivory pointed towards the roof, it had suddenly turned into letters in Times New Roman font. they fell around him spelling portal next to crA, the letters turned into an actual portal.the Big Daddys left him lying on the ground, knocked out. Zachary grabbed his leg and dragged him to the portal and held him halfway in it and half way out. he awoke and said to the three of us.

CRA-"DaMn yOu aRc."

The Writer closed the portal cutting crA in two leaving ,on our side, his lower half on our end. crA was gone...

The Journey Home

The writer simply just created another portal to take them home, or as home as they could get. Zachary gave them a randomly generated infinite arcade to play around in as he tried to get them into physical bodies.

ZACHARY-"This has been... what would you call this adventure?"



ZACHARY-"Well whatever it was, its over. I removed the virus from the system and I think were good if you need annythng, just call me on your watch just only if you cant wait ok. hehe I gotta go got work in the morning see you later dudes.

ARC/IVORY-"See ya!"

I pushed one button on my Console and I had an epiphany. could I talk to the writer in person.

He tried to talk to him and found it difficult he tried to talk to me so much that I eventually gave in to his attempts and talked to him on a deeper level.

ZACHARY-"Yo WRITER!!!*sigh* its so dificult to talk to you... are you there?"

Yes and I have two things for you, one is knowlege and one is a physical present

ZACHARY-'OOH, HEY!!! Sorry, um hey uh have you been doi- gifts?"

Yes gifts

ZACHARY-"Cool so where a-"

The physical gift is about to be at your front door


ZACHARY-"I guess thats it."

He opened his front door and saw two very large heavy boxes. he opened them to find two large clindrical metal tanks with large accompanying machines.

ZACHARY-"Wait is this for them..."


ZACHARY-"Cool but you said 'GIFTS', knowlege right?"


ZACHARY-"What is it?"

You are the protagonist in my story

ZACHARY-"Sooooo What does that mean?"

It means...

You are me