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23 Chapter Six | Reminder of the Pas

"Mama, mama, mama," said the noisy bundle of joy at her side.

The mother and son pair were on their way to the administration office. Her five years were up and she needed to register Xinxi as her son and also as a citizen.

Arriving at the capital with her bundle of joy chewing on blackberries, turning his face red. She bent down and used the inside of the pink skirt she wore to wipe away the juice from his hands and mouth.

As she did this she complained, "Yue-er, why must you be so messy, did I not teach you to eat without making a mess?"

Xinxi, "You did," he answered in a childish voice.

Yue Mian, "Then why do you still eat so messy?"

Xinxi, "Mama, it's not me!"

"Then is it the fruit's fault and not the one eating it?" she asked.

Xinxi frowned as he tried to process this complicated sentence. Thinking hard for some time with the added patients from his mother he answered, "I will eat one fruit at a time."

"Ho ho, young master understands," she gloated. Giving him a nod of approval she took him by the hand and walked into the administration office.

Paying the fees and successfully registering Xinxi, the two of them stepped out of the building after two hours and forty-five minutes.

As they walked down the road, something caught her eye. Turning to see what it was her grip on Xinxi's hand tightened.

He looked up at his mother about to ask what was wrong when he was picked up and they entered a shop.

Holding him tightly against her chest she looked out of the window while hiding to the side.

Turning his head to face the window he saw a group of five men on white horses. Four of them had black robes on with characters written on them embroidered with red silk on the back.

The other young man had a lilac coloured robe on adorned with gold jewels on his ears and head.

When they were out of sight, Yue Mian's grip on her son softened, pushing himself and looking at her tense gaze he placed his hand on her cheek and asked, "Mama, what's wrong?"

Turning her head to look at him her gaze grew soft, she looked around and saw that she had startled the customers and workers inside the store.

Bowing slightly at them, the pair left the store, taking a few back alleys and into the forest.

Because she took the back alleys to escape the eyes of others, the distance home was widened. Picking Xinxi up and placing him on her back as to not strain his little legs, the road back home was silent.

Xinxi wanted to ask his mother what made her look so scary but being scared himself, he stayed silent only placing his head against her back and closed his eyes.

Yue Mian's mind wondered off as she bitterly smiled at her own foolishness. To think that she had been so absorbed in living such a carefree life with no worries that she had forgotten her past.

She would have forgotten it if she hadn't seen that familiar face of the one who pledged his life to her, suddenly remembering her promise to her mother.

She promised to send her letters every chance she could but those letters were never written, the memories of the ones she cherished were masked by the one she loved, Ye Xinxi Yue.

Looking back to meet the bundle of joy asleep on her back, she couldn't help but smile - he truly lived up to his name, Xin Xi Yue.

It's so terrifying that this xin xi yue made her forgot he truly is her hearts joy, "My xin xi yue." Arriving at the house, she placed him down on the bed.

Night arrived and Xinxi was sent to sleep along with the others. Yue Mian sat at the table with five sheets of paper with an inkstone and brush under candlelight.

Dipping the brush in ink she moved it over the first sheet of paper and started writing. Aunty Fei was by her side waiting to dry the ink with the sheet at her side.

She knew that this day would finally come but did not expect it to arrive so soon. She was fond of Yue Mian and wished that if she could give birth, she would want a daughter like her.

The sad part was, was that Yue Mian would be leaving her joy behind becoming the person she met five years ago, this pained her so much.

Aunty Fei, "YuMi, will Yue-er lose his mother once more?"

The brush paused in her hand, then started once more; answering her question she said, "When I do leave, I will be leaving my son here, it would be troublesome to have someone with me who will keep me back and Xinxi is my weakness, no one is to know that he exists because if I must lose him, I will break. My Xinxi knows that he has a mother and I will definitely keep myself alive till the day he marries the one he loves," with determination and peace evident in her voice.

"Then I will do my utmost and accept my responsibility. I will look after her highnesses joy and raise him to be a fine man, able to stand by your side with pride," Fei Rou pledged.