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24 History update

Yes, I am back, for how long? maybe this week only lol but I am typing out all my chapters written for this book and the others so no worries XD.

This seems to be a thing now where I have to update you all on the story and yes I agree, The Disobedient and Barbaric Daughter is confusing in most places, picking up from where we left off with the last story update.

Firstly, I uploaded this story on multiple sites because I wanted people, all over the world to read my story and also for different opinions, on one of the sites a reader said this:


Starts off amazing but then the author utilizes an absurd sexist trope which is not uncommon in Chinese novels. This incident is completely out of character for the MC and they undertake it without any deliberation for how it may affect their quest.

It pigeonholes the story and limits it to several well-trodden paths. Perhaps it would be acceptable but it is one of the most poorly executed examples of this trope I have ever seen. The author should seriously consider scraping this whole plot line and starting over.

I honestly don't plan to drop my story (specific part) because its mine and mine alone, I have my reasons for doing stuff and saying things. This review was given right after I introduced the child Yue Mian adopts her son. The reason behind her adopting a child is because she is going to be fucked up and in future chapters and then Yu Sheng and Fei Rou bring him into the picture and she is suddenly calm not so crazy any more. I know, I know, I shouldn't be telling you this but you all might not remember it in the future well I certainly do hope that you all remember the little baby. I also did not reveal who his parents are ... this is a huge spoiler lol not really.

2. Remember now that she left the Xiěyè Empire, now where we currently are its been a whole 5 years that she has left the empire.

Why she suddenly leaves is because she sees Yu Sheng. Because she was with her son and the others she completely forgot about her past worries, I don't know if any of you all are parents but raising a child takes up so much time and parents tend to forget and suddenly remember things.

Well... Yue Mian is so absorbed in raising her son that she forgets about everything, especially all of those that don't have much meaning to her now this may sound harsh but I am studying to be an educarer, "A replacement parent" in other words for a few hours every day while the parent is at work. Now one of the things I learnt is that a parent can love their child unconditionally and a child does not need to love their parent(s) unconditionally because they did not ask to be here - This is one of the reasons why there is no close bond between Yue Mian and her mother.

These steps apply to each family in this story.

Now Yue Mian is leaving the Naiad Empire and heading to Jilei for her revenge but that happens only after the fifth story of the second volume, and hopefully, the first story ends in 5 chapters time lol