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28 Citizens Celebrating

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YM, YS and LPM]

Three days later…

Early that morning, a husband and wife couple woke up early in the morning, as usual, packing their cart with dumplings, soup and noodles.

The Husband was busy loading the cart when he noticed an apple crate on the side of his cart. Moving the light over to the crate the placed it down and observed the crate, not remembering if he or his wife left it here. He shook it and heard metal colliding. Opening the crate and holding the light over it. Dropping the light making it burn out turning the surrounding dark again, he ran inside the house to call his wife, "Wife, wife, come see, t-there's s-s- much of it!"

"What is it now you old fool?"


He darted back outside, lit up another lamp with his wife by his side, they looked into the crate then at each other, the wife hid the crate under their house inside. Packing their cart they headed to the capital to set up shop.

Arriving, they found some of their fellow hawkers in the street speaking, one of them ran up to the couple, "La Ro, Jing You, did the two of you receive money from the emperor?"

The couple looked at each other confused, Jing You, the wife asked, "The emperor?"


A boy around the age of ten skipped along the road while throwing a ball up in the air catching it, repeating this action.

Not minding his step he accidentally bumped into someone wearing a rice hat. The person he bumped into pulled away quickly and lowered his hat. The one beside him knelt down smiling at the boy. Helping him up she handed him a brown worn out sack, patted her clothes down and walked away while conversing with the man beside her.

The boy paused for a moment to look at their residing backs. He looked down into the bag and his eyes widened because its weight matched his suspicions. He looked around, closed the bag and quickly ran home.

He ran home and showed his mother and sister the bag of silver and jewels; they started panicking and hid away the bag. Sending her children out to find out anything.

They were left completely speechless… all the store owners, hawkers and servants received bags of jewellery and silver along with their freedom.

Singing and dancing along the streets the citizens were celebrating their newfound justice. On the streets, sheets of paper were scattered on the ground with the words, "All hail the Imperial father, giving us money to give to all of the citizens. Long live Emperor Shaan, long live the Imperial Family!"

Yells of joy, dancing of celebrations and feasts were held in the name of the Imperial father, Emperor Shaan.


Before today, Prince Baek Ah took a letter to his father. The letter stating what happened and what will happen.


"One of the deserts that will be served are cherry cakes, how about we add the paralyzing blossom in there?"

Yue Mian, "That can work but you'll be putting the pastry chef in shit."

Yu Sheng, "We can have someone from our division show their face and hand it to everyone then walk out of the gate or jump the walls."

YM, "Male or female?"

YS, "We don't have many female recruits, including you, there's there."

YM, "So should I do it?"

YS, "No, I will arrange everything."


As planned, the night of the party, a young lady dressed in a purple skirt and pink robe; She walked around with a jar of the cherry cakes. During dinner she made small talk gaining everyone's undivided attention while placing a cake in front of them.

Arriving at the table where the LPM sat; she bowed and greeted him, placing the cake down. As she was about to leave the LPM called her, "I haven't seen you around here before."

"My lord, this servant has always been working for you at your estate."

"Mn, I see, come see me after the banquet."

Bowing she left. Placing the jar down in the kitchen she walked out while greeting everyone; out into the backyard, undressed, leaving behind a letter between her clothes.

The moment she left, those that ate the cherry cakes stopped moving where others fell to the ground. The guards were told to search for the girl that handed the cakes out and during their search, they found the original cherry cakes made by the chef. They found her skirt with the letter; handing it over to the LPM - reading the letter he raised a brow.

Looking to one of the officers he asked, "Do you know anyone named Yu Mian?"


Don't overstep your bounds, taking your belongings is just the beginning; you all will die if I am not happy with your performance after this.

Yu Mian.

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