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5 The storm is brewing

"What do you mean by menaces??" said Scarlett in a high tone. She can't accept the man who saves her considered as villains.

"Miss Scarlett, I'm editor in chief, it's my job to decide what to put on the front page," said Burt coldly.

"But he's not villains" Scarlett rebuked

"That's in your opinion because he saved you once. But if you ask policeman's opinion about him, I'm certain they will consider him as Vigilante. He acts without law. He acts as police, act as attorney, and act as judge and even act as executor. Tell me, Miss Scarlett, if people let loose without law, what will happen in this country?"

"Ugh… but still, he's not bad person" Scarlett still try to defend him.

"Let the people decide it. Our obligation as a reporter is presenting facts, not opinion. Don't forget that Miss Scarlett. Now, why don't you go search him, make an exclusive interview, dig his history, ask his motive, finds if he had a grudge against criminals, go"

"Alright … I'll try to find him" said Scarlett and then leaving Burt's office.

Scarlett sits on her desk, she's in deep thinking. The computer in her desk already dimmed because of no activities for long times. Finally, she pulls the drawer of her desk and pulls something out from inside. It's a dark-colored handkerchief that used to bandage her leg during the incident in Industrial District. The doctors who treat her wound actually want to dispose of it but Scarlett prevents him. She washes it clean and keeps it as a memento. It's only an ordinary cheap handkerchief that can buy everywhere. Scarlett already investigates the handkerchief and found no clue from it. She embraces the handkerchief tightly in her chest, her lips uttering a whisper, "You, my hero. Can we meet again? I want to see your face, I want to hear your voice again, and I want to thank you properly..."


[Back to several years ago, couple days after car incident]

Reid still works as cleaning service in Stamfort at night shift. The world economic currently at the recession time, making life become harder, as the price of daily necessities slowly climbing up. This situation also impacted for the orphanage, they must use their little funds wisely and cut unnecessary expenses. Reid who aware of this situation, try to find an additional job to raise some money for the orphanage. One day when he returns to orphanage from job search, he saw a man in suit leave the orphanage, and get into his fancy car. Reid feels curious about the man, he seems not coming for adoption business because usually, those who want to adopt children from orphanage come in pairs. To sated his curiosity, Reid decided to meet Sister Christina.


Reid knocks at Sister Christina office door, and there's answer from inside"Come in please".

After opening the door, Reid greeting Sister Christina

"Good afternoon Sister, may I know who's the man that just visiting us?

"Good afternoon Reid, do you mean the one with the suit that just leaves?"

"Yes, that's one"

"Hmmm … he's just a people from Sunrise Real Estate. They make an offer to buy our property"

"They want to buy our orphanage? Did you accept it, Sister?"

"Of course I refuse it. Where we will live in the orphanage were sold?" said Sister Christina smiling.

"I'm afraid you accept it and use the money to build a new building for an orphanage in somewhere else," said Reid with wryly smiling.

"That's even crossed my mind once, but after I'm thinking further, it's better to refuse it. This orphanage although a little in run-down condition, located near the City. We have school and clinic nearby. If we want to relocate, we must search the good place and suitable environment, I'm just too old to do all of that things".

Reid nodded. Relocating this orphanage indeed not an easy task and they don't have enough sources to do that. There are also memories that Reid want to keep in this orphanage, that's why he feels reluctant to relocate.

"Glad to hear that sister, this orphanage is like my own home. I feel hard to separate with it"

Sister Christina chuckled hearing Reid words, she understands Reid has some bounds with this orphanage.

"So, how's your job seeker Reid? Do you find a job?" Sister Christina changing the topic.

"Not yet sister. There are not many jobs for only high school graduate like me. There's some freelance job like being waiter. But when I try to apply, the owner said I'm not suitable for the job"

Sister Christina sighed, Reid's face indeed troubling him to find a job that requires handling people.

"That's alright Reid, maybe God has His own plan for you. Just don't make it breaking your spirit"

"I'm not sister, now please excuse me, I will back to my room"

"You can go, Reid"

Meanwhile in Sunrise Real Estate

The man who just visiting the orphanage arrive the in Sunrise Real Estate building and go directly to director's office. That man stops a moment in front of the director's door. There's a nameplate hanging on the door "Sloan Ruthford – Director", after hesitating a while the man knocking the door.


"Come in" there's reply from inside. The man opens the door and comes inside. There's an old man sitting on the desk, busy reading and signing documents on his desk.

"So, you failed huh?" that's what the old man said when then man entering his office.

"How do you know dad?" the man just finishing his words when suddenly an astray flying toward him. Luckily he evades it on time if not, the astray will smash his head. The astray flew and smashed the wall finally, make broken sounds.

"Don't call me dad in the office. You call me director, or boss or Mr. Ruthford. Understand?" said the old man with a strict tone. "Of course I know you failed if you come empty handed like that. If you succeed you already handed me that land certificate".

"That's not my fault sir, that old nun is so stubborn although I already increase the offer," said the man trying to defend himself.

"I know. Dealing with religious people will never be easy" the old man, Mr. Sloan, sighed. "But you're my son Jimmy. Soon or later you will inherit my company and you will deal with any kind of people".

The man actually Mr. Sloan's son named Jimmy, and the successor of Sunrise Real Estate ownership. Mr. Sloan stands from his chair a walk toward a table that covered with black cloth. He removes the cloth carefully and gives a sign to Jimmy to come closer.

"Look at this Jimmy," said Mr. Sloan pointing at the table. There's a miniature building over the table. "This is what we want to build after we acquire the land of that orphanage. We already possess all nearby land around the orphanage and after we have all the land, there will be condominium and mall to build there. The location is strategic, near public facilities and stable, the crime rate is rather low than other places. That makes the ideal site to build this luxury condominium".

Jimmy observing the miniature carefully, the location of the orphanage indeed vital for their construction project. It is a must to have land for the project.

"Please give chances sir, I will get that orphanage land for you"

"Alright, I give you another chance. You can use our 'hard to sell' properties in suburb city as part of the exchange with the orphanage but don't exceed the fund limit I give to you"

"I will do my best sir"

"I give you 3 months to finish the deal, can you do it in 3 months?

"I won't disappoint you, sir!"

"I give you advice then. If you can't do it in a soft way, then do it in a hard way. You can consult Schonberg for that, he's my right hand and used to deal with hard way part" Mr. Sloan patted jimmy's shoulder "I'm waiting for your good news, not the failure. You know my temper"

Jimmy feels a cold shiver down on his spine. Obviously, he knows what the meaning of the hard way and know who Schonberg that his father talking about. Rather than an employee of his father, Schonberg more likely his father's bodyguard with his bulky and muscular body.

"I hope we don't have to use the hard way sir"

"We don't know Jimmy. According to my experience, there're always people who didn't tempt with money, once they say no, they won't budge even an inch. That's why there is exist the hard way"

"Ugh, I understand sir. Excuse me, I will look for those 'hard to sell' properties as the bargaining chip"

"You go. Don't forget we have dinner at seven to celebrate your mother birthday. Bring something nice to her too"

Jimmy nodded and leaves Sloan office.

A few days later Jimmy comes to the orphanage with new proposals.

"Sister Christina ma'am, please reconsider our offer. We willing to raise our offer 10% from our last offer for this property"

"Mr. Ruthford, this is not about money, I already manage this orphanage for more 20 years. There are a lot of memories I have here, also if we take your offer, where we will put these children on? We must look for another building to make a new orphanage. Moving these children under our care also not a simple matter".

"Ma'am, we understand your problem. So, if you are not interested in 10% increase in our offer, we have another proposal for you" said Jimmy while pulling another document from his briefcase "Please take a look ma'am"

Sister Christina takes the document that Jimmy handed to her. She read thoroughly what's written there before take a deep breath and talk to Jimmy

"Mr. Ruthford, I'm afraid I can't give you a direct decision. I need to talk about this with some people first. Do you mind to leave this proposal first and come back later for the answer?"

"No, no at all. I can come back again in few days. How long you need ma'am? Two days? Three days?"

"You can come again three days later Mr. Ruthford"

"Fine! I'll come 3 days later, I hope I can hear a positive answer from you, ma'am"

They both shake hands and Jimmy leaves the orphanage. After Jimmy left, Sister Christina sits restlessly in her desk. She doesn't want to sell this orphanage but the proposal that Jimmy left have caught her interest. Finally, Sister Christina made up of her mind, she stands from her chair and walk to the window and open it. She talks to the children that play outside the window.

"Leon, can you call Reid to come to my office?"

"I will call him right away sister" Leon start to run to Reid room

"Thank you".

After a while, Reid arrives at Sister Christina office.

"Sister, you called me?" asked Reid

"Yes Reid, I need to discuss something with you. Please take a seat".

After Reid sit, sister Christina handed him the proposal that left by Jimmy, "Please take a look at this. Tell me what you thinking after you read it".

Reid takes the document and starts to read it. Sometimes his forehead frowned while reading it. After finishing reading it, Reid didn't say anything yet. He just holds the document in his hand and thinking something.

"Sister, this document is part of exchange properties for this orphanage right?"

"Yes, you right Reid, the man you saw couple days ago come with the new proposal"

"What's Sister opinion?"

"I don't know Reid. That's why I called you. I need your opinion about this"

"This proposal actually interesting. They even offer a bigger house for the exchange to this orphanage. Moreover they also willing to cover the relocation expenses and give some compensation money. Sister, I can't say that our orphanage in good condition. There are holes in the roof and raindrop leaked from there. Some part of the building also already moldy and worn out. If the children can get a better place then I don't mind it".

"I know you would be said that Reid, you always thinking about others first then yourself" Sister Christina smiling.

"But Sister, I want to see the place they offered for exchange first. I'm afraid if the reality is different with the picture they give to us"

"Alright, you can go, take my camera to take the pictures of that house. I also want to see it" Sister Christina takes an old digital camera from the drawer and handed to Reid.

"I'll get going now, Sister. The address is a little bit far from here. I wish I can back before dark"

"Okay, be careful Reid"

Reid nodded and leaves the orphanage by his old bicycle. It's would take over an hour to reach the place as written in the proposal. When the day almost dusk, Reid return to the orphanage. His face looks gloomy and full of sweat. After he takes a bath and changes clothes, he reporting his founding to Sister Christina.

"Sister, please take a look at the pictures," said Reid while handed back the camera to sister Christina.

Sister Christina takes the camera and starts looking at pictures that Reid had taken there. A shocked expression can be seen on her face when she looks at the picture.

"Reid, this is…this really the building they offer to us?"

"Yes, sister. That's what they offer to us. This proposal actually a scam"

Reid starts telling Sister Christina about what he saw in that place. The building used to be a two-floor villa for resort complex in a suburb area, but because of lack of support facilities, such as stores, schools, clinics etc. which gives the impression of the remote and desolate area, one by one occupant there moved to more lively places. Moreover, after couple years from its build, City government decides to move City cemeteries into the nearby area, giving a more eerie feeling.

Sister Christina sighed, she glads asking Reid opinion first before making a decision. After getting a clear view of the proposal, she finally made up her mind, "Reid, we can't accept this proposal. I decide to refuse it".

Three days later when Jimmy come for the answer, Sister Christina firmly refuse the proposal. Jimmy who think his proposal is good enough, lose his patience. He's yelling at Sister Christina before leaves the orphanage "YOU GONNA REGRET THIS, OLD WOMAN".