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Jimmy after his proposal rejected by Sister Christina, leaves the orphanage furiously. He goes to Sunrise Real Estate building to meet Schonberg. Schonberg seems already knows what Jimmy will tell him, so when they meet and discuss about the orphanage, he just sits calmly, listening to what Jimmy told him while drinking his coffee.

"Mr. Schonberg, my father highly praise you about how you handling people who hard to deal with. Can I depend on you for this orphanage?"

Schonberg didn't say anything, he just raises his two fingers.

"Two? Will you settle it in two weeks? Or you ask for two million?" said Jimmy confused.

"Two days! I need two days to investigate first" said Schonberg calmly and leave the meeting place.

Two days later they meet again

Jimmy start questioning Schonberg immediately after they get sit down.

"So Mr. Schonberg, what do you found?"

Schonberg didn't answer, he just pulls a cigarette and light it. After some sniffs then he starts to talk

"I investigate whether or not that orphanage gets influenced by someone or any party to refuse our offer. Usually, if there's someone who knows about that orphanage land value and wants to sabotage our construction plan, they will provoke the orphanage so they will not sell their land to us or buy the land for their self. In this case, I don't see any other party try to buy or get close to the orphanage"

Schonberg paused for a while, smoke his cigarette before continue to tell his finding.

"I also investigate the people in the orphanage, three females adults, 1 young man and 15 children which age ranged between 2-10 years old. Three female adults consist of three Nuns, one act as manager, one as the cook and one as secretary or administration. The manager lives in the orphanage while two others came in the morning and leave at 4 pm".

After taking a sip of his coffee, Schonberg continue his report,

"The manager seems to have most authorities for the orphanage. If she said she doesn't want to sell then orphanage will never be sold to anyone. But if she replaced by another person, maybe the new person will listen to our offer and be willing to sell the orphanage. The other two adults did not have significant roles in the orphanage and can be neglected. The young man seems an orphanage occupant since a child and lived there as a helper, doing menial works for the orphanage. Nothing to be concern from him".

Jimmy dumbfounded hearing this. The man called Schonberg is not just a simple muscular man. Behind those muscles, there is also a smart brain. He didn't expect this. No wonder his father praises him highly.

"Mr. Schonberg, do you mean if she doesn't in charge of the orphanage, we have a chance to buy the orphanage?"

"Exactly like that"

"How we will do that? We can't ask the church to replace her right?"

"No, we can't. But there are some ways to make her replaced" Schonberg said calmly

"What is that Mr. Schonberg?"

"We can destroy her reputation. Like, make an anonymous call reporting there's child abuse in that orphanage. That's not a rare case because there're many child abuse cases in all around the country. If her reputation plumped, the church will replace her with other people to avoid scandals. If child abuse didn't work, there are also corruption issues that can be used. Just tipped newspaper about this, and they will spread this without we do tiring efforts"

"That's wonderful Mr. Schonberg. How long this will take effect?"

"Can't say how long exactly, maybe half years? There would be an investigation about that and that takes time"

Jimmy feels dejected. He doesn't have half years. His father only gives him 3 months and it's already less than 3 months.

"Is there any other methods Mr. Schonberg? We don't have half years to wait"

"Didn't I say there're some ways? Of course, there are other methods. Like forcing them to move"

"How is that possible Mr. Schonberg?"

"If there's no building there, they must move to another place right?"

"No building ... You mean to burn the orphanage?"

Schonberg nodded calmly like he has used to burn building before.

"But I wouldn't recommend this method. Because too risky. Although there's fire incident at the orphanage history, if this arson did not execute carefully, the suspicion will be directed to us as the party who interested with orphanage properties. Moreover, there would be casualties in this fire. Are you ready to deal with that Mr. Jimmy?"

"No, I just want the land, not those children live," said Jimmy.

"Then I will tell other methods. This method is to make the manager no longer able to manage the orphanage"

"You mean …. Kill her?"

"No, just make her hospitalized for couple months. But if she died in the process there's nothing we could do"

"Please tell me in detail about this method Mr. Schonberg"

"Seems you choose this method Mr. Jimmy, alright I tell you the detail. I already observed that manager habit. Sometimes she went to do groceries purchase in nearby stores across the street from the orphanage. We will standby in the car parked near there, and when she comes out and crossing the street, we just rammed her with the car. BAM! then it's all over. If she lucky, she just hospitalized for couple months, and if she dies, just consider it's her bad luck. There're always car accidents every day in the City anyway". Schonberg ended his explanation with a sinister laugh as if human lives have no worth in his eyes.

Jimmy's eyes shone, this indeed a good and feasible plan to get the orphanage land.

"What we should prepare for the plan, Mr. Schonberg?"

"Some cheap cars with fake plate number, and driver who willing to do this and keep his mouth shut. Don't worry, I'll handle this"

"When we will proceed this plan?"

"Soon. When all we need ready" said Schonberg "Now excuse me, I will make preparation for this"

"Thank you, Mr. Schonberg. I depend on you for this matter".

After Schonberg left, Jimmy was alone in that room. He laughs heartily since he certain that orphanage land will fall into his hands.