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16 Learning other power

After that conversation with sister Christina, Reid wondering if he can get those abilities if he training his power like the power that he already leaned, like teleportation and telekinetic power. But to wield a power, he should know the power first. And as sister Christina suggested, Reid start to find the references of those kinds of power in the library, although there's internet which can help him search what he's looking for faster, Reid is not accustomed to the internet, moreover, he doesn't have his own PC. With the book in the library, he can come and go even the library was already closed with his teleportation power.

He always brings some book from the library to his room, read it the whole night, and return it to the library the next morning before the library open. From that book, Reid learns many things that happen in the past, and how scary that power if misused. For example, Reid read about a man named Rasputin which with his clairvoyance ability able to give him the power to influence the Russian last Tsar from Romanov dynasty. The other example is Joan D'arc for the vision ability, and what tragic end which caused her to die in the age of nineteen.

Reid boarding his reading by start reading unsolved phenomenal that recorded in the book. He just realized there are many occasion which can't be explained by science. Like self-combustion, where people suddenly get burned without any fire nearby. Reid believe this is some kind of uncontrolled pyro kinesis ability, which makes Reid take extra precautions when he will train this ability later.

This reading activity surely makes Reid become lack of sleep, which caught by sister Christina eyes. She gives Reid a friendly reminder to Reid's health

"Reid, lately you look sleepy and your eyes always red, there's also eye bag on your face. What are you doing lately?"

"I read a lot of book before I sleep, Sister"

"Oh, do you interesting to study another ability, don't you?"

"Hahaha…I just curious with those abilities that sister mention before"

"Alright Reid, I do not prohibit you to read, but you must know that although you have those abilities, you still a human being, made from flesh and blood, not from steel and wires. You can get sick if you did not take care of your body carefully, you should eat well and rest well too"

"Yes, sister. Thanks for your reminder"

"Hmm, did you have any progress with your abilities?"

"Unfortunately I haven't sister. I just read to get a gist about other abilities that sister mention before"

"It's okay Reid. Rome also not build in one night, you should keep practicing to perfectly master your abilities"

"Yes sister"

Thankfully, for these several days, there's no single incident happened to the orphanage. Reid also almost read all the books related to witchcraft in the history, still, it doesn't give him answer how these people in the past who called witch or wizard acquire their power. Crave for the knowledge, Reid starts to take books that related to modern science. For start he takes many books of physics and chemistry like combustion system and chemical compounding.

'If in the past people called supernatural power as witchcraft, maybe because they don't understand the physic principles that used by that supernatural phenomenon… I hope modern science can answer or at least give me basic principles for this supernatural phenomenon'…that's what Reid's thought.

Reid diligently read all those books and has some understanding about physic laws that govern this world. Like oxygen needed to make a fire, hydrogen is flammable gas and water consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

"Interesting, two combustible gases when combined create something that can extinguish the fire. If water can be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules, maybe people will not worry about scarcity of oil as fuel. With electrolysis water can break down into oxygen and hydrogen but need electricity to do that…wait human body also produce electricity, even nerve system also using body electricity to deliver brain command…interesting. If I can use body electricity to break down the water vapor in the air then make some heat to ignite the oxygen and hydrogen…I can create fire just from the thin air!"

Reid's commenting this after reading many books about physics and chemistry. He didn't realize that his brain now can thinking and processing information faster than before, thank for the incident in that lab, he just didn't realize it yet. If he studies in formal school maybe he will be called a genius because of his brain capacity to process information faster than normal human being.