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The job interview that Reid attends today goes smoothly. His good references and clean criminal records help him get the job. The Ruxton International Hotel is a prestigious hotel that many celebrities and big characters from the business world, political worlds or influential person spend their money to stay when they have business in the city. Of course, they only recruit people with clean and clear backgrounds. Reid feels happy because he can get this job without any problem.

His job there is cleaning service department, cleaning the room is the main task while cleaning outer part of the hotel is the second task. Cleaning the room include changing the bed sheet, clean the bathroom, clean the garbage left by the occupant etc. while cleaning the outer part including garbage dumping, clean the door and windows, etc.

Let's leave Reid with his happiness from getting a new job and return to the present time.

It's been several days after Scarlett visit Reid in the orphanage. She already busy with her job as a reporter, going here going there collecting news for her newspaper. Sitting in her desk leisurely after finishing her report, she thought what she should do next. She takes her notes and flips the pages to see if there's something she can do with that. Her eyes fixed on the page that contains Reid's information that she acquired from her informant. Scarlett's mind goes to a shy young man that saves her from the incident in the bar. A young man who caught her attention because of his fine attitude.

"It's been a while since I met him. Should I see him again?"

Scarlett's mumbling for herself.

"What reason should I use to visit him? I can't say because I want to see him right? He might misunderstand that I like him"

Scarlett's cheek becomes a bit blushing when thinking about that. She's a normal woman, have a date with some men before but no one ever gets her attention more than just a friend. Her job also makes her has less time for romance. Reid's action when saving her in the bar is like a prince riding a white horse save a damsel in distress to Scarlett.

"Ah right, I can bring some candies and cookies for the kids in the orphanage. I can use that for a reason to meet him there"

After deciding what she will do, Scarlett leaves her office with reason looking for news. She stops her car in a nearby shop to buy some candies and cookies before heading to the orphanage with her car. When she almost reaches the orphanage, she saw a luxurious car already stopped in front of the orphanage.

"Huh? Who is that? Which rich people visit this old orphanage this time? Usually, rich people bring some reporter when they do donation so they will get a positive publication from that. But I don't see any reporter or other cars besides that luxurious car"

Scarlett's reporter instinct makes her stop her car a little far away from the orphanage but still in the distance which makes she can see what happen in the orphanage.

From that luxurious car, comes out a young girl. She looks at the orphanage before step in and approaching the orphanage. She knocks the door and when the door opens, it was Reid who opens the door. Scarlett can see Reid smile and talk something to that young girl before taking her hand and let her enter the orphanage house.

"Who…who is she? Why Reid looks so intimate with her? What is their relationship?"

Those questions come across Scarlett mind. Envy and a bit jealousy rose from her heart. Scarlett decides to cancel her visit and watch that young girl carefully. Scarlett is full with curiosity about that young girl who visit the orphanage.