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19 Scarlett gets jealous

To satisfy her curiosity, Scarlett willing to wait for the young girl leaves the orphanage. She prepare her camera to get her picture once she coming out from the orphanage. Scarlett must wait for more than one hour before that young girl comes out. And while she waiting, the candies and cookies she brought along already moved to her mouth.

That young girl comes out from the orphanage with a happy face. She holds both of Reid's hand before saying goodbye to him and enters her luxurious car. Scarlett watches Reid waves his hand when that young girl leaves with her car.

"Who is she? Why is she so intimate with Reid? What is her relationship with Reid?"

That thinking fills Scarlett mind while she secretly following that luxurious car from behind. Scarlett keeps following that luxurious car to the downtown where that car stops in Ruxton International Hotel and that young girl enters the hotel.

"Ruxton International Hotel? Only celebrities, influential people and big shots can afford to stay in this hotel, so she's not just an ordinary rich girl. Damn! This hotel also has strict rules in protecting their guest privacy. I can't just enter there while showing my press card, they will not hesitate to throw out people who have no business there. Ugh, my only clue is the photo that I secretly took back there in the orphanage"

Sighing when thinking she can't get any information from the hotel, Scarlett decides to return to her office and looking for information about the girls using her photo. Sitting on her desk again, Scarlett transfer the picture from her camera to her phone and send the picture to her informants. Usually, within an hour, her informant will bring her the information she needed. But this time, after two hours waiting, there's no single information enter to her phone from her informant. Scarlett frowned her eyebrows about this kind of situation

"What the heck is this…why not my informant sent something to me? Is she so mysterious like the Hunter? Why took so long to find information about her?"

Scarlett gets depressed with no information coming, so she spends her time eating snacks in her desk while staring the young girl photo on her computer screen. When Sally's passing her desk, she surprised when seeing Scarlett's face.

"Scarlett dear, what happen with you? Did your boyfriend dump you?"

"You know I don't have a boyfriend, Sally"

"Really? But you look just like a girl that just dumped by her boyfriend. Or maybe another woman snatches your prince charming?"

"You know I don't have anyone I like too, Sally….not yet"

Scarlett feels a bit guilty with her last sentence. Sally question remind her about how intimate that young girl with Reid.

"Oh, you are not thinking married with your job right?"

Sally can't help but keep teasing Scarlett. Scarlett's face getting gloomy when Sally mentions marriage.

"You start to sound like my mom who always asking when I'm going to marry, Sally"

"Hahaha…am I? Well, you should take one guy to your mom and introduce him as your boyfriend. Maybe she will quit asking that question"

"Don't want to. I don't want to give false hope to that guy nor a chance to get me using my mom"

"Hahaha…alright, happy hunting then Scarlett dear…eh, why you put her pictures on your computer? Are you making an article about her?"

Sally noticed that young girl's photo displayed on Scarlett's computer.

"Huh? You know her Sally?"

"Just the name and face. She's Mary Elizabeth Thorpe, daughter of Howard Thorpe, CEO of Thorpe Industries from England"

"What? That Thorpe Industries?"

"Yup, that Thorpe…you know they start their jewelry industry from a small diamond mine in South Africa which later grow into a big company and have many branches in other industries too"

"And the daughter…what do you know about her?"

"She's not their biological daughter, she adopted. But I heard since they adopted her, she brings luck to her adopted parents. No wonder her parents spoiled her so much, so what kind of article you made this time? Her secret boyfriend maybe?"

So, she's not US citizen…no wonder her local informants can't give any information about her. But how Sally knows so much about her? That was Scarlett's thought.

"Huh? Secret boyfriend? I'm not gossip reporter Sally, and how do you know about her?"

"What a pity. Rumors say she has a boyfriend that hidden from the public. Of course, I know that I follow gossip from celebrities, hahaha"

Scarlett no longer pays attention to what Sally said. Her last word about that young girl has a secret boyfriend really shocking Scarlett. Reid…is he the secret boyfriend that Sally mentions before? A flash of jealousy feeling starts to rises from Scarlett's heart.