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22 Helping people

While pedaling his old bike to the library, Reid keeps thinking how to get additional money to help sister Christina. He takes a relatively quiet road that leads to the library in downtown. In the middle of the way, Reid sees a small truck parked in the roadside with its engine cap open and the driver stand in front of the truck. It seems the truck had trouble and can't run and the driver tries to fix it. Although Reid doesn't know much about car engine, he still stops to see if there's something he can do to help the driver. He stops his bike and asks the driver about his problem

"Sir, do you have a problem with your car? Can I help you?"

The driver, a middle-aged man, looks at Reid for a second before he answers his question while continue fixing his car.

"The engine suddenly stops working when I'm passing this road. You know how to fix a car engine, young man?"

"Sorry sir, I don't know anything about car engine. Why don't you call tow car?"

"I left home in a hurry and my phone was on low battery at that time. Now my phone completely dead and I can't call anything, all I can do now is try to fix it"

"I see. Can you fix it, Sir?"

"I don't know, young man, I already try to fix it for half an hour and no luck. I already try to ask help from any car that passed this road, but they just go without stopping to help me. You're the first one who offers help although don't know anything about car engine"

"Mmm…I think there's a garage about one kilometer from here Sir, we can push your car there and let them fix the engine"

"If only two of us that will be tiring us to death, young man. I'm no longer young and I no longer as strong as before"

"No, Sir, you just drive and I give the push"

"Huh? Only you? No offense, young man, although you look have some muscles there but to push a car for one kilometer….are you sure can do that?"

"Let's try it first, Sir…maybe we can find a public phone along the way and you can call tow car from there"

"Alright…but don't force yourself too hard, young man"

"I know Sir, can I put my bike on your truck?"


After Reid put his bike on the truck, the driver enters the truck cabin and start to drive while Reid giving a push from behind. Slowly, the truck is moving forward on that road. They didn't encounter any public phone along their way, but somehow Reid manages to push the truck until near the garage he mentions before. After stopping the truck in front of the garage, the driver comes out from the truck cabin and approaching Reid who sweating all over his face

"Young man, I don't know how you do that, but you really can push this truck to the garage. Amazing! If I'm not seeing with my own eyes, I would not believe it. You had a strong power in your body, young man. Thank you very much"

"Haha…you welcome, Sir. I just used to work hard, Sir, nothing special. Since you already arrive here, then I bid goodbye"

Reid takes his bike from the truck after wiping the sweat and ready to continue his plan to go to the library.

"Wait, young man! Please take this"

The driver takes his wallet and takes a piece of dollar bills.

"It's okay, sir, I help you voluntarily and not expecting any payment for my help"

"No, you must take it, young man. This money is something I must pay when I call the tow car. Consider you're the tow car and take my car here. You must not refuse this money"

The driver keeps pushing the money to Reid. Reid reluctantly takes the money since the driver so insisted on that.

"Well, if you say so….thank you, Sir"

"It's me who should thank you, young man. Anyway, I don't know your name yet, may I know your name?"

"It's Reid, Sir. Reid Blackstone"

"Okay Reid, I'm William Smithson, you can call me Bill. Nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too, uncle Bill. See you again then"

"Hahaha…Goodbye Reid"

Reid starts pedaling his bike heading to the library. No one knows that Reid uses his physic power to push that truck to the garage, still using that power to move a heavy object for such long-distance make Reid sweating all over his body. When Reid takes a look to the money that Bill gives to him, he really surprised because Bill just give him $ 50 just to push his truck to the garage.