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It wasn't until Friday morning when the Mayor came up to her just after breakfast. Diane was already on her way to school and Alyssa was eating when he sat down at her table with a cup of coffee. He waved a small piece of paper in her face.

"Time to give our little arrangement its first test," He said with a smile. "As requested: a list of preferred items that would help our fair town the most."

Alyssa took the piece of paper from him and looked at the items that he had on the list. There were a lot of very rare items, some she had never seen before. For the second time in as many weeks, Alyssa couldn't help but feel like she was being set up the Mayor.

"There are a lot of tough items here." She said looking back down at it, "I can't promise I'll be able to find them but I'll certainly try my best."

"I realize that," The Mayor said with a grin. "I'm just curious to see how well you'll do your first time out there on your own. You'll set your own bar when you return."

"That seems fair," Alyssa said as she folded up the list and put it into her pocket. "Can you please authorize the kitchen to give me some extra fruit?"

The Mayor paused for a moment. "Now that you mention it, you are looking a little pale. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Alyssa said, remembering what Gabriel told her regarding what foods to take whenever her blood was low. "I'd also like an extra piece of fish for lunch."

"Of course," The Mayor said as he nodded. "I'll let the kitchen know you're allowed to pick your own supplies for your runs. Just don't waste anything."

"I won't," Alyssa said with a nod. "I know better."

After taking some extra food from the kitchen, Alyssa spent the entire day sleeping in and eating fish and fruit to build up her strength. When Diane came home from school, she was surprised to see her there.

"I'll be alright." Alyssa said as she sat up. "I'm just getting ready to go."

Diane paused for a moment. "I really wish you wouldn't."

"I know," Alyssa said as she got up and hugged her. "I promise you this will be different. What I learned out there the first time will keep me alive this time. I just need you to do one favor for me."

"Anything." Diane replied.

"Stay away from the roof." Alyssa said to her. "While I'm away that part of the building is off limits until I return."

"Why?" Diane asked.

"I can't tell you right now." Alyssa answered, "But it's important to my survival."

"Alright," Diane said as she hugged her sister again. "I promise."

After Diane went to bed, that was when Alyssa grabbed her bag and walked up to the roof. Once she was up there, she used a pad lock to secure the door from the outside. She required complete privacy, and since there were no other buildings tall enough to peek on in her, the Mayor had given her the perfect spot to meet with Gabriel. She pulled out a flare from her pocket, something Gabriel had given to her to signal him that she was ready to meet. Their original plan was to meet up after she went through the gates but she felt the roof was safer. It took less than a few minutes for Gabriel to fly over and make his landing on the roof.

"Is this safe?" He quickly asked her.

"Yes, it is." Alyssa called back. "I've locked the door and this is my roof. I thought it would be safer for us to meet here instead of outside."

"I like it," Gabriel admitted. "I also like the idea of knowing you're safe if something happens and I don't make it here in time."

"I thought of that too." Alyssa said, "That doesn't mean I don't trust you."

"You shouldn't trust me," Gabriel admitted, "I'm a monster."

"That's not what I meant," Alyssa continued, "I understand that things can happen. You can't be expected to be perfect. Trust can be earned over time, even for monsters."

"I appreciate that," Gabriel said as he took off a heavy backpack he was carrying with him. "I've brought more supplies for your town."

"Wow, thanks!" Alyssa said as she took the bag. "I thought we were going out to do that together. My Mayor actually gave me a specific list."

"We can still do that," Gabriel said, looking back at her. "But I must feed first."

"I have two bags here." Alyssa said as she took them out of her bag.

"I'll take one for now." Gabriel said as he reached out and took it from her. He popped the small lid off and slowly began to suck it dry, which only took a few moments.

"Are you sure you don't want another?" Alyssa asked, holding up the other bag.

"I'll be fine." Gabriel said, "Leave it here with the other supplies until we return."

"Where are we going?" Alyssa asked, somewhat curious.

"It's a surprise." Gabriel replied with a very playful smile.

"I see," Alyssa said, amused by his antics. "I'll put these away and be right back."

When she returned to the roof after hiding the new supplies and stashing the spare bag of blood in the fridge, she quickly returned to the roof and to Gabriel. Once on the roof, he stood behind her and slowly placed one of his hands around her waist. Alyssa couldn't help but gasp as they both left the roof and started to float into the air. Since the flare was fully burned out, there was no way anyone could have seen they fly away, especially since the town kept lights to a minimum to prevent the undead from being beckoned to their area. They were in the air for what seemed like a lifetime but had only a half hour according to her watch. She couldn't tell how fast they were flying but as they began to approach their destination, the lights from it were bright and became even brighter as they got closer. When they were almost on top of it, Alyssa couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was a very large village that had quite an impressive wall. The wall was at least thirty feet high and covered miles and miles. She had never seen a central location that was so large. She had seen pictures of the coastal cities and this one rivaled them, despite their lack of access to a body of water, which to Alyssa was unheard of.

"Get ready to land." Gabriel said as they flew over the wall and then landed on a specific roof, very similar to the one they had launched off of in her town. The only difference was each building had a letter painted onto it. The one Gabriel landed on was marked with a large V.

"What the hell does this mean?" Alyssa asked as she pointed to the letter on the roof.

"It means Vampire." Gabriel answered, "This city is aware of our existence. We trade with them often for mutual profiteering. Those of us that can fly also offer various services that others cannot. Vampires are only permitted to enter the city by landing on assigned buildings, or entering through the main wall like everyone else. Any building with an H is for Humans while W is landing zones for Witches."

"Witches?" Alyssa asked, still surprised by that.

"Don't talk to them." Gabriel replied, "They are not to be trusted. Not ever."

"Where the hell are we?" Alyssa asked as she looked out at the lights.

"This is the true city that never sleeps." Gabriel answered, "This is New Lycan, the city of the wolves."

Alyssa couldn't believe what she was just told. Gabriel had mentioned the werewolves before and even pointed out cities that were populated by non-humans. She had assumed the werewolves were living in packs, yet they were all in one place: an entire city of them living together instead of in the woods. The city was bigger than it had looked from the distance. There were several skyscrapers that had to be a lot older than before the Zombie outbreak. With most of the cities deserted, the wolves must have cleaned one of them out and made it their own. It looked amazing but she couldn't make out where she was, she was too young to remember what they all looked like before the outbreak.

"Where are we?" Alyssa asked, "I mean what city was this before the outbreak?"

"I was unsure if you'd recognize it or not." Gabriel said as he walked over to where she was standing and pointed to something in the distance. "Do you see that over there?"

Alyssa looked to where he was pointed. "Is that an Arch?"

"It is," Gabriel confirmed. "It used to be called the Gateway Arch. Have you heard of it?"

"Yes, I read about it!" Alyssa exclaimed as it came to her. "This is St. Louis!"

"You are correct," Gabriel confirmed. "But they prefer you call it New Lycan. The wolves actually picked this city because the Arch, which reminds them of the moon. They actually now refer to the arch as the Silver Moon, where they hold major religious ceremonies."

"Have you ever seen any of them?" Alyssa said as she could only imagine what a religious werewolf ceremony would be like.

"I have not," Gabriel confessed. "No one has. Non-wolves are not allowed to be within city limits during the full moon. Very few exceptions and I've never been desperate enough to ask them for one."

Before Gabriel could explain further, four men walked out onto the roof. They were dressed up in what looked like police uniforms as they calmly strolled over.

"Identification, please." One of them asked.

Gabriel took a wallet out of his pocket and pulled a small card from it and handed it over to the officer. "There you go."

The officer looked at the card for a moment before handing it back and making a slight bow. "Nice to have you back in New Lycan."

"It's good to be back," Gabriel answered. "I'm going to inform you right now that my friend here does not have identification, but she is my guest."

"How long has she been a Vampire?" The officer asked.

"She's not." Gabriel answered. "She's human."

The officer looked over at Alyssa. "She's a little pale."

"I know." Gabriel said as he put his arm around her. "I warned her about that. I'm taking her to Gregor's later tonight. Some fresh venison will have her healthy again in no time."

"Good choice." The officer said with a nod. "She still needs her own ID."

"Is the office open right now?" Gabriel asked. "If it is, we can go there before we do our shopping."

"I'd recommend that," The officer replied. "You'll be allowed to buy more if you have two cards on you."

"Good tip." Gabriel said as he playfully slapped the officer's shoulder. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." The officer said as he didn't mind the playful tap. "You have only two days before the full moon. Please vacate the city before then."

"We'll need a room for tonight." Gabriel said with a smile, "But we will be returning home tomorrow night long before the full moon."

"Excellent." The officer said as bowed again. "Please follow me to the elevator."

Alyssa and Gabriel followed the three officers to the elevator. One of them swiped a card and opened the door for him. "Your room will be ready for you when you return."

"Thank you." Gabriel said as he and Alyssa entered the elevator.

"Enjoy your stay in New Lycan." The man said before the doors closed.

"Where are the werewolves?" Alyssa then asked as the elevator started to move.

"Those were werewolves." Gabriel answered.

"But he looked so human." Alyssa said, slightly confused.

"It's not the full moon." Gabriel answered, "Until the full moon, all the wolves look completely normal. You'll never see them in wolf form because no one is allowed in the city when the change occurs."

"Oh, that's interesting." Alyssa said as she looked back at him. "That means everyone in the city will look normal while we're here?"

"Pretty much," Gabriel said with a chuckle. "But we have to get your ID first."

"I've never had an ID before." Alyssa admitted.

"I'm going to keep your card with me." Gabriel said, "The only times you'll ever visit New Lycan will be with me, so it's best I keep it so no one in your town discovers it."

"I agree," Alyssa concurred, "Card stays with you."

When they left the building after getting off the elevator, Alyssa couldn't believe how many people were on the streets. Hundreds of people were walking all over the place. There were flower shops, new stands and even a hot dog vendor.

"Can I get a hotdog?" Alyssa asked, pointing at the vendor.

"No, you can't." Gabriel said as he grabbed her arm and started walking her in the direction he wanted to go. "I would refrain from eating anything unless I approve of it first."

"How come?" Alyssa asked.

"That vendor is selling undead dogs." Gabriel answered. "Remember, they can eat the undead and not be infected. You can't."

Alyssa had forgotten that little detail. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Gabriel said as he smiled back at her. "I know a great place here that serves only fresh meat that wasn't undead. You'll be okay there."

"Let me guess." Alyssa said, "After I get my ID."

"It's very important." Gabriel said, leading her into what was a government like building.

As they walked into the lobby, Gabriel picked up a pen and clipboard and started to fill it out. He looked back at her. "When were you born?"

"July 26th, 2050." Alyssa answered.

"At least the math is easy for you." Gabriel said as he kept filling out the info. "I'm going to register you as a resident of my building in Nashville. That way no one else will know your true location."

"Alright." Alyssa said as she waited patiently.

A few moments later, they both got in line and waited for a teller to become available. They didn't wait long and walked up when called. Gabriel handed in the forms and waited for her to process them.

"How will you be paying?" she asked.

"Lycan credits." Gabriel said as he gave her a card.

The teller swiped the card and then gave it back to him. "Her card will be processed and available for pick up in thirty days. I will give you a temporary sheet in the meantime."

Alyssa took the piece of paper from the teller and looked back at it. "You listed yourself as a relative of mine?"

"I'm over seven hundred years old." Gabriel said with a smile. "There's a good chance we're very distant relatives."

"Fair enough," Alyssa said as she handed the form back to Gabriel who then put it into his pocket. "Where do we go now?"

"We'll grab something to eat and then do some shopping." Gabriel said as he led her out of the government building. "Once we do that, we'll crash for the day in the room we have booked and they fly you back home tomorrow night."

"So you don't burn up?" Alyssa guessed.

Gabriel stopped her and looked back. "Technically it's not true, but we don't want anyone else to know that. We keep up the ruse just to appease others and the myths. If one of them proves to be false, everyone will panic and assume the rest are too."

"Are they?" she calmly asked.

"We'll discuss that later." Gabriel said as he grabbed her hand. "Let's get some food."